Emerald Tidings

October 2007

  1. Construction Contract Awarded for New EMS Station
  2. NC EMC Recognizes Emerald Isle's Strong Local Storm Water Management Program
  3. Oceanfront Erosion Results in Closure of Vehicle Ramp and Pedestrian Access at The Point
  4. 50th Birthday Celebration Photos Online!
  5. Please Don't Mix Regular Trash With Recyclables!

Emerald Tidings, composed monthly by Town Manager Frank Rush, is the official newsletter of the Town of Emerald Isle.


Construction Contract Awarded for New EMS Station

Construction will soon begin on the construction of a new EMS Station in Emerald Isle!  The Board of Commissioners, at its regular meeting held on September 11, awarded a $774,444 construction contract to Bluewater Builders, an Emerald Isle construction company.  Bluewater Builders offered the Town the best contract price, and won the contract over 4 other construction companies that submitted a bid for the project.

Work on the new, 4,878 sq. ft. facility will begin in October.  The site of the new station, on NC 58 at the corner of Live Oak Street, has already been cleared.  The new facility includes 3 EMS vehicle bays, office space, bunk space, a training room, and other space.  The new EMS station was designed by EDA-Morehead, a Morehead City architectural / engineering firm, and includes an attractive, coastal exterior and a cost-efficient design.   The new EMS Station will replace the existing EMS Station on Cedar Street, which is a converted beach house.  Emerald Isle EMS, Inc. has outgrown the facility over the years, and the new station will provide a first class facility for our dedicated EMS volunteers and employees.  The new EMS Station will serve our community well for many years to come, and will help us to maintain and improve the high quality emergency medical care that currently exists in Emerald Isle.   The new EMS Station is being funded by a combination of EI EMS reserve funds, Town funds, an installment financing agreement, and ultimately the proceeds from the future sale of the existing EMS Station.  Construction is expected to be complete in Summer 2008.   

NC Environmental Management Commission Recognizes Emerald Isle's Strong Local Storm Water Management Program; Does Not Designate Town for "Phase II" Storm Water Requirements

The Town of Emerald Isle is fortunate to have maintained generally outstanding water quality in the ocean and sound over the years, despite being approximately 85% -90% developed.  The preservation of the surrounding water quality is the result of  several important efforts, including low-density development policies and ordinances, natural area preservation ordinances, and a comprehensive storm water management program that includes both a stringent local storm water ordinance and proactive capital projects designed to effectively manage storm water in our community.    As a result of legislation approved by the NC General Assembly in 2006, Emerald Isle was identified as a potential candidate for the Federal "Phase II" Storm Water Program.  The NC Environmental Management Commission (EMC) is the State entity charged with designating local communities for the Phase II program, and the EMC considered designating Emerald Isle for the program over the past several months and at its meeting on September 13.  The Town did not object to the substance nor the goals of the Phase II storm water program, as the effective management of storm water and preservation of our surrounding water quality is a high priority for the Town.  Rather, the Town objected to the Federal permitting and other bureaucratic requirements associated with the Phase II program, and requested that the EMC refrain from designating Emerald Isle as a Phase II community.   The Town was successful in documenting the generally outstanding water quality surrounding Emerald Isle and educating the EMC about our comprehensive local storm water program.  The EMC applauded the Town's previous and ongoing efforts to effectively manage storm water runoff in our community, and ultimately determined that Emerald Isle did not meet the criteria for designation in the Federal Phase II program.  The Town pledged to continue its efforts in the future, and also pledged to work toward improving water quality in Archer's Creek, in which a small area is closed to shellfishing (but there is no documented evidence that the Town's storm water runoff is the cause of this closure).    The Town is pleased with the EMC's decision.  The Town would rather invest its limited financial and staff resources in addressing our remaining storm water issues rather than the burden associated with the Federal permitting required by the Phase II program.  The Town remains committed to the effective management of storm water runoff, and is currently hard at work on new initiatives, including the next phase of construction for the highly-regarded Coast Guard Road Storm Water Project.  The Town hopes to complete the construction of two new storm water pumps in Spinnakers Reach for discharge in Emerald Isle Woods Park by mid-2008.

