Emerald Isle Police Department Issues Scam Warning

Emerald Isle Citizens are receiving phone calls from individuals claiming to be agents with the Department of Treasury Internal Revenue Service.  Most of the calls are coming from a 209-227-1542 phone number and will speak with a foreign accent.  The person may leave a message or make statements similar to this:

"Hi. my name is David Grey and this message is intended to contact you regarding an important induction, executed by the United States Treasury, attending your serious attention. Ignoring this will be a intentional second attempt to avoid a issue appearance before a Magistrate Judge or a Grand Jury for a federal criminal offense. My number is 209-227-1542, I repeat 209-227-1542. I advise you to cooperate with us and help us to help you."

The caller may threaten to put you in jail if you fail to cooperate and send them money immediately.  THIS IS A SCAM!

Please understand that a law enforcement agency, whether it be the local police, state or federal government agents, will NEVER call you and ask you for money to keep from going to jail.  This is a common practice of scammers and we are releasing this information to prevent anyone from becoming a victim!  If you receive this call, either do not answer it or do not respond.  If you have any questions, you can contact the Emerald Isle Police Department for additional information.

Major James A. Reese
Assistant Chief of Police
Emerald Isle Police Department


Posted by Rhonda Ferebee Friday, November 6, 2015 2:46:00 PM