Board of Commissioners

January 14, 2014

  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Opening Prayer
  4. Pledge of Allegiance
  5. Adoption of Agenda
    (Agenda adopted 5-0 vote)
  6. Proclamations / Public Announcements
    1. Purple Heart Community
  7. Public Comment
  8. Consent Agenda
    1. Tax Refunds / Releases
    2. Resolution Opposing Proposed Mill Pond Wind Power Facility
    3. Resolution Opposing Morehead City Harbor Dredged Materials Management Plan
    4. Resolution Accepting Public Waterfront Access Grant – Kayak Launching Docks
      (Consent Agenda items approved 5-0 vote)
  9. Presentation – Proposed Jean Preston Memorial Playground 
    (Endorsed volunteer efforts to raise funds for establishment of Jean Preston Memorial Playground 5-0 vote)
  10. Land Acquisition – Emerald Isle Public Boating Access Area
    1. Public Hearing
    2. Resolution Authorizing NC Parks and Recreation Trust Fund Grant Application
      (Approved 5-0 vote)
    3. Land Acquisition Contract Extension
      (Approved 5-0 vote)
  11. Ordinance Amending Chapter 6 – Development Standards – of the Unified Development Ordinance Regarding Political Campaign Signs
    1. Public Hearing
    2. Consideration of Ordinance
      (Approved 5-0 vote)
  12. Coast Guard Road Storm Water Improvements
    1. Resolution Authorizing Construction Contract – Island Circle Storm Water Pipe Connection 
      (Approved 5-0 vote)
    2. Resolution Authorizing Construction Contract – Lands End Storm Water Pipe Connection
      (Approved 5-0 vote)
    3. Storm Water Management Agreement – Lands End of Emerald Isle Association
      (Approved 5-0 vote)
    4. Declaration of Official Intent to Reimburse (from Installment Financing Proceeds)
      (Approved 5-0 vote)
    5. Capital Project Ordinance Amendment – Island Circle Storm Water Pipe Connection
      (Approved 5-0 vote)
    6. Capital Project Ordinance Amendment – Lands End Storm Water Pipe Connection
      (Approved 5-0 vote)
  13. Resolution Authorizing Playground Equipment Contract - Blue Heron Park 
    (Approved 5-0 vote)
  14. Future New Ocean Fishing Pier – Initial Site Improvements
    1. Resolution Authorizing Contract with Moffatt & Nichol Engineers 
      (Approved 5-0 vote)
    2. Capital Project Ordinance
      (Approved 5-0 vote)
  15. Resolution Opposing Requested Coastal Homeowners Insurance Rate Increases 
    (Approved 5-0 vote)
  16. Appointments
    1. Planning Board – 1 Vacancy 
      (Appointed Fred Fremaux to vacant seat on Planning Board with term expiring March 2015 by 3-2 vote)
    2. Board of Adjustment – 1 Vacancy
      (Appointed current Board of Adjustment Alternate #1 Henry Mahns to vacant regular seat with term expiring May 2015 by 5-0 vote, Appointed current Board of Adjustment Alternate #2 Malcolm Boartfield to the vacated Alternate #1 position with a term expiring May 2014 by 5-0 vote, Appointed Jim Osika to the vacated Board of Adjustment Alternate #2 position with a term expiring May 2015 by 4-1 vote)
    3. Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee – 3 Vacancies
      (Appointed Deborah Styron and Brandon Staton to terms on the Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee with terms expiring December 2015 by 5-0 vote)
  17. Comments from Town Clerk, Town Attorney, and Town Manager
  18. Comments from Board of Commissioners and Mayor
  19. Closed Session - Pursuant to NCGS 143-318.11(5), for the Purpose of Discussing Potential Real Estate Acquisition
  20. Adjourn
Posted by The Town of Emerald Isle 01/14/2014