Emerald Tidings

February 2010

  1. NC 58 Bicycle Path Construction Continues
  2. Plans Submitted for Redevelopment of Island Harbor Marina
  3. Sand Placement Completed at The Point
  4. NCDOT to Install Dynamic Message Signs
  5. Emerald Isle Homemakers Club Donates Quilt
  6. Crystal Coast Civitan Club Helps Keep NC 58 Clean
  7. Town Maintains "Municipal Star" Designation
  8. Read an Update on Many Town Projects and Issues

NC 58 Bicycle Path Construction Continues

Construction of the NC 58 bicycle path extension began in early January, and will continue over the next couple of months.  The Town and our contractor, SunLand Development and Construction, hope to complete construction by Easter weekend.    The 2 mile path will extend from the terminus of the existing bicycle path at Black Skimmer Drive to Hurst Drive on the south side of NC 58.  This $500,000 project is funded by the NC Department of Transportation with funding through the Federal stimulus program.     

Plans Submitted for Redevelopment of Island Harbor Marina

The owners of Island Harbor Marina are proceeding with plans to redevelop the marina with improved wet slips, a new dry stack facility, a new retail store, and a new waterfront restaurant.  Development plans have been submitted for review by Town staff, and will be considered by the Planning Board at their February meeting.  The Board of Commissioners will then conduct a final review of the plans after the Planning Board review is complete.    The new marina will not include a daily boat launching facility, however, the Town and the NC Wildlife Resources Commission (NC WRC) are proceeding with the construction of a new public boat launching facility adjacent to Chapel By The Sea.  The owners of Island Harbor Marina have agreed to keep their daily boat launching facility open until the new Town / NC WRC facility is open in late 2010.   Additional information about the new Island Harbor Marina is available at www.islandharbormarinanc.com

Sand Placement Completed at The Point - Vehicle Ramp Open

The US Army Corps of Engineers' contractor, Southwind Construction, recently completed maintenance dredging in the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (AIWW), and placed approximately 64,000 cubic yards of sand at The Point.  The new sand widened the beach considerably in this area, and has enabled the Town to reopen the vehicle access ramp at The Point. 

The AIWW is now in good shape for navigation, and should not require dredging for another 2 - 3 years.  The Bogue Inlet connecting channel is in generally good shape, and will receive periodic maintenance dredging later this year. 

NCDOT To Install Dynamic Message Sign at Emerald Isle Bridge

The NC Department of Transportation will be installing two new electronic "dynamic message signs" along NC 58 on both sides of the Emerald Isle bridge.  The signs are an effort by NCDOT to reduce the number of accidents on the bridge, and will include messages alerting motorists about completely stopped traffic and slow moving traffic ahead. The signs will also include hurricane evacuation information when necessary in the future. 

The sign on the Emerald Isle side of the bridge will be located on the west side of the causeway leading to the bridge, right before the base of the bridge.  The Town was able to work with NCDOT to preserve all of the established crape myrtle trees along the NC 58 corridor in this area.

NCDOT expects to complete this work prior to Memorial Day weekend.

Emerald Isle Homemakers Club Donates Quilt

The Emerald Isle Homemakers Club recently donated a new quilt, entitled "Patches of Our History", to the Town.  The new quilt is on permanent display in the lobby of the new Town Administration Building.  The Town greatly appreciates this donation, and is proud to display the quilt.

A companion booklet explaining the various patches, all of which include notable images associated with Emerald Isle, is available for sale at the Town Administration Building.  Please stop by to check it out!

Crystal Coast Civitan Club Helps Keep NC 58 Clean

The Crystal Coast Civitan Club, a new Civitan chapter, formed last year, and is a great asset to our community.  Volunteers from the Civitan Club routinely walk the NC 58 right of way all through Emerald Isle to remove litter, and their efforts to keep Emerald Isle clean are greatly appreciated!  Thank you!

Anyone interested in joining the Crystal Coast Civitan Club should contact Steve Finch, President, at 2birds@embarqmail.com or 252-354-5208.

Town Maintains "Municipal Star" Designation

The Town is one of only a handful of local governments in North Carolina to have received the "Municipal Star" designation from the NC Department of Labor (NC DOL), and this designation was recently renewed after a comprehensive inspection by the NC DOL. 

The "Municipal Star" designation recognizes the Town's commitment to a safe work environment for our employees, and we are very proud of this designation.  The Town has an active Safety Committee, led by Fire Chief Bill Walker, and the Committee's and all of our Town employees' efforts have enabled the Town to achieve this designation, and more importantly, to minimize the number and severity of workplace injuries among our employees. 

Read an Update on Many Town Projects and Issues

Town Manager Frank Rush recently gave a presentation to Emerald Isle real estate professionals to update them on the status of many Town projects and issues.  A copy of this report can be viewed at http://www.emeraldisle-nc.org/CommunityNotice6.htm .


Frank A. Rush, Jr.
Town Manager
Posted by Frank Rush Monday, February 1, 2010 4:28:00 PM