Emerald Tidings

April 2012

  1. Town Staff Gearing Up for a Great Summer!
  2. Veterans Memorial to be Dedicated in Late May
  3. Bogue Inlet Pier Repairs Complete; Open for Season!
  4. Town Mosquito Control Efforts
  5. Ocean Drive Recently Resurfaced
  6. Repairs Planned for Cape Emerald Storm Water Pipe
  7. Overnight Beach Equipment Exception Permits Available
  8. Taxpayer Beach Access Parking Permits Available
  9. FY 12-13 Recommended Budget to Be Presented in May
  10. Does Your Business Offer Free Wi-Fi Service?

Town Staff Gearing Up for a Great Summer!

All Town departments are hard at work preparing for what should be another great summer in Emerald Isle!  We look forward to having the Town looking its best and providing the best possible services for our residents, vacation home owners, and visitors this summer!

  • The Fire Department is currently recruiting lifeguard and beach patrol personnel, and will begin these services in mid / late May.  Please visit http://www.emeraldisle-nc.org/employment.html if you are interested in working with the Town this summer on the Beach Patrol, or in another capacity.
  • The Police Department is gearing up for the typical increase in call volumes during the summer, and also reviewing Police staffing plans for the beach strand and other key locations.  The Town strives to maintain a family-friendly beach visit experience along the entire beach strand, particularly at the Town's two large regional beach access locations and at Bogue Inlet Pier.
  • The Parks and Recreation Department is hard at work insuring beach access and park facilities are safe and functional, and also has the NC 58 corridor looking great!
  • The Public Works Department has begun the seasonal installation of beach trash and recycling receptacles.  We encourage everyone to recycle drink containers on the beach!

Town staff will also be distributing informational materials to vacation rental agencies and other locations.  A copy of the Town's important beach regulations is located at  http://www.emeraldisle-nc.org/pdfs/Beachtips.pdf .

Enjoy the summer in Emerald Isle!

Veterans Memorial to Be Dedicated in Late May

Thanks to the generosity of several Emerald Isle businesses and residents, and the hard work of fundraising coordinator Bernie Whalley, the Town is ready to move forward with a new Veterans Memorial to be located at the Emerald Isle Public Boating Access Area. 

Officials are planning to dedicate the new Veterans Memorial in late May, and additional details will be announced in the coming weeks.  The new memorial will honor veterans of all branches of our armed forces, and will serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made to preserve the freedoms that we all enjoy.  Emerald Isle is home to many former and current service members, and we are proud of our military men and women. 

Bogue Inlet Pier Repairs Complete; Open for Season!

Owner Mike Stanley has completed the reconstruction of more than 200 feet of Bogue Inlet Pier that was lost to Hurricane Irene last August, and recently reopened for the 2012 season.  It's great to have the Pier open again.  Enjoy the fishing!  

Town Mosquito Control Efforts

The unusually warm and early spring has already led to pesky bugs, and we are fearful of a big year for mosquitoes.  The Town urges all property owners to check your property and turn over anything that holds standing water (such as buckets, planter trays, trash, and other items) to help prevent mosquito hatchings. 

The Town offers free mosquito larvacide to Emerald Isle property owners.  Larvacide can be obtained from the Public Works Department located behind Fire Station 1.  Please call 252-354-4450 before visiting to insure that a Town staff member is available to assist you.  Public Works staff will also bespreading larvacide in the ditches and drains along the Town's public right-of-ways and any wetlands that are accessible in an effort to keep the mosquito population at a minimum.

The Public Works Department will also be making periodic landing counts around the Town to judge the population of the adult mosquitoes, and will deploy mosquito sprayers where and when conditions warrant spraying.  

More information about the Town's mosquito control efforts can be found at: http://www.emeraldisle-nc.org/eipw/mosquito.htm . 

Ocean Drive Recently Resurfaced

The Town's contractor recently completed the resurfacing of the 2.2 mile segment of Ocean Drive located between West Landing Drive and Emerald Drive (near the "dog-leg" and EI Surf Shop).  The Town was pleased to complete this needed resurfacing of one of the Town's main street segments.

