EI Fire Department Seeking Host Families for 2018 Summer Lifeguard Program


The Emerald Isle Fire Department Lifeguard Program is currently seeking Host Families for our Summer 2018 season.  The idea of Host Families supports Emerald Isle’s reputation as a family beach. Our goal is family-oriented fun, supported by the best safety program we can design.  Host Families provide safe, comfortable housing, in a family environment for our lifeguards.  The majority of our lifeguard employees are college students from all over the country.  They are recruited for their swimming skills and devotion to the rigors of a summer job providing safety to our residents and visitors.  Hosting a lifeguard makes your family part of our team!

As a Host Family, there are many rewards for your family, in addition to providing a service to your community.  You will have positive interaction with a dynamic young adult.  You will contribute materially to the safety of our beaches. 

Being a Host Family contains a certain amount of expectation.  It is important to remember that you are being entrusted to provide essential comfort for the lifeguard while away from home.  In addition, these guards are working hard in a physically taxing job and deserve a home where they can rest, relax, be alone or have private time.  We expect and require that all lifeguards be respectful to their Host Families as well as respect household rules.  Each family should also be considerate of the schedule of the lifeguard.

Thank you for your consideration to host a lifeguard.  We look forward to another fun, safe summer in Emerald Isle.

How To Become A Host Family

If you are interested in becoming a Host Family for one of our lifeguards in 2018 please contact us immediately.  View our Lifeguard Host Family Program Questionnaire.

Phone calls may be directed to Emerald Isle Fire Department at 252-354-2445

Posted by Rhonda Ferebee Tuesday, February 20, 2018 2:49:00 PM Categories: News