COVID-19 - Frequently Asked Questions



Q.  Are the beaches in Emerald Isle open for visitors?

A.  No.  All our public beach accesses with parking lots and bath houses remain closed.  Travel to Emerald Isle from outside of Carteret County for leisure or recreation is prohibited.

Q.  If you live or own property in Emerald Isle, can you walk on the beach and go in the ocean?

A: Yes.  The beach strand and ocean water can be used by Emerald Isle residents and second homeowners.   But, all of our public beach access with parking lots remain closed.  Activities that are allowed include, walking, jogging, swimming, surfing, sitting on the beach, and surf fishing.



Q. Are second homeowners allowed to come to their homes in Emerald Isle?

A.  Yes.  But, if you are travelling to your Emerald Isle home from outside of Carteret County, we request that you voluntarily self-quarantine for 14 days or the duration of your stay in Emerald Isle if you will be here for less than 14 days.

Q.  What does it mean to self-quarantine in Emerald Isle?

A.  We request that you stay in your home or on your property and do not receive visitors.  It is recommended that you bring the supplies you need with you to Emerald Isle.  You may leave your property for medical services and essential food and supplies.  If you do leave your property for one of these reasons, please maintain social distance from anyone you with whom you come in contact. 

Q.  Are Re-Entry Passes required to gain access to Emerald Isle?

A.  No, not at this time.



Q.  Are there any restaurants open in Emerald Isle?

A.  Several restaurants are open for take-out orders.  All bars remain closed due to State orders.  No restaurants can serve any food on their property due to State orders.

Q. What businesses are open in Emerald Isle?

A.  Only certain businesses may open under existing State orders.  These include grocery stores, hardware stores, and certain retail establishments that can meet the States social distancing standards.

Q.  Are there any hotels or motels open in Emerald Isle?

A.  Leisure stays at hotels, motels, rental homes, condominiums, and other rental properties are prohibited. 



Q.  Are vacation rentals allowed in Emerald Isle?

A.  No.  Vacation rentals are currently prohibited through the end of April.  Please note, this prohibition may be extended until a later date. 

Q.  I have a vacation rental reservation for June, will I be able to travel to Emerald Isle at that time?

A.  It is too early to tell.  Decisions about extending the ban on vacation rentals will be made in late April.  These decisions will be driven by the current state of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Posted by Rhonda Ferebee Friday, April 17, 2020 4:47:00 PM Categories: News