Oceanfront Erosion Results in Closure of Vehicle Ramp and Pedestrian Access at The Point

Town Continues to Monitor Erosion Closely; Expects Natural Recovery

Unfortunately, the Town has been forced to close the vehicle ramp and pedestrian access located at the end of Inlet Drive at The Point.  Although The Point continues its significant accretion to the west, the oceanfront in this area has receded back to the vehicle ramp and pedestrian access due to the continued adjustment and closure of the "old" channel in the oceanfront area near The Point.    As some may recall, the Town experienced localized oceanfront erosion to the east of The Point in the vicinity of Channel Drive earlier this summer.  The Channel Drive area continues to improve with accretion, however, the same erosive forces are migrating to the west and are the cause of the current erosion problem near the vehicle ramp and pedestrian access.  This erosion has resulted in the placement of sandbags in front of two oceanfront homes and the recession of the oceanfront shoreline at The Point itself.   The Town continues to monitor this situation closely, and relies on aerial photography, comprehensive bathymetric (underwater topography) surveys, and input from the experts on inlet dynamics to understand the changes occurring in this area.  Despite the current erosion, the Town's data suggest that the long-term prognosis for this area is still very good, with additional accretion expected after the oceanfront shoreline and bathymetry in this area complete their adjustment as a result of the relocation of the main channel in Bogue Inlet.    The vehicle ramp and pedestrian access at The Point will be closed indefinitely, but will be reopened as soon as possible after the current erosion situation is resolved.  Despite this concern, The Point continues to accrete to the west, with approximately 1,000 feet of accretion thus far.  Additionally, the 4.5 miles of oceanfront beach that were nourished as part of this project remain in good condition, and the new Bogue Inlet channel continues to maintain a stable location in the center of Bogue Inlet and maintains good depths for navigation.

50th Birthday Celebration Photos Online!

Only Limited Supplies of 50th Birthday Coffee Table Book Remain!

The Town's 50th Birthday Celebration was held on Saturday, September 22 in the vast NC 58 right of way in front of Emerald Plantation Shopping Center.  Despite some brief rain showers and a near-constant threat of rain, a great crowd enjoyed a day of great music and fun in honor of the Town's 50 years of incorporation.    Each of the 6 musical acts put on a great show, and the Town looks forward to possibly bringing some of the acts back to Emerald Isle in the future!  The special day also included a Classic Car Show, Beach Volleyball Tournament, and Fireworks display, and all were very well-received.  The Town once again thanks its terrific sponsors for their support, without which the celebration would not have been possible!   The Town has posted a wide assortment of photos from the 50th Birthday event on our website at www.emeraldisle-nc.org/50thgrandeventphotos.htm .  Special thanks to our photographers - Cathy Martin, Kevin Geraghty, and Kathy Campen.  Cathy Martin and Kevin were two of the winners from Emerald Isle's recent photography contest, and Kathy Campen is a professional photographer based in Emerald Isle on Reed Drive.   After several unfortunate delays in production, the Town finally took receipt of the 50th Birthday coffee table book, "Celebrating 50 Years of Emerald Isle - 1957 Incorporation to 2007 Celebration", on September 22.  Pre-ordered books were shipped out during the week of September 24 - 28, and the Town sincerely apologizes for the delay.  There are now only very limited quantities of the book available from the Town, and the remaining books are available for order at www.emeraldisle-nc.org/50thmemorabilia.htm or by calling 252-354-6350. 

Please Don't Mix Regular Trash with Recyclables!

The Town occasionally receives concerns that the Town's solid waste contractor, Simmons & Simmons, is collecting recyclables and simply mixing them with the regular trash collected throughout the Town.  Residents understandably get concerned that the Town may not actually be recycling the materials collected. 

This situation does occur on occasion, but it not something that the Town nor Simmons & Simmons want to see happen.  Unfortunately, there are sometimes instances when residents, property owners, and/or renters will mix regular trash in the recycling containers with the recyclables.  The recyclables can not be shipped to our recycling subcontractor if they include regular trash, and it therefore becomes necessary to collect the contents of the entire recycling container with the regular trash.

The Town and Simmons & Simmons urge everyone to make sure that recycling containers include recyclables ONLY!  Please do not deposit regular trash in the recycling bins.  If the recycling bins do contain regular trash, they will not be collected on Wednesday (recycling collection day) and will instead be collected with regular trash on Thursday or Friday.

The Town collects the following recyclables, which should be contained in designated recycling containers for collection each Wednesday:

* glass - green, brown, and clear

* paper - newspapers, magazines, phone books, white

* cans - aluminum, steel, tin

* corrugated cardboard - please break it down

* plastic containers and bottles.

Thank you for your cooperation! 

Frank A. Rush, Jr.
Town Manager
Posted by Frank Rush Monday, October 1, 2007 11:27:00 AM