Emerald Tidings

February 2012

  1. Community Center Roof to Be Replaced
  2. New Public Beach Access Walkways to Be Constructed at 3rd Street, 5th Street
  3. Construction Set to Begin on Island Circle Storm Water Pump Station
  4. Soundside Improvements Planned for Aquarium Pier Site
  5. Town Completes Additional Land Purchase at New Public Boating Access Area
  6. Police Grant Funds New In-Car Video Systems
  7. Controlled Deer Hunt Underway
  8. Discard Unused Prescription Drugs at EI Police Station

Community Center Roof to Be Replaced

The Community Center building is set to receive a completely new metal roof in the coming weeks.  Work is expected to begin in February and be complete by early March.  Community Center visitors may experience some minor inconvenience associated with the work, however, normal operating hours and activities will remain in effect.

The building, which is now more than 20 years old, has experienced several leak issues in recent years, and the Town is pleased to have this work done.  The Town's contractor, E.G. Smithson, Inc., will replace the metal roof, replace the insulation in the office / activities area, and will install a higher-grade insulation in the gymnasium.  The total amount of the contract is approximately $81,000, and necessary funds are included in the FY 11-12 Town budget.  

New Public Beach Access Walkways To Be Constructed at 3rd Street, 5th Street

The Town maintains more than 60 public beach access walkways along its 12 miles of oceanfront, and has been working to reconstruct the oldest walkways in recent years.  Town staff conduct routine maintenance on walkways throughout the year, and also update condition ratings annually to determine which walkways are in greatest need of replacement.

The Town recently awarded a contract to Builders By Design, Inc., for the demolition and reconstruction of the public beach access walkways at the 3rd Street Public Beach Access parking area and also at the 5th Street beach access.  Work is expected to begin in February and be complete in March.  The total cost of the contract is approximately $21,000, and the necessary funds are included in the Town's FY 11-12 budget.    

Construction Set to Begin on Island Circle Storm Water Pump Station

Construction of a new, fixed storm water / ground water pump station at the southern corner of Island Circle and Coast Guard Road will begin in mid-February, and should be complete by mid or late March.  The new pump station will address chronic nuisance flooding concerns in this area.

SunLand Builders, Inc. was awarded an approximately $130,000 contract for this work, which was budgeted in the Town's capital project fund.  The initial work involves the construction of a new pump station, associated surface water intake, groundwater infiltration feature, and other associated features.  The new pump station will initially have a "quick-connect" feature that will enable Town staff to quickly hook up flexible hose to direct the discharge to either the Atlantic Ocean, the dune field, or Town-owned wetlands, depending on the severity of flooding, consent from the NC Division of Water Quality, approval from private property owners, and the receiving capacity of these areas. 

Initially, the Town will be constrained by the same limits as in recent years when portable pumps were deployed to the Island Circle area, however, the presence of the new fixed pump station will enable the Town to respond more quickly to flooding concerns.  More importantly, the completion of the pump station represents important progress toward the ultimate solution for this area.  In the future, the Town intends to connect the new pump station to the Emerald Isle Woods Park storm water receiving site, with essentially unlimited capacity, via fixed piping along Coast Guard Road.  The Town did not have the necessary funds budgeted for this work now, but plans to include this funding in a future year's budget.   

Residents and visitors may experience minor inconveniences associated with this project.  Construction pump noise impacts and infrequent lane closures on Coast Guard Road are expected.

Soundside Improvements Planned for Aquarium Pier Site

The Town and the NC Aquariums are finalizing plans for the construction of a new soundside pier, gazebo, parking spaces, landscaping, and other amenities on the soundside parcel (Park Drive right of way) associated with the planned new Aquarium Pier at Emerald Isle.  These improvements are expected to begin later this spring, and be complete by mid-summer.

The planned improvements are being funded 100% by the NC Aquariums with previously awarded grant funds.  The completion of the soundside portion of the project represents an initial step toward the overall construction of the future ocean fishing pier complex.  The Town and the NC Aquariums continue to work on construction funding strategies for the new ocean fishing pier, which is likely still 3 - 5  years away due to current budget challenges.

Town Completes Additional Land Purchase at New Public Boating Access Area

The Town recently purchased an an additional 2-acre lot adjacent to the new Emerald Isle Public Boating Access Area.  The Town acquired the vacant lot for future recreational development as part of our overall goal to create a comprehensive soundfront park at the new boating access area. 

The Town purchased the vacant lot for $172,000, with the majority ($152,000) of the purchase price financed over a 9-year period.  The Town will also be working to secure an additional vacant lot located directly adjacent to the west.  The Town will be considering various future park improvements for this area, potentially including the construction of a small ball field or other grassy open space.       

Police Grant Funds New In-Car Video Systems

The Police Department recently utilized State grant funding, Police donations, and other dedicated Police Department revenues to purchase and install 7 new, state-of-the-art digital video recorders for Police patrol vehicles.  The total cost of the new cameras was approximately $27,000. 

The new digital video recorders replace outdated VHS technology, and include many new features designed to provide better video documentation of Police stops and enhance officer safety.  The Town intends to purchase 5 additional digital video recorders in the next budget year to fully equip the Town's patrol fleet.       

Controlled Deer Hunt Underway

The Town's controlled deer hunt began on January 17 in 4 locations, and through February 1 a total of 11 deer have been removed.  Hunting will continue through February 29.  The Town hopes to reduce the deer population by 40 - 70 deer this winter.

A complete explanation of the Town's program can be found at  http://www.emeraldisle-nc.org/CommunityNotice/CommunityNotice-deermanagementefforts-January2012.htm . 

Discard Unused Prescription Drugs at EI Police Station

Old, unused prescription drugs can be a hazard for adults and children in your household, and the Town encourages you to properly dispose of these old prescription drugs so they don't fall into the wrong hands. 

Prescription drugs should not be flushed down the toilet or discarded in the trash, but can be disposed of properly by taking them to the Emerald Isle Police Station or the Carteret County Sheriff's Department in Beaufort.  For more information, please contact EIPD at 252-354-2021 or the Sheriff's Department at 252-504-4800.

Frank A. Rush, Jr.
Town Manager
Posted by Frank Rush Wednesday, February 1, 2012 10:23:00 AM