Emerald Tidings

November 2017

Always Working Hard for Emerald Isle!

The entire Town of Emerald Isle organization continued to work hard during FY 2016 - 2017 to keep Emerald Isle the great place that it is, and to make it even better in the future for our residents, property owners, businesses, and visitors!   

The Town strives to provide quality services to sustain a high quality of life and to maintain a small-town, family beach atmosphere in Emerald Isle.  Our services and community improvements are designed to make Emerald Isle an even better place for our residents to enjoy their lives, and are also strategically implemented to maintain and enhance Emerald Isle's desirability as a tourism destination, retirement location, and investment option.  Our challenge is to accomplish all of this in the most cost-effective manner, and we continue to place a high priority on the maintenance of the lowest possible tax rates and strategic grant funding opportunities.  We also strive to be a friendly, respectful, and inclusive community - Nice Matters!  The Town's leadership thoughtfully considers the input of all who live here, recreate here, make their livelihoods here, and invest here.  Emerald Isle is a special place to so many people, and it takes everyone's input and contributions to achieve the Town's goals!

Left to Right:  Commissioner Maripat Wright, Mayor Pro-Tem Floyd Messer, Mayor Eddie Barber, Commissioner Steve Finch, Commissioner Jim Normile, Commissioner Candace Dooley


The Mayor, Board of Commissioners, Planning Board members, advisory committees, Town Manager, Town staff, and many concerned citizens remain committed to the continued success of Emerald Isle.  We are proud of our collective accomplishments - for you - during the past year, and look forward to another productive year in FY 2017 - 2018!

Highlights of the past fiscal year (July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017) included the following:

Town's Efforts Preserve Public's Right to Use the Ocean Beach in North Carolina

The Town has worked diligently since 2011 to defend the public's right to use the beach in Emerald Isle, and all of North Carolina, and the Town's efforts paid off during the past year with the successful conclusion of the Nies v. Emerald Isle case.  This case threatened the public's historical use of the flat, sandy beach between the base of the dunes and the water, and could have resulted in significant negative consequences for everyone who enjoys the beach in North Carolina.

Fortunately, with the December 2016 refusal of the NC Supreme Court and the October 2017 refusal of the United States Supreme Court to further consider the Nies case, the November 2015 decision of the NC Court of Appeals in favor of the Town is now the definitive case law on the public's right to use the beach in North Carolina.  The Town worked hard with numerous partners on this critical issue over the past year (and past several years), and is pleased that the public's historical right to use the beach remains intact!

Town Preserves Last Large Tract of Land for Future Park Development

The Town worked hard, and secured commitments for more than $2.5 million of Federal and State grant funding toward the total $3 million land acquisition cost for the last large tract of undeveloped land available in Emerald Isle.  The nearly 30-acre Surfside Realty Tract is located directly north of the Town Government complex, and has been acquired in the interim by the Town's partner, The Conservation Fund of North Carolina.  The Conservation Fund will formally convey the land to the Town sometime in 2018 when grant funds are released. 

The Town intends to preserve 20 acres in its natural state, and will soon construct new nature trails for the public to enjoy.  Nearly 10 acres will be reserved for the future development of active recreation facilities, and the new park will ultimately be integrated with the existing Community Center and Blue Heron Park via a new pedestrian bridge over Archers Creek.  The Town is pleased to secure significant grant funds for this long-term investment in the environment and the youth of Emerald Isle.  The new park will be named McLean-Spell Park, in honor of two of the original developers of Emerald Isle.  Enjoy!    

Islander Drive Property Acquired, Cleaned-Up, and Positioned for Future Quality Development

With the assistance of Carteret County, who provided a $450,000 contribution, the Town acquired the abandoned go-kart track and bumper boat facility on Islander Drive for nearly $630,000 in June 2017.  This 1.8-acre tract had been abandoned and unsightly for more than a decade, and the Town immediately cleaned-up the site and restored it to a vacant tract of land.  The property will soon be marketed for sale, and the Board of Commissioners will ultimately select a quality developer and project for the site.  The Town's goal is to promote quality development in the Islander Drive area that is consistent with current zoning and the Town's family beach image and small-town atmosphere.  

Town Brings Back the Iconic Emerald Isle Beach Music Festival

After a 17-year hiatus, the Town brought back the Emerald Isle Beach Music Festival in late August 2016.  The festival was held on the beach strand at the Western Ocean Regional Access, and drew a crowd of approximately 9,000 people to Emerald Isle for a beautiful day filled with great beach music and lots of fun!  The festival was funded by contributions, sponsorships, and event fees.  The September 2017 festival drew a slightly larger crowd, and the Town looks forward to future annual beach music festivals on the beach!

