Dangerous Surf Conditions Again Today - RED FLAGS Remain in Place,

Public Again Advised to Stay Out of Ocean

Additional Details - July 25 Water Rescues and Drowning

(Posted Thursday, July 26, 2018 @ 10 am)

RED FLAGS Remain in Place in Emerald Isle

Although it's a beautiful, sunny morning, dangerous surf conditions continue to impact Emerald Isle.  The National Weather Service has indicated a high rip current risk in Emerald Isle again today.  


RED FLAGS remain in place along the Town's entire ~ 12 miles of ocean beach, and the public is again advised to stay out of the ocean until further notice.  Dangerous surf conditions are expected to persist throughout the day, and RED FLAGS will remain in place until conditions improve.

Despite the fact that the RED FLAGS have been in place since Sunday, some individuals still choose to enter the ocean water. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE OCEAN, as you are putting yourself, others, and our emergency personnel at risk unnecessarily.  

RED FLAGS Will Be Removed When Conditions Warrant

Emerald Isle Fire Department and Lifeguard staff will continue to monitor conditions in Emerald Isle multiple times daily, and will continue consulting the National Weather Service in order to determine when the conditions warrant removal of the flags and a return to normal recreational use of the ocean in Emerald Isle.

This decision will be communicated via numerous digital platforms, including the Town's website ( https://www.emeraldisle-nc.org/ ), the Town's Facebook page (Town of Emerald Isle, NC is the official page of Town government), the Town's Twitter feed (@townemeraldisle), via the Emerald Isle App (available for download - search Town of Emerald Isle, NC), via the Town's email newsletter list (sign up at  https://www.emeraldisle-nc.org/join-email-list ), and via text message alerts - sign up at  https://www.emeraldisle-nc.org/email-text-notifications .

Additional Details - July 25 Water Rescues and Drowning

The July 25 drowning victim is identified as Mr. Troy Everette Strickland, 41 years old, of Scotchburg, VA.  Mr. Strickland had been visiting Emerald Isle all week, and was staying at The Islander Hotel located on the oceanfront near the drowning incident.  Mr. Strickland's wife indicated that he entered the water to attempt to offer assistance to a person in distress in the ocean in the 9000 block of Emerald Isle.  The entire Town of Emerald Isle organization extends its deepest sympathy to Mr. Strickland's wife, family, and friends, and offers heartfelt prayers as they heal from this tragedy. 

Despite the RED FLAG warnings, numerous individuals entered the ocean yesterday, and water rescue personnel (Fire Department and Lifeguards) responded to 6 different water rescue calls in the early afternoon hours, with the two most serious calls occurring only 6 minutes apart and nearly 2 miles apart at 2:18 pm and 2:24 pm.  In total, Fire Department and Lifeguard personnel rescued a total of 20 people involved in these 6 calls.  In addition to Mr. Strickland, a total of 6 other individuals were transported via ambulance to the hospital, and, fortunately, all are expected to recover from these incidents.  The Town of Emerald Isle was fortunate to receive mutual aid assistance from Western Carteret Fire & EMS, Broad & Gales Creek Fire & EMS, Pine Knoll Shores Fire & EMS, Atlantic Beach Fire & EMS, and Indian Beach Fire & EMS.  The Town of Emerald Isle greatly appreciates the timely and professional assistance from all water rescue and EMS personnel.  Helpful bystanders on the beach also assisted in the rescue of several other individuals, and their assistance is greatly appreciated.     

Learn More, and Know What to Do in a Rip Current

Each of the Town's public access locations (large regional accesses and neighborhood accesses) include signage that explain what to do if you find yourself caught in a rip current.  Please take the time to read it when you head out to the beach!  

For current National Weather Service rip current forecasts, and an informative video about rip currents, please visit https://www.emeraldisle-nc.org/rip-currents-and-surf-forecast . 

To learn more about beach safety, please visit  https://www.emeraldisle-nc.org/safety .  Please be safe out there! 

The graphic below includes concise, understandable guidance:



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