Emerald Tidings

August 2012

  1. NCDTO Grant to Fund Additional NC 58 Bicycle Path Extension
  2. NC 58 Bridge Work Planned for Late 2012 / Early 2013
  3. Carteret County Beach Commission Approves Additional Nourishment Funding
  4. Coast Guard Road Pavement Marking Improvements
  5. Emerald Isle Has 2nd Lowest General Fund Property Tax Rate Among NC Beach Towns Again
  6. Register Your Bicycle with the Emerald Isle Police Department
  7. Only 3 EmeraldFest Concerts Left!
  8. How Lucky We Are.....

NCDOT Grant to Fund Additional NC 58 Bicycle Path Extension

The Town has been awarded a new $100,000 grant from the NC Department of Transportation to extend the NC 58 bicycle path from its existing terminus at Hurst Road to Fairfax Road, a distance of approximately .4 mile.

The bulk of the design work for this segment was completed previously, and the Town expects to solicit construction bids this fall.  Construction will be scheduled for spring 2013, with a goal to open the new bicycle path segment prior to the 2013 tourism season. 

The Town greatly appreciates NCDOT's assistance with this project, and is pleased to extend the bicycle path.  The Town's ultimate goal is to extend the NC 58 path to the Indian Beach town limits in the future, and also to extend the Coast Guard Road path to The Point. 

bike path  

NC 58 Bridge Work Planned for Late 2012 / Early 2013

The NC Department of Transportation is planning to complete major repair work on the NC 58 bridge to extend the life of the bridge for an additional 30 - 40 years or more.  The work involves the repair of all joints and concrete decking, and will require bridge lane closures later this year and early next year.

NCDOT is soliciting construction bids, and will select a contractor in the coming weeks.  More details will be available in the coming weeks, but tentative plans include the closure of one lane of traffic on the bridge on weekdays only (24 hours per day) from mid / late October to mid- March, with weekday nighttime closures (12 hours per day) from mid-March to mid-May.  No lane closures are expected during weekends or holidays.  

The Town has worked closely with NCDOT, and will continue to do so, in an attempt to minimize inconvenience for our residents and visitors and also to communicate important information about the project.  Additional information will be posted on the Town's website at www.emeraldisle-nc.org as the project start date approaches.

Carteret County Beach Commission Approves Additional Nourishment Funding

The Town, in conjunction with Carteret County, continues work on a planned beach nourishment project set to occur in January - March 2013.  The project is expected to include the placement of approximately 675,000 cy of sand along approximately 4 miles of the Town's beach that suffered the greatest erosion losses during Hurricane Irene.

FEMA is providing a total of $3.8 million for this project, and the Town has committed $1.5 million.  The Carteret County Beach Commission previously committed $1.5 million, and the Town had also requested $3 million from the State of NC for this project.  The State did not include funding for the Town's project in its FY 12-13 budget, leaving a $3 million shortfall that could have resulted in less sand placed on the beach.  Fortunately, the Carteret County Beach Commission recently voted to contribute an additional $3 million for the project to replace the State funding that was not provided.  The Town is thankful for the Beach Commission's support, and pleased that the project can move forward with the full scope anticipated. 

State permitting approvals have been received, and Federal approvals are expected in the coming weeks.  Construction bids will be solicited in September, and construction is expected to begin in January.  The exact project scope and project boundaries will be finalized after construction bids are received.

The Beach Commission is utilizing reserve funds to make this additional contribution at this time.  This one-time additional contribution to replace the lack of State funding is prudent for the 2013 project, however, the Beach Commission will not have sufficient funds in the future to replace State funding.  The Town will continue its efforts in 2013 to secure legislative approval for a new 1% beach preservation tax levied on all sales and use transactions within the Town to provide the required State funding for future projects.

Coast Guard Road Pavement Marking Improvements

The Town completed the new bicycle path segment between Emerald Isle Woods Park and Ocean Oaks Drive in May, and originally had a pavement marking contractor scheduled to install new pavement markings to shift the vehicle lanes to the north (away from the new path) in late May.  Unfortunately, that contractor abandoned the job, and the Town has not heard from them since that time.  As a result, these pavement markings have been delayed all summer while the Town worked to identify a new contractor.  

The Town has finally retained a new contractor to complete this work, which also includes the re-delineation of an asphalt shoulder between Pebble Beach and Emerald Isle Woods Park on the north side of Coast Guard Road.  This work will also include the re-marking of all other pavement lines on Coast Guard Road between Reed Drive and Ocean Oaks Drive.  This area has become badly faded in the past year, and the Town seeks to restore the visibility of the pavement markings in this area.

This work should occur in August, and the Town will be pleased to finally complete this work.  We apologize for any temporary inconvenience (a few days at most) to drivers in this section of Coast Guard Road, and appreciate your patience.

Emerald Isle Has 2nd Lowest General Fund Property Tax Rate Among NC Beach Towns Again

The Town's FY 12-13 General Fund tax rate of 11.5 cents again ranks as the 2nd lowest of the 21 beach towns in North Carolina.  The Mayor, Commissioners, Town Manager, and Town staff all work hard to provide the highest quality Town services at the lowest possible cost to our taxpayers.

tax rates 

Register Your Bicycle with the Emerald Isle Police Department

In an effort to help bicycle owners in Emerald Isle locate their missing or stolen bicycles, the Emerald Isle Police Department offers a bicycle registration program.  Please visit http://www.emeraldisle-nc.org/pdfs/Bikereg.pdf  to download the simple registration form or stop by the Emerald Isle Police Department at any time and complete your form.  Please contact the EIPD at 252-354-2021 if you have any questions or need more information about this program.

Only 3 EmeraldFest Free Concerts Left!

EmeraldFest, the Town's new free summer concert series, has entertained great crowds all summer long, and there are now only 3 concerts left for 2012.  Remaining concerts will be held on Thursday August 16 (Selah Dubb), September 6 (Barefoot Wade), and September 20 (Wild Honey) from 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm at the Town's Western Ocean Regional Access (next to Islander Suites).  Bring a chair and/or blanket and enjoy the oceanfront show!


How Lucky We Are......

Emerald Isle is truly a beautiful and special place to so many people!  We are all indeed very fortunate to be able to enjoy this place.....


Frank A. Rush, Jr.
Town Manager
Posted by Frank Rush Wednesday, August 1, 2012 10:12:00 AM