CONTINUED PROGRESS ON RECOVERY, BUT MUCH WORK AHEAD - Update #22 - Saturday, September 22 - 6 pm

Marine Corps Helps Clean Beach

A total of 45 Marines from MCAS Cherry Point assisted Town staff with the collection of debris from the beach today, and the Town greatly appreciates their help!  The group focused on removal of debris from the upper areas of the remaining dunes, and is placing debris in manageable piles along the dune escarpment for efficient collection.  

The beach is now essentially clean between Bogue Inlet Pier and Lands End, with piles of debris ready for collection from the base of the dune escarpment.  Another crew of Marines will return tomorrow, with efforts focused on the area from Lands End to The Point. 

Special thanks to Tractor Country (Dover, NC) for donating the use of farm tractors and trailers to assist with this work!

The Town hopes to have the entire 12 miles of ocean beach clean by early next week, after which the Town will be in a position to consider reopening the beach for driving. 

Most Public Beach Access Walkways Still Intact, Open for Public Use

A total of 21 public beach access walkways are closed due to damage from Hurricane Florence, however, the remainder are open for public use at this time.  Please note that several walkways have steep grades to the beach, so please be careful.

The Point Looks Good, Still Intact

The Point, adjacent to Bogue Inlet, is one of the most popular locations in Emerald Isle for fishing, walking, swimming, and beaching a boat.  The Point survived Hurricane Florence without any significant alteration, and the main navigation channel in Bogue Inlet remains a considerable distance from homes and infrastructure on Bogue Court and Inlet Drive. 

Small Incipient Dunes Flattened, But Primary Dunes Mostly Intact Throughout EI  

Fortunately, there were no dune breaches during Hurricane Florence, and, overall, the dunes performed admirably in protecting oceanfront homes and infrastructure.  Although some private beach access walkways have damage that prevent access to the beach, the vast majority of private walkways remain intact and are usable.  

Hurricane Florence flattened nearly all small incipient dunes located between the beach walkways and the flat beach berm, but the primary dune remains intact along nearly the entire oceanfront area.  Eastern Emerald Isle suffered the most impact to the primary dunes, however, there remains significant portions protecting oceanfront homes. 

Beach Profile Survey Work Continues

The County's and the Town's beach profile surveying team continues work to determine how much sand was lost from Emerald Isle's beaches as a result of Florence.  These calculations will be used to develop the Town's forthcoming claim for FEMA assistance to restore lost sand via a planned beach nourishment project this coming winter.  The Town was fortunate to receive FEMA assistance for sand lost during Hurricanes Isabel, Ophelia, and Irene, and is expected to also be eligible for assistance related to Hurricane Florence. 

To view a preliminary assessment of the beach erosion along Bogue Banks by the Carteret County Shore Protection Office, please visit . 

Debris Collection Continues, Please Follow Instructions 

Debris collection is underway in Emerald Isle, with 3 trucks in service today.  The Town still expects 4 additional trucks to arrive between now and Monday, and contractors will be working hard to collect all debris in a timely and efficient manner.  Collections will occur 7 days per week. 

Please help us complete the collection of debris in the most efficient and safe manner by adhering to the following instructions: 

  • please create SEPARATE piles at the street edge, 
  • please create one pile for vegetative debris (trees and limbs), one pile for construction and demolition debris (shingles, siding, plywood, studs, etc.), and one pile for discarded furnishings (carpet, furniture, large personal items),
  • tree and limb debris segments should be no longer than 12 feet, 
  • please place discarded appliances in a separate location at the street edge,
  • please avoid placing piles directly under power lines and other overhead utility lines, as this may present a safety hazard to collection crews and may result in a slower collection process.

If you do not want to wait for the Town's contractors to arrive, and want to transport your own debris, you may take vegetative debris to the temporary Carteret County disposal site located at 1494 Highway 58 in Peletier.  This site is located near the elevated water tank in Peletier, and is open from 7 am - 7 pm every day.  You may also take construction and demolition debris and discarded furnishings to the regular Carteret County Convenience Site located on Fire Tower Road near the intersection of NC 58 / Old Church Road / Fire Tower Road ( ) .  There is no charge for Emerald Isle residents to take debris to these two sites.   

Please note that it is illegal to burn debris within the Town. 

Emerald Isle Baptist Church Hosts Community Breakfast on Sunday Morning, Also Coordinating Local Relief Efforts

Emerald Isle Baptist Church will host a community-wide breakfast on Sunday, September 23 at 8:30 am, and all are invited.  The Church is located adjacent to Emerald Plantation Shopping Center. 

Beginning Monday, September 24, Emerald Isle Baptist Church will be coordinating local relief efforts.  The Church will serve as an assistance, referral, and information center for those in need in our community and for those who wish to contribute to others.  Anyone in the Emerald Isle community in need of special recovery assistance, and those seeking information on available contractors for clean-up and repairs may contact the Church for assistance and information.  

The Church will also serve as a collection point for supplies needed in Emerald Isle, Morehead City, and DownEast Carteret County.  Items requested include cleaning products, diapers, baby formula, and paper products.  (At this time, please do not donate clothing.)  The Church will also accept cash, check, and gift card donations for those in need. Please call 252-354-8795  or  252-424-2349  for assistance or information.   

Two Reliable Travel Routes to Emerald Isle

Travel from the Raleigh area (or other nearby points) is possible by two routes.  It remains possible to travel on I-40 east to NC 24 east, through Jacksonville and then on to Emerald Isle.  It is also possible to travel via US 264 east to Washington, then US 17 south to New Bern, followed by US 70 east to Morehead City, and then NC 24 west to Emerald Isle.  

