Emerald Tidings

October 2011

  1. Thank You
  2. Hurricane Irene Beach Erosion Impacts
  3. Hurricane Irene Debris Collection
  4. Golf Cart Registration Renewals
  5. Regional Parking Access Fee Program Successful
  6. Island Circle Fixed Storm Water / Ground Water Pump
  7. Beach Driving Season Underway
  8. Consider a Contribution to Three Great Emerald Isle Projects

Thank You

I want to thank everyone for your kindness, support, and prayers for my wife Suzanne. We are truly touched, and are so fortunate to be a part of such a great community in and around Emerald Isle.  As of October 1, she is still awaiting a heart transplant at Duke University Medical Center, and we have great hope and faith she will be well again soon. We are anxious to return to Emerald Isle.

Hurricane Irene Beach Erosion Impacts

Survey and engineer crews have completed an analysis of beach erosion caused by Hurricane Irene, and the Town is seeking FEMA assistance to replace the approximately 950,00 cubic yards of sand lost as a result of Hurricane Irene. The area most impacted by beach erosion in Emerald Isle is located in western Emerald Isle, but there are also losses in central and eastern Emerald Isle. (A complete report, and photos and videos is located at http://www.protectthebeach.com/temp/irene.html.)

The Town is a member of the Carteret County Beach Commission, which manages a very detailed beach profile monitoring program. The Town has a FEMA-approved beach monitoring and maintenance plan, and has historically received FEMA assistance to replace sand lost from previous hurricanes. The Town plans to use FEMA assistance to re-nourish the areas that suffered the greatest Irene-induced erosion.

Due to the significant time involved with permitting, the Town will be striving to re-nourish the most impacted areas of the beach in winter 2012-2013. The Town will almost certainly partner with the County Beach Commission and the other municipalities on Bogue Banks on this project.

More information on planned re-nourishment efforts will be forthcoming, however, rest assured that the Town is actively seeking to mitigate the beach erosion lossess incurred as a result of Hurricane Irene.

Hurricane Irene Debris Collection

The Town's debris collection contractor has completed all vegetative debris collection efforts. As a result, the Town has now resumed its normal vegetative debris collection program. You must now call the Town offices at 252-354-3424 to be included on the weekly vegetative debris collection list.

The Town's contractor will also complete all construction and demolition (C & D) debris collection by October 3. The Town will not collect C & D after October 3, and it will be the responsibility of the property owner to dispose of all C & D debris at an approved location.

Golf Cart Registration Renewals

The Town will begin accepting golf cart registration renewal applications for 2012 on December 1. Please note that golf cart owners are required to secure a renewal sticker for 2012, or face penalties for illegal operation of a golf cart. Please contact Town offices at 252-354-3424 for more information about renewals.

Regional Parking Access Fee Program Successful

The Town collected approximately $110,000 in regional access parking fees this year, the first year that the Town has charged a fee for weekend parking at the two regional access facilities. These funds were used exclusively for amenities and services at the two regional access facilities, including the introduction of new lifeguard services this year.

The Town will review the program this winter, and may adjust certain elements of the program based on lessons learned, however, it is likely that the Town will continue the parking fee program in 2012 and beyond.

Island Circle Fixed Storm Water / Ground Water Pump

The Town's engineers are currently finalizing the design and specifications for the construction of a new fixed storm water / ground water pump to be located at the corner of Island Circle and Coast Guard Road. Town staff will solicit construction bids in October and November, and a contract will be awarded prior to the end of 2012.

This new pump station will initially have temporary "quick-connect" valves that can be directed to acceptable locations for discharge during emergency flooding.  This new pump station will eventually be linked to the Town's Emerald Isle Woods discharge area in the future.

Beach Driving Season Underway

The 2011 beach driving season began on September 15 and will continue until April 30. Enjoy the great fall fishing in Emerald Isle!

Please be safe and considerate of other beach users while driving on the beach. Please watch out for small children, stay below the 20 mph speed limit, and stay away from the dunes. The Emerald Isle Police Department will be patrolling regularly and will enforce the Town's regulations. Serious and/or repeat offenders may have their beach driving permit revoked.

Halloween Festivities in Emerald Isle

The ever-popular annual Emerald Isle Halloween Carnival will be held on Friday, October 28 from 6:00 - 8:30 pm at the Emerald Isle Community Center.  Admission is 2 bags of candy per child.  Visit http://www.emeraldisle-nc.org/eiprd/pdfs/HalloweenCarnival2011.pdf for more information.

Halloween Trick or Treat in Emerald Isle is scheduled for Monday, October 31 from 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm.  Be safe!  

Consider a Contribution to Three Great Emerald Isle Projects

The Town is currently accepting contributions to extend the Coast Guard Road Bicycle Path, construct a new Veterans Memorial, and build a future dog park. All of these are great projects, but will likely not be possible without significant fundraising efforts. Fortunately, there are great volunteer groups leading the way! To learn more and/or make an online contribution, visit www.emeraldisle-nc.org and look under "Latest News and Info".

Frank A. Rush, Jr.
Town Manager
Posted by Frank Rush Saturday, October 1, 2011 3:38:00 PM