Florence Renourishment Project - Phase III Updates

The Florence Renourishment Project - Phase III continues along the beach strand in Emerald Isle, and work will be completed by Friday, April 30th.

Consistent project updates, as well as maps showing where the work is currently underway, can be found through the Carteret County Shore Protection Office's website. You are encouraged to check this website often for the latest renourishment news. 

You can also receive weekly Beach News updates in your email inbox by visiting this link through the County.  Here, you can register for "Beach News," as well as any other county updates you may be interested in. 

In recent weeks, the Liberty Island dredge has been working solo on this project, but starting on Tuesday, March 16th, the Ellis Island will arrive to assist with the dredging. This will allow the work to move forward quickly, and in multiple reaches. Everyone is reminded to respect the project boundary lines and to not go near the equipment. 

As the new dunes are created and waiting to be planted, all vehicular and pedestrian traffic must stay away, so as not to disrupt the project. The new dunes will be noticeably higher than the rest of the beach strand. If you are uncertain where they are, it is recommend that you walk or drive closer to the water to avoid them. The photo below, taken near The Point on Monday, March 15, shows an example of the new dunes, compared to the rest of the beach strand.


Oceanfront property owners and residents may notice their sand fencing has been removed from the old dunes. This is required for the project, and once the new dunes have been completed, including with fresh plants, sand fencing can be reinstalled.  Property owners will have to secure one of two permits to put their sand fencing in the ground. Watch our short video below, where Town Planner Josh Edmondson explains what steps you will need to take for these permits. You can call our Planning Department for more information at 252-354-8548.



Posted by Anna Smith Monday, March 15, 2021 6:03:00 PM Categories: News