The Town awards a street resurfacing contract each year in the spring, and the majority of street resurfacing expenses are funded by State Powell Bill revenues that are derived from the State gasoline tax and State tax on new vehicle purchases.  The Town resurfaces 1 - 2 miles of the Town's 46 miles street network each year.

Please contact the Public Works Department at 252-354-4450 or adunn@emeraldisle-nc.org if you need to report potholes or request future street resurfacing activities.

Repairs Planned for Cape Emerald Storm Water Pipe

The Town owns and maintains a large storm water pipe that runs from mid-block on Ocean Oaks Drive on the ocean side of Coast Guard Road to the north to ponds in the Cape Emerald subdivision.  This drainage pipe is a critical component of the overall Coast Guard Road storm water system, as it drains a large area of the Deer Horn Dunes, Sea Dunes, and Ocean Oaks subdivisions.

The 25 year-old storm water pipe has suffered several joint failures in recent years, resulting in pothole and sinkhole problems in the Cape Emerald subdivision.  After several failed pipe repair attempts in recent years, the Town recently executed a contract to utilize "cured in place pipe" technology to repair the pipe segment within Cape Emerald subdivision.  This work will essentially result in a brand new pipe inside of the old pipe.  Work will be performed during the month of April with limited disruption in the Cape Emerald subdivision.    

Overnight Beach Equipment Exception Permits Available

Town ordinances require that all unattended beach equipment (tents, canopies, chairs, volleyball nets, etc.) be removed from the beach between 7 pm and 8 am daily, and Town staff regularly enforce this ordinance.  The penalty for leaving unattended beach equipment out overnight is confiscation, so please make sure you remove all unattended beach equipment at the end of the day.

Oceanfront property owners ONLY are eligible for 2 exception permits, and these exception permits can be obtained by visiting (7509 Emerald Drive) or calling (252-354-3424) the Town Administration Building during normal business hours.  Exception permits are available now, and are valid for the entire 2012 season.  Please note that the 2011 exception permits are still valid, and can be used again in 2012.   

Taxpayer Beach Access Parking Permits Available

Weekend / holiday parking fees will be collected at the Town's Eastern Ocean Regional Access and Western Ocean Regional Access beginning Friday, April 6 and will continue through Sunday, September 16th.  A $10 per vehicle parking fee will be charged from 7 am - 4 pm on weekends and holidays only, and all other times will remain free.

Emerald Isle taxpayers are eligible for 2 free annual parking permits for the Eastern Ocean Regional Access and Western Ocean Regional Access.  The parking permits will be granted only for vehicles registered in the name of the taxpayer, and are not transferable.  Previously issued 2011 parking permits are no longer valid, and a new 2012 parking permit is required.  Emerald Isle taxpayers must display the appropriate permit sticker on their windshield in order to avoid the parking fee. 

The permit sticker can not be obtained at the regional beach access facilities, and must be obtained prior to visiting the regional beach access facilities.  To obtain your free parking permit, please visit (7509 Emerald Drive) or call (252-354-3424) the Town Administration Building during normal business hours.  Parking permits are now available for pickup.

Please note: Emerald Isle taxpayers will need to bring their vehicle registration(s) with them when applying for their permit.      

FY 12-13 Recommended Budget to Be Presented in May

Town staff are hard at work on the development of the FY 12-13 Town budget, and the Recommended Budget will be presented to the Board of Commissioners at their May 8 regular meeting.  The Board has previously communicated its desire to maintain the Town's current 11.5 cent General Fund tax rate (3rd lowest rate among the 21 NC beach towns), and the Town Manager and Town staff are working toward that goal without compromising the quality of Town services and programs.  

Does Your Business Offer Free Wi-Fi Service?

The Town often receives inquiries from visitors about the availability of free Wi-Fi internet service in Emerald Isle.  The Town is compiling a list of businesses that offer this service to share with visitors.  Please contact Tiffany Wood in the Town Administration Building at 252-354-3424 or twood@emeraldisle-nc.org if you'd like to include your business on this list. 

Frank A. Rush, Jr.
Town Manager
Posted by Frank Rush Sunday, April 1, 2012 10:20:00 AM