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Crime Trends

Although not all of these crimes are occurring in Emerald Isle at this time you should still stay vigilant for these types of crimes:


The first thing I want to talk about is CAR HOPPING. Car hopping started several years ago with teenagers going around and entering unlocked cars and stealing items. There are websites dedicated to this activity, where people brag about their latest loot. The one way to combat this crime is to simply LOCK your car doors. To properly car hop you must enter an unlocked vehicle. The car hopping community frowns upon people who force their way into the car. They refer to these people as common criminals. This was taken from

Walking (this is crucial! do not drive! two words license plates!) down streets near your house, approaching cars parked on the side of the street, and casually checking to see if one of the doors is unlocked, then if you are lucky enough to find one unlocked (odds are about 7-1), quickly and swiftly searching throughout it for money, drugs, stereo equipment, cell phones, electronics, wallets, purses, gift cards, (you get the idea), then taking it, quietly closing the door and moving on to the next vehicle

tom: hey dude I’m so sick of work but I need the cash for a new system for my car

joe: dude this weekend lets just go car-hopping, last time I earned over $350, got a video ipod, subs, 2 wallets, and 4 pounds of grass

tom: aren’t you worried you'll get caught?

joe: i'm fast and not retarded, so, no

As I said lock your car doors and keep valuables out of site in your cars to deter these crimes.


A new trend is called “Sliding” Sliding criminals target women at the gas pumps. These criminals watch for a woman pumping gas and will pull up next to the victims vehicle and slide out of the passengers side of the their vehicle and open the passenger side door of the victims vehicle and remove their purse and then flee the scene. This activity was shown in action on ABC News.

Internet Crimes

We are constantly hearing about internet crimes against people. The old saying is “if it sounds too good to be true… it isn’t” comes to mind. Remember that you have to buy a lottery ticket to win, so if someone calls your house to tell you that you won the British Lottery, and they need your account numbers to transfer your millions and you’ve never heard about the British lottery...It’s a scam. Now I know some of you are laughing right now but these criminals wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t paying off. Now here is the scary part. Most of these people are out of the country and that makes prosecution of these crimes almost impossible.  Below is a link to the FBI Internet Crime Trends

Internet Crime trends

If you have been a victim of an internet crime you can file a complaint.

Remember what I said about if it’s too good to be true. If you are suspicious feel free to call the police and let us check on it for you. If you get a scam email make sure not to open any attachments. One of the latest scams is a FedEx email with a confirmation attachment. FedEx doesn’t send attachments with their emails and if you’re not expecting a package you should not be opening these emails.  The attachment is a malware program that will secretly install on your computer to collect data and report back to the sender.  Also be wary of emails that have un-disclosed recipients as the sender. Keep your virus protection up to date, as well as your malware protection. Malware and virus are different programs and you need to be protected from both. There are free protection programs offered by Microsoft.  Each day hackers find holes in your operating system on your computer. Once Microsoft finds these exploits they release an update to repair the exploit. This is why it is important to keep your computer up to date with Microsoft Update.

Last I would like to say that you, the average citizen are my best crime fighting tool. You know when things don’t look right in your neighborhood. This is where you live every day and can tell when something is wrong. Report these things to your police department. Don’t ever feel that any item is too small or that you will be bothering us. This is what we do, and we are happy to check these things out.