Beach nourishment update - Week of March 22-26

Here is the latest Florence Renourishment Project - Phase III update from the Carteret County Shore Protection Office, as of Monday, March 22:

Ellis Island and Liberty Island Producing: Ready to flip the pipe tomorrow (Tuesday, March 23) at the pier.

Both hopper dredges on site (the Ellis Island and Liberty Island) are having a strong first week working in tandem after the Ellis Island arrived and started this past Tuesday (3/16) and despite having a one weather day to contend with as well. We’re scheduled to “flip the pipe” on line 2 tomorrow, which emerges on the beach just west of Bogue Inlet Pier. The Ellis Island has been serving this line since her arrival progressing west for the pipeline landing towards Sound-of-the Sea. She has almost completed this western leg (discharge is at Heverly Dr. this morning), and will start progressing East of the pipeline landing and therefore under the pier and heading towards the Black Skimmer 4-wheel Drive Access. This eastern leg will be one of the main construction zone this week. Meanwhile, the Liberty Island is pumping away on “Line 3” which emerges onto the beach near Scotch Bonnet Drive and is progressing west heading towards the Black Skimmer 4-wheel Drive Access, but obviously from the other direction than the Ellis Island and Line 2. The outfall/discharge point was in between Nina Drive and Azure Drive this morning. This is our second main construction zone for this week.

View the weekly beach nourishment updates from the Carteret County Shore Protection office, including a current work zone map, here:

This video by the Town of Emerald Isle on March 23, shows heavy equipment and machinery being moved around near the Bogue Inlet Fishing Pier. Please respect the equipment throughout this process, and remain off of the new dunes. 


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