Emerald Tidings

June 2015

  1. Hurricane Season - Be Prepared!
  2. Beach Parking Not Permitted in Parking Lots of Emerald Isle Businesses
  3. Drone Operation Not Permitted Over Private Property Without Consent
  4. Commercial Wall Sign Ordinance Amended
  5. Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Fire Extinguishers Required in Vacation Rental Units
  6. Be Safe on the Bike Path!
  7. Please Respect the 25 mph Speed Limit on Reed Drive
  8. Prevent Theft from Unlocked Cars - Please Lock Your Car Doors!
  9. Don't Discard Your Left-Over Vacation Food - Donate It!
  10. Groundbreaking Set for Senator Jean Preston Memorial Playground
  11. EmeraldFest Concert Series - Thursdays All Summer Long!
  12. Laser Dance Party - Friday, June 19
  13. Friends of Western Carteret Pubic Library Fundraiser - Wednesday, June 10
  14. Did You Know?

Hurricane Season - Be Prepared! Make Sure You Have Your Hurricane Re-Entry Permit Before a Hurricane Threatens Emerald Isle

Although we received an early scare from Tropical Storm Ana in early May, hurricane season is now officially here.  The Town works hard to be prepared for and respond to potential threats, and is ready for the 2015 hurricane season (although we all hope and pray that we don't need to put our plans into action).

The Town's website, www.emeraldisle-nc.org , includes a lot of good information about Town policies and personal preparedness, and timely notices are posted regularly when a hurricane is threatening and impacting Emerald Isle.  For the most accurate and updated information about Emerald Isle, please visit the Town's website, subscribe to the Town's email newsletter, and follow us on Facebook (Town of Emerald Isle, NC) and/or Twitter (@townemeraldisle).  

If you don't already have your hurricane re-entry permit (used to allow property owners and residents back onto the island in the event of significant damage and prolonged closure of Emerald Isle to the general public), please make sure you visit (7509 Emerald Drive) or call the Town Administration Building (252-354-3424) long before a storm threatens Emerald Isle.  Re-entry permits are available for $25 each. 

Be prepared, be safe, and heed the warnings of Town, County, and State officials!

Beach Parking Not Permitted in Parking Lots of Emerald Isle Businesses

Day visitors to Emerald Isle should note that beach parking is not permitted in the parking lots of Emerald Isle businesses.  Violators risk having their vehicle towed (at the vehicle owners' expense) to a location off of the island, and this will surely ruin your day at the beach.  (Please note that the Town has no affiliation with or control over the private towing companies hired by the businesses in Emerald Isle.) 

The Town operates 4 beach access parking lots on or very near the oceanfront, and these facilities are the Western Ocean Regional Access (near Islander Drive; weekend fee), the Eastern Ocean Regional Access (near mile marker 15 1/2 on NC 58; weekend fee), 3rd Street Park (east end; no fee), and Station Street Park (near The Point; no fee).  The Town also allows weekend beach parking at the Town Government complex located near mile marker 19 on NC 58 (no fee).  Privately owned Bogue Inlet Pier and The Islander Suites also offer beach parking for a fee on certain days. 

The Town wants everyone to be able to enjoy the beach experience in Emerald Isle, but also respects the Emerald Isle businesses that need their parking spaces to serve their customers.  Thank you for your cooperation!

Drone Operation Not Permitted Over Private Property Without Consent; Unauthorized Photographs Also Prohibited

As recreational drones become more prevalent in Emerald Isle, it is important to note that State law prohibits the flying of drones over private property without the consent of the property owner.  State law also provides for the pursuit of civil damages up to a $5,000 penalty for each unauthorized photograph or video that is published or otherwise disseminated without the subject's consent.  Enjoy your drone, but please respect your neighbors and the privacy of others!

Commercial Wall Sign Ordinance Amended

The Board of Commissioners recently amended the Town's ordinance regulating commercial wall signs in an effort to allow slightly more signage for Emerald Isle businesses that front on more than one street.  

The Town's old ordinance limited commercial wall signs (affixed to the building) to a combined total of 32 sq. ft., to be allocated on each side of the building as determined by the business owner. For businesses fronting only on one street, the ordinance has not changed.  For businesses that front on more than one street (i.e., corner lots, Reed Drive and Crew Drive, etc.), the total combined area is now 48 sq. ft., however, no one frontage may include more than 32 sq. ft.  

Town ordinances are carefully crafted to protect the small-town atmosphere of Emerald Isle, prevent visual sign clutter, preserve the aesthetic quality of NC 58 and other business zones, and promote successful business ventures.  The recent ordinance amendment is consistent with these goals.

Sign permits are required for all commercial signs, and businesses should contact the Town Planner, Josh Edmondson, at 252-354-3338 or jedmondson@emeraldisle-nc.org to initiate an application. 

Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Fire Extinguishers Required in Vacation Rental Units

State law and the NC Fire Code require all vacation rental units that rely on fossil-fuel appliances (propane gas, wood burning, etc.) and/or that have an enclosed garage to equip the vacation rental units with approved carbon monoxide detectors. Fire extinguishers are also required.