Town Bringing in 2nd Large Pump to Attempt to Resolve Widespread Flooding in Lands End

Many homes in Lands End remain inaccessible by motor vehicles due to significant road flooding, and numerous homes have water in the main living level.  The Town deployed a very large portable pump to Lands End late Friday, and it is helping to draw down flood levels in that community, but not as quickly as desired.  A second very large portable pump will be deployed on Sunday, and we are hopeful that the combination of two existing fixed pumps in Lands End plus the two very large portable pumps will finally resolve the flooding concerns.  

Continuing Progress Clearing Storm Water from Other Town Streets

The Town continues to operate and support a total of 33 storm water pumps in various locations in Emerald Isle, and is gradually clearing more areas.  The Town's focus is on removing storm water from Town streets to enable vehicles to travel safely and efficiently through these areas, and the Town simply does not have the resources to deploy pumps to the hundreds of private properties with standing water in yards.    

As a result of pumping efforts, the area near Coast Guard Road and Island Circle is now essentially clear, and the Ocean Drive area in the 5500 - 6000 block is now mostly clear and passable by motor vehicles.  Additionally, Deer Horn Drive and Doe Drive are now mostly clear. Despite continuing groundwater recharge, Coast Guard Road remains mostly clear between Spinnakers Reach and Lands End, but this areas continues to rely on one portable pump to keep the road clear.  The Town continues to pump several other areas, including Coast Guard Road near Point Emerald Villas, Seabreeze Drive in Lands End, Ocean Drive near Doe / Deer Horn / Fawn, Reed Drive near East Seaview Drive, Loblolly Street, Connie Street, Cape Emerald, Sound Drive near Woodcliff, and Sound Drive near Hickory Street.  The Town will continue to pump these areas until cleared, and will continue to reposition pumps to other areas in need.    

Town staff continue to work hard to resolve the issues as quickly as possible, and the Town greatly appreciates everyone's patience and understanding.  Emerald Isle received approximately 24 inches of rainfall, which equates to a 1 in 1,000 year rainfall event.

Avoid Contact With Standing Water

Hundreds of homes in Emerald Isle have standing water in residential yards, many of which include on-site wastewater systems.  Residents are advised to avoid contact with standing water if at all possible, and if contact can not be avoided, wash affected body parts and clothing soon after exposure.  

Flood waters or standing waters may contain potentially dangerous materials, such as sewage and chemicals.  Exposure to flood waters can also cause infections or result in injuries.  Buildings or facilities that have been damaged by or exposed to flood waters may also pose health risks from mold, chemicals, electrical hazards, and displaced animals.  Please visit the Centers for Disease Prevention (CDC) website for cautionary steps to take under these conditions - . 

Need a Job?  Debris Monitoring Service Seeking Temporary Employees

Landfall Strategies, LLC is providing debris monitoring services for the Town, and is currently seeking temporary employees.  To apply for a temporary job, please contact Megan at 904-252-5858.  Debris collection and monitoring is expected to continue for the next several weeks, 7 days per week. 

Beach Driving Suspended Until Further Notice

The fall beach driving season was originally scheduled to begin on September 15, but was disrupted by Hurricane Florence.  The Town will not open the beach for driving until debris from Hurricane Florence has been collected.  Beach cleaning efforts are ongoing, and the Town will announce the opening of the beach for driving sometime next week. 

Emerald Isle Beach Music Festival Cancelled

For many reasons associated with Hurricane Florence, the Town has decided to cancel the 3rd annual re-boot of the iconic Emerald Isle Beach Music Festival (originally scheduled for September 29).  This great annual event will be back in 2019, so mark your calendars for September 28, 2019!   

Emerald Isle-Area Tree Services

Absolutely Professional Home



C Gull Tree Service

Atlantic Beach


Collins Tree Services



Hampton's Tree Service



Scott's Stump Grinding



Settle Tree Service



Be Careful When Selecting Repair Contractors

Emerald Isle residents and property owners are advised to be careful when selecting repair contractors, and perform adequate background and reference checks to insure you are dealing with a reputable company or repairman.  It is always helpful to secure multiple price quotes and compare contractors.  

Drone Videos Available For Viewing

Town volunteers (thank you to Cary Harrison and Ed Nelson) have filmed various areas of Emerald Isle to allow our property owners to view damage in your neighborhood.  To view the currently available videos, please visit .  

Town Services, Other Information

The normal trash collection schedule is now in effect, however, recycling will not be collected on Wednesday, September 26 due to hurricane damage at the recycling facility.  

The Town Administration Building is open during normal business hours (8 am - 5 pm).

The Community Center is open during normal business hours.  The AfterSchool Program will not operate this week, however, a special all day program is available to AtfterSchool Program participants on Tuesday from 7:30 am - 5:30 pm.  Blue Heron Park tennis courts remain closed.  

Emerald Isle Woods Park received extensive damage from Hurricane Florence, and will be closed indefinitely.  

The Planning Board Meeting scheduled for September 24 is cancelled.    

Carteret County Schools are closed all week from September 24 - 28. 

Town of Emerald Isle Updates on Hurricane Florence Will Now Be Daily

The Town will now provide one daily update about our recovery efforts, and the daily update will generally be distributed in late afternoon or early evening hours.  

Stay Informed!

The Town works hard to keep our residents, property owners, and visitors well-informed, and offers several platforms.

To receive the most current information from the Town of Emerald Isle, please:

- visit the Town's website at , 

- check the Town's Facebook page at Town of Emerald Isle, NC

- follow the Town's Twitter feed: @townemeraldisle

- sign up for the Town's email newsletter at , 

- sign up for text message alerts at , and/or

- download the Emerald Isle APP at Google Play and The APP Store (search for "emerald isle nc") and enable "push" notifications.

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