Emerald Tidings

May 2010

  1. New Beach Services Plan to Be Implemented This Summer
  2. Stay Informed About Your Town
  3. NC 58 Bicycle Path Extension Nearly Complete
  4. Recent Coast Guard Road Improvements Explained
  5. July 4th Fireworks at Chapel By The Sea
  6. FY 10-11 Recommended Budget

New Beach Services Plan To Be Implemented This Summer

Also new requirements to remove beach tents nightly, and to fill in holes on the beach strand!   The entire Town organization has been working hard over the past several months to get ready for what we hope will be a great summer tourism season in Emerald Isle.  We all try our best to have Emerald Isle looking good and ready for the influx of seasonal residents and valued visitors!   This summer, several Town departments will be implementing improvements to our services provided on the beach strand.  These improvements include dedicated law enforcement officers at Bogue Inlet Pier and the Western Ocean Regional Access (and on the beach strand in there areas), the addition of a third Beach Patrol zone, extended daily hours for the Beach Patrol, greater emphasis on Town ordinance education and enforcement, the implementation of recycling at all public beach access locations, and other efforts to insure the beach is kept clean and the beach experience is enjoyable for all.   Town staff will also be educating the public about and enforcing two new requirements on the beach strand.  In an effort to improve public safety and aesthetics, and due to sea turtle nesting concerns, the Board of Commissioners recently adopted a new ordinance that requires all unattended beach equipment (including shade tents, canopies, volleyball nets, and other equipment) to be removed from the beach strand each night.  All unattended items left on the beach between 7 pm and 8 am are now illegal, and will be confiscated and removed by Town staff.    Additionally, the Town has a new requirement that all holes dug on the beach that are greater than 12 inches deep must be filled in when the person leaves the beach strand.  Deep holes left on on the beach strand are a safety hazard for children, adults, and Town personnel providing services on the beach strand.    We hope these efforts will be successful, and we'll continue to work to improve our beach strand services in the future.   

Stay Informed About Your Town!

The Town strives to keep our residents and visitors informed about the Town's issues, activities, and projects.  Here are a few ways to stay informed:

1.  Visit the Town's website at www.emeraldisle-nc.org for all the latest news and information about the Town, as well as other comprehensive information about the Town. 

2.  Join the Town's email list (available on the main page at www.emeraldisle-nc.org ) for monthly newsletters, special alerts, and timely hurricane information. 

3.  Follow us on Twitter!  (www.twitter.com  - townemeraldisle)  

4.  For tourism related content, find us on our Facebook page!  (www.facebook.com - Friends of Emerald Isle).

5.  Attend a Town Board meeting - 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6 pm.  Public comment is welcome and encouraged. 

6.  Call the main Town number at 252-354-3424.  If you don't know, or aren't sure about something you might have heard, please call us and ask!  We are here to help!

NC 58 Bike Path Extension Nearly Complete!

As of April 30, SunLand Development and Construction, the Town's contractor, has nearly finished approximately 1.5 miles of the 2 mile bicycle path extension along NC 58, and is working on the remaining .5 miles.    The segment from Black Skimmer Drive to Ebb Tide Drive is essentially complete, with only pavement markings, other amenities, and seeding remaining.  The segment from Ebb Tide Drive to Hurst Drive is currently under construction, and the crews are working to finish that segment as quickly as possible, hopefully before the bulk of the summer tourism season.    When complete, the Town will have a total of approximately 4.2 miles of dedicated asphalt bicycle path along Coast Guard Road (from Deer Horn Drive east) and NC 58 (from Hurst Drive west).  The Town's ultimate goal is to extend the bicycle path along the remaining 5 miles of NC 58 east to the Town line, and also along the remaining 1.8 miles of Coast Guard Road to The Point.  The Town will complete bicycle paths in these areas as funds permit, and will aggressively pursue all potential grant and fundraising activities to limit the burden on our taxpayers.

Recent Coast Guard Road Improvements Explained

Several improvements were completed along Coast Guard Road between Pebble Beach and Emerald Isle Woods Park in the past several weeks.  Many people believed that the work was associated with an extension of the bicycle path along Coast Guard Road, and were excited about this possibility.  That excitement is justified, and the recent work will allow for the future construction of a bicycle path in this area, however, there are no immediate plans to construct a bicycle path in this area.   The south side of Coast Guard Road from Pebble Beach to Emerald Isle Woods was disturbed in order to allow Bogue Banks Water Corporation, Inc. to install a new water line connection in this area.  This work also required a portion of the existing bicycle path between Pebble Beach and Deer Horn Drive to be removed temporarily.  Bogue Banks Water Corporation has since reconstructed the bicycle path in this area.  Additionally, the Town completed the the resurfacing of Coast Guard Road from Pebble Beach to the western edge of Emerald Isle Woods Park in order to improve damaged pavement in this area.    All work is complete now.  The Town did take the opportunity to prepare for the future extension of the bicycle path from Deer Horn Drive to Emerald Isle Woods, and the recent work will make it easier and less expensive to construct this bicycle path extension in the future.  The route of the future bicycle path has been cleared and rough graded, and the vehicle travel lanes of Coast Guard Road have been shifted to the north.  This shifting of the vehicle travel lanes will enable the Town to maximize the amount of separation between the future bicycle path and the vehicle travel lane on the south side of the Coast Guard Road right of way.    The Town hopes to construct this bicycle path extension within the next year, and a new fundraising initiative by the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee will hopefully provide a significant portion of the necessary funding.  In the meantime, there is no shoulder on the north side of Coast Guard Road, so please be safe when bicycling along this section of Coast Guard Road.  We apologize for any short-term inconvenience, however, the long-term benefits will eventually be worth the inconvenience.

July 4th Fireworks at Chapel By The Sea!

The Town will again present July 4th fireworks over Bogue Sound at the Chapel By The Sea this year!  Fireworks will begin at 9 pm on Sunday, July 4. 

The fireworks can be viewed at the Chapel By The Sea and the adjacent site of the new public boat launch facility (6800 block of Emerald Drive), and from nearby neighborhoods.   Parking will be available along NC 58 and nearby streets.  The fireworks will also be visible from Bogue Sound and the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. 

FY 10-11 Recommended Budget Presented to Board of Commissioners at May 11 Meeting

Town staff are hard at work finalizing the FY 10-11 Recommended Budget for review by the Board of Commissioners.  The Board will receive the FY 10-11 Recommended Budget at their meeting on May 11, and will review the budget over the next several weeks. 

The FY 10-11 Recommended Budget will be posted on the Town's website (www.emeraldisle-nc.org) after May 11.  A public hearing on the FY 10-11 budget is scheduled for Tuesday, June 1 at 6 pm.  The Board may adopt the FY 10-11 budget at their June 8 regular meeting (also at 6 pm).


Frank A. Rush, Jr.
Town Manager
Posted by Frank Rush Saturday, May 1, 2010 4:26:00 PM