Your vacation rental management company can assist you in meeting the applicable requirements, and the Emerald Isle Fire Department is available to answer any questions and provide technical assistance.  EIFD can be contacted at 252-354-2445, or contact Fire Chief Bill Walker at  bwalker@emeraldisle-nc.org

Be Safe on the Bike Path!

The "Emerald Path" is a great amenity for our residents and visitors, and the Town is pleased to have a continuous 11 mile bicycle path along NC 58 and Coast Guard Road through the entire length of the Town.  Enjoy the path, but please use it safely and wisely! Please keep the following in mind:

  • Bicyclists do not have the right of way through street intersections, and should obey the STOP signs on the bike path - in the same way cars are expected to stop on the side streets.
  • Children on bicycles and skateboards should be wearing helmets.
  • Golf carts and other motorized vehicles are prohibited on the bike path.

Please Respect the 25 mph Speed Limit on Reed Drive

Reed Drive is a popular alternative route through Emerald Isle between the "downtown" area and Coast Guard Road, however, it is also a residential neighborhood with many adjacent families, pedestrians, and bicyclists using the street.  Please respect the 25 mph speed limit on Reed Drive!  To aid in slowing speeds on Reed Drive, a new 3-way STOP sign intersection has been created at Reed Drive and Loon Drive (across from Emerald Plantation Shopping Center).  

Prevent Theft from Unlocked Cars - Please Lock Your Car Doors!

The Emerald Isle Police Department reminds our residents and visitors to please lock your car doors at night!  Thieves sometimes target unlocked car doors in our neighborhoods, and the simple act of making sure your doors are locked can prevent the loss of valuables, including cash, electronics, and other items.  To report suspicious activity, please call 911. To discuss non-emergency situations, please contact the Emerald Isle Police Department at 252-354-2021.  Thank you for your cooperation!

Don't Discard Your Left-Over Vacation Food - Donate It!

Please don't let that extra food go to waste!  When your vacation is over, please bring all unopened, non-perishable food to your vacation rental agency office in Emerald Isle at checkout.  Collected food will go to Caroline's House, the shelter for abused women and children.  This service is provided by the Carteret County Domestic Violence Program.  For more information about their services, please visit  www.carteretdomesticviolence.com .  

Groundbreaking Set for Senator Jean Preston Memorial Playground - Friday, June 26 at 4 pm - Emerald Isle Public Boating Access Area

A volunteer fundraising committee remains hard at work raising funds for the new Senator Jean Preston Memorial Playground to be constructed on Town-owned land adjacent to the Emerald Isle Public Boating Access Area.  The committee is nearing $40,000, and continues to work toward it's $75,000 goal.  To contribute to this great cause, please visit   http://www.emeraldisle-nc.org/Playground/default.htm . 

The committee is hosting a groundbreaking event on Friday, June 26 at 4 pm at the site, and the public is invited to attend.  The committee hopes to open the new playground to the public by May 25, 2016 - Senator Preston's birthday.

EmeraldFest Concert Series - Thursdays All Summer Long!

The Town's popular EmeraldFest outdoor concert series is back again this summer, with concerts every Thursday evening at 6:30 pm on the oceanfront at the Western Ocean Regional Access (located off Islander Drive).  Pure T Mommicked kicks off the 2015 season on Thursday, June 18.  The full 2015 lineup is available at  http://www.emeraldisle-nc.org/communitynotice/emeraldfest.htm .  Please bring your friends, lawn chairs or a blanket, and enjoy some great music from several different genres! 

EmeraldFest is offered in partnership with SwanFest, a weekly Sunday evening concert series (6:30 pm) in downtown Swansboro.  For a complete lineup for SwanFest, please visit  http://www.seasideartscouncil.com/ . 



Laser Dance Party - Friday, June 19 - 7 pm - Community Center

In association with Emerald Owl Productions ( www.emeraldowlproductions.com ), the Town will host a Laser Dance Party for teens on Friday, June 19 from 7 pm - 10:30 pm. The party will be held in the gymnasium at the Community Center, and is open to everyone, with an emphasis on pre-teens and middle-school aged kids.  The admission fee is $10 for the initial event.

Additional events are scheduled for each Tuesday evening through the summer at the Community Center from 7 pm - 10:30 pm, beginning on June 23.  We hope to see your kids there!


Friends of Western Carteret Public Library Fundraiser - "The Widow Spy" - Wednesday, June 10 at 12 noon

The Friends of Western Carteret Library will host a presentation by former CIA Agent Martha Peterson on Wednesday, June 10 at 12 noon at the Western Park Community Center in Cedar Point.

Her story is thrilling, as she started out in Laos during the Vietnam War and then was posted in Moscow during the Cold War years.  Tickets are $25 and include lunch.  There will also be an opportunity to purchase "The Widow Spy" book during the presentation.

Did You Know?

The Town of Emerald Isle collects more than $100,000 annually from regional beach access parking fees, and 100% of these funds are invested in these facilities to promote a safe, clean, family-friendly beach visit experience.  Parking fee revenues support lifeguards, Police presence, maintenance staff, and more!


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