Emerald Tidings

October 2008

  1. New EMS Station Completed!
  2. Coastal Resources Commission Approves New Rule to Create Static Line Exception
  3. Emerald Isle Awarded $172,000 of Storm Water Grants
  4. State Approves Emerald Isle Storm Water Ordinance for Participation in Universal Storm Water Management Program
  5. The Point Continues to Improve
  6. One-Stop Voting Begins October 16
  7. FOR SALE - Existing EMS Station Building

Emerald Tidings, composed monthly by Town Manager Frank Rush, is the official newsletter of the Town of Emerald Isle.


New EMS Station Completed!

Dedication Ceremony - Saturday, November 8 at 11 am   The Town's new EMS station, located on the corner of Emerald Drive and Live Oak Street (adjacent to Fire Station 1), was completed on September 19.  After a week of moving and set-up, Emerald Isle EMS, Inc. began operating out of the new station full-time on September 26.   The new station replaces the old EMS station on Cedar Street, a converted beach house that had been used for nearly 20 years.  The new station is owned by the Town of Emerald Isle, but is leased to EI EMS, Inc, the non-profit organization that contracts with the Town for high-quality emergency medical services for our community.  The new station is the product of a strong partnership between EI EMS, Inc. and the Town, and will serve our community well for many years to come.   EDA-Morehead, Morehead City, NC was the project architect and Bluewater Builders of Emerald Isle was the general contractor.  Both performed very well, and the $775,000 project was finished on time and on budget.  The Town of Emerald Isle and EI EMS, Inc. jointly funded construction, and a project team with representatives from the Town and EI EMS, Inc. provided project oversight.   The new station is dedicated in honor of George D. Foster, a long-time EMS volunteer and a leader in insuring that Emerald Isle received and continues to receive the best possible emergency medical care.  A special dedication ceremony for the new station and to honor Mr. Foster is scheduled for Saturday, November 8 at 11 am at the new station.  The public is invited to attend this special moment for EI EMS, Inc. and the Town.    The public is also welcome to visit the new EMS station at any time.  Please feel free to knock on their door and check it out!  All of us at the Town and EI EMS, Inc. are extremely proud of the new station.   

Coastal Resources Commission Approves New Rule to Create Static Line Exception

Could Potentially Allow Eastern Emerald Isle Oceanfront To Become Conforming Again, Rebuild

After more than two years of research, discussion, and public input, the NC Coastal Resources Commission CRC) adopted a new rule on September 26 that could potentially allow oceanfront homes and lots in eastern Emerald Isle to become "conforming" again.  The return of "conforming" status to this area would allow existing homes to be rebuilt if destroyed by fire or storm in the future, or if the owner seeks to voluntarily construct a new structure.     The new rule allows for the CRC to issue a "static line exception" for communities that have a CRC-approved beach maintenance plan that identifies future sand sources and funding sources for a 30-year period.  The Town of Emerald Isle will be drafting its 30-year beach maintenance plan over the next couple of months, and it will be reviewed by the Board of Commissioners later this year or early in 2009.  Once approved by the Board, the plan will be sent to the CRC for inclusion on their agenda in early 2009.  If the CRC approves the Town's plan, the "static line exception" would be granted and the actual first line of stable vegetation would be used to measure oceanfront setbacks in eastern Emerald Isle.  If an existing structure (or vacant lot) can meet the required 60 ft. ocean setback from the actual first line of stable vegetation, can meet the 30 ft. street-side setback, and has ample remaining depth remaining to build a new structure, then a new structure can be permitted.  The new structure can not be located closer to the ocean than adjacent structures, and can not have a total heated area greater than 2,500 sq. ft.    If the Town's plan is approved, the new rule should enable many existing structures in eastern Emerald Isle to become "conforming" again.  The Town worked hard on this issue because it believes 1) it is important to enable property owners to rebuild if they are unfortunate enough to suffer significant fire or storm damage, and 2) because newer structures will be built to stronger building codes, improve aesthetics, and enhance the Town's tax base.    The Town applauds the CRC and the NC Division of Coastal Management staff for their hard work and vision in approving the new rule.  The new rule will result in enhanced storm-damage mitigation activities on the oceanfront (continued nourishment, better-constructed structures), will also benefit property owners (more security for their mortgages, improved neighborhoods), and will benefit entire coastal communities (less storm clean-up costs, improved aesthetics, additional tax base).    For more information, please contact Town Manager Frank Rush at 252-354-3424 or frush@emeraldisle-nc.org . 

