December 2008

Rededication of Coast Guard Station Emerald Isle

Another proud day for the Coast Guard and Emerald Isle. After addition of a boat ramp and major renovations, Coast Guard Station Emerald Isle was rededicated on November 7, 2008 at a ceremony presided over by June Ryan Commander Sector North Carolina, and Senior Chief Ryan Brodie,  Coast Guard Station Emerald Isle.

Coast Guard Station Emerald Isle was established in 1904 under the name of “Bogue Inlet” located at the tip of the western end of Emerald Isle.  In the early 1940’s the old station building was replaced with the existing building and renamed Coast Guard Station Swansboro.  The older station building still exists, though it has been relocated by barge and mule to Cedar Point as a private residence.

The early 1940s building was completely renovated and a boat ramp was added. Prior to the addition of the boat ramp, the Coast Guard used Island Harbor Marina to launch and remove its boats. The total cost of the renovation was $2,874,618 and it was done with the goal of making the facility a “Green Building”. The renovation took about a year and during that time they responded to 97 Search and Rescues and conducted 617 Law Enforcement Boardings. In honor of their great work, Coast Guard Station Emerald Isle received the Recreational Boating Safety Award for the 5th District, which encompasses the mid-Atlantic Region, from the New Jersey coast to the South Carolina border. Congratulations to all that helped earn the award.

The Coast Guard decided they wanted this project to qualify for LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). The LEED program allows points for incorporating certain conservation elements into a project. Items incorporated into this project were a GEO-thermal heating and cooling system, reuse of an existing building, use of building material that incorporate recycled materials, a cistern, native drought resistant plants, use of materials without “Volatile Organic Compounds”, carbon dioxide monitoring, encourage car pooling and cycling to work, and others. They have applied for certification and hope to receive certification soon.

The Town, visitors, and citizens are very fortunate to have Coast Guard Station Emerald Isle. We are very appreciative of the safety they provide for the many boaters in our area. The station is staffed with 18 active duty personnel and a very active Coast Guard Auxiliary. In addition to their official duties, the Coast Guard personnel are often seen participating in volunteer activities in the community.

If you see a member of the Coast Guard, please thank them for what they do and tell them how happy you are to have them as part of our “Community”.  

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