Susan Monette

Planning Board

Susan Monette is a graduate of Virginia Tech and moved to Raleigh, NC after graduation. She spent the next 20 years as a residential designer, drawing every type of home from small first time houses to large custom homes and multifamily dwellings. After a busy life in Raleigh, NC Susan and her husband Daniel moved to this area in 2009. Shortly after their move, Daniel started his charter boat business and can now be seen on the Morehead City Waterfront. Susan spent the next few years, working out of their tiny house, building her residential design business and was finally able to open her own office in the Town of Emerald Isle in 2012. Susan and Daniel loved this town so much they bought their house on the island in 2016.

Susan can usually be found at her office but when she has some free time, she loves painting, exploring the Sound on her Jet ski, or heading to the waterfront to see what Daniel's crew caught that day. And every now and then she takes time to head back to Raleigh to ride her horse with her friends.

Her current term on the Planning Board will expire in March 2023. 


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