Emerald Isle Awarded $172,000 of Storm Water Grants

The Town was recently awarded two new grants from the NC Clean Water Management Trust Fund for beneficial storm water projects in Emerald Isle.  Grant funds will be used to improve water quality in Archer's Creek and in Bogue Sound in eastern Emerald Isle.

The first grant is for $75,000, to be matched with $25,000 of Town funds included in the FY 08-09 Town budget.  This $100,000 will be used to fund a detailed study of existing storm water outfalls that drain to Archer's Creek in central Emerald Isle.  The study will identify feasible strategies to either completely eliminate these outfalls or install new storm water features designed to eliminate pollutants before they reach Archer's Creek.  Archer's Creek is the only water body in Emerald Isle classified as impaired for shellfishing, and the Town is seeking to eventually improve water quality to the point that this classification can be lifted.

The second grant is for $97,000, and will be matched with in-kind services provided by the Public Works Department.  The Public Works Department will be removing existing storm water outfalls and sheet flows from various Town streets that drain to Bogue Sound in eastern Emerald Isle.  This storm water will be redirected to infiltration basins in the public right of way.  A beneficial by-product of this project is the improvement of public sound access locations to make them safer, easier to access, and more aesthetically pleasing. 

The Town remains committed to managing storm water runoff in an environmentally-friendly manner, and these projects will help us further that goal.  We are grateful to the NC Clean Water Management Trust Fund for funding these projects.  Work will begin in 2009.   

State Approves Emerald Isle Storm Water Ordinance for Participation in Universal Storm Water Management Program

Because of our commitment to water quality, the Town has enforced perhaps the most stringent local storm water management ordinance in coastal North Carolina for the past several years.  This ordinance has been previously recognized by the State, and was one factor that resulted in Emerald Isle being exempt from Federal Phase II storm water requirements last year. 

The Town continues to enforce its ordinance, and the Board of Commissioners recently approved additional amendments to strengthen the ordinance.  The Town submitted its amended ordinance to the NC Division of Water Quality for inclusion in the State's Universal Storm Water Management Program (USMP), and recently received notification that the ordinance has been approved. 

Effective October 1, the Town is now USMP-compliant, which means that a storm water permit issued by the Town also serves as the State storm water permit.  Development in Emerald Isle will not be required to secure a separate State storm water permit, resulting in a more efficient permitting process that will effectively address storm water issues in Emerald Isle.  Local water quality will be preserved, and developers will save time and money on permitting activities (by submitting only one permit instead of two).  

The Town is pleased to participate in the Universal Storm Water Management Program. 

The Point Continues to Improve

Additional Sand From Dredge Spoils to be Placed This Winter   The Point survived Tropical Storm Hanna and the recent nor'easter intact, and continues to accrete.  The adjacent aerial photo was taken at mid-tide on October 3.   The US Army Corps of Engineers plans to deposit 50,000 - 75,000 cubic yard of dredge spoils from the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway at The Point this winter.  This sand will be used to increase the elevation of The Point and expedite the improvement of this area.  


On a related note, the Town recently completed the reconstruction of the Channel Drive public access walkway.  The Town continues to be pleased with the continued improvement at The Point.

One-Stop Voting Begins October 16

The Carteret County Board of Elections offers "One-Stop Voting" to enable registered voters to vote early if they will be away on Election Day or to avoid crowds on Election Day.    Emerald Isle registered voters can vote at the Western Carteret Community Center at Western Park in Cedar Point.  One-Stop Voting will be offered Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm from October 16 to October 31.  One-Stop Voting will also be offered on Saturday, November 1 from 8 am to 1 pm.   Please make sure you vote in the Federal, State, and County elections this year! 

FOR SALE - Existing EMS Station Building - 218 Cedar Street

The Town is currently offering the old EMS station property for sale.  The sale price is $450,000, and the Town will consider all offers.  A detailed property listing, including photos, is available for viewing at http://www.emeraldisle-nc.org/forsale.htm .    For more information, please contact Town Manager Frank Rush at 252-354-3424 or frush@emeraldisle-nc.org.


Frank A. Rush, Jr. Town Manager Town of Emerald Isle 7500 Emerald Drive Emerald Isle, NC 28594 252-354-3424 frush@emeraldisle-nc.org

Frank A. Rush, Jr.
Town Manager
Posted by Frank Rush Wednesday, October 1, 2008 8:14:00 AM