New Storm Water Pump Station Resolves Storm Water Flooding in Osprey Ridge

The Town constructed a new storm water pump station to address chronic storm water flooding concerns in the Osprey Ridge subdivision in spring 2017, and the new pump station conveys storm water to the Town's environmentally-friendly system in Emerald Isle Woods Park.  The new pump station, along with eight other pump stations along the Coast Guard Road corridor, effectively removes storm water and ground water from various neighborhoods and conveys it to Emerald Isle Woods Park, where it is filtered through a series of upland areas, natural wetlands, and ponds before ultimately infiltrating into the ground or discharging to Bogue Sound.

New Bicycle Path Constructed on Bogue Inlet Drive

The Town completed a new ¼-mile segment of the popular bicycle path along Bogue Inlet Drive in May 2017, providing a safe bicycle and pedestrian link from the NC 58 bicycle path to Bogue Inlet Pier.  The project also included the realignment and resurfacing of Bogue Inlet Drive, along with new street lighting.  The pier is a popular destination, and the Town was pleased to add this new segment, which was partially funded by race proceeds generated by the annual Emerald Isle Marathon races and the fundraising efforts of the Town's Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

New Pedestrian Walkway Constructed to Enhance Safety at The Point Vehicle Ramp

Upon the recommendation of, and a 50% funding contribution from the Town's Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, the Town constructed a new pedestrian walkway over the dunes adjacent to the vehicle access ramp at The Point in September 2016.  The new walkway provides a safe separation for vehicles and pedestrians accessing The Point, and includes a seating area atop the dunes.  Check out the beautiful sunsets at The Point sometime!

Emerald Isle Continues to Enjoy Low Property Tax Rate

Reflecting the Board of Commissioners' top priority, the Town continues to maintain a very low property tax rate.  The General Fund tax rate (15.5 cents - 14 cents for general services and 1.5 cents for beach nourishment) has remained constant for the past several years, and continues to be the 2nd lowest property tax rate of the 21 oceanfront municipalities in North Carolina.  The Town's elected officials and staff continually strive to provide the highest quality services at the lowest possible cost to our customers, and seek to secure outside funding sources whenever possible. 

Town Maintains Solid Financial Position

The Town continues to maintain a solid financial position, and continues to operate with a fiscally conservative approach that is respectful of our property taxpayers.  The Town ended FY 16-17 with a total General Fund balance of nearly $2.2 million, which is consistent with historical levels, and was also able to retire outstanding debt earlier than required.  The Town also ended FY 16-17 with more than $2.5 million in reserve for future beach nourishment efforts (that will be supplemented with reserved room occupancy tax revenues held by Carteret County and hopefully future State funding).

Town Continues to Defend Against Harmful Sales Tax Changes

A new proposal approved by the NC Senate in 2017, but thankfully not considered by the NC House, would have negatively impacted the Town's sales tax revenues and potentially could have resulted in a Town property tax rate increase.  The Town continued to work with our State legislators and other local governments over the past year to oppose these harmful sales tax changes, and will remain vigilant on this issue in the future. 

Due to the seasonal nature of Emerald Isle's population (the Town's permanent population increases from nearly 4,000 to 40,000 during peak summer season), Emerald Isle would be harmed by any sales tax distribution formula changes that are weighted more toward permanent population estimates.  Essentially, the use of the permanent population estimates does not provide proper "credit" to Emerald Isle for the economic contributions of our seasonal residents and visitors, and also ignores the significant seasonal service demands that are funded by the Town's sales tax revenues.  

New Comprehensive Land Use Plan Adopted, Maintains Emphasis on Family Beach Image and Small-Town Atmosphere

After more than a year of hard work by a citizen committee, a tremendous amount of public input, and thoughtful review, the Board of Commissioners adopted the Town's new Comprehensive Land Use Plan in February 2017.  The new plan, which represents an update to the Town's 2004 plan, places the highest priority on the Town's family beach image and small-town atmosphere, and strategically targets limited areas of Emerald Isle for future quality development. 

Emerald Isle includes more than 3,200 acres of land area, with the vast majority of Emerald Isle already developed or reserved for residential use.  Less than 200 acres (approximately 6% of the total land area) is available for commercial and mixed-use development, and much of this land area is already developed.  In line with community input and priorities, the Comprehensive Land Use Plan and the Town's development regulations limit building heights to 40-feet (up to 50-feet is permitted with special approval), include significant storm water management requirements, and include requirements for natural area preservation and landscaping.  The plan also prioritizes beach nourishment, water quality, and recreational amenities.  After all, the main reason we're all here is to enjoy this beautiful natural environment!

Quality Development Projects Completed

There were several new development projects completed over the past year+ in Emerald Isle, and each of the projects has contributed to a stronger Town economy and improved community aesthetics. 

The new Transportation Impact building, which also houses the new Caribsea restaurant, is located on Crew Drive, and includes an attractive design.  The landmark Bogue Inlet Pier completed a total reconstruction of the pier house and made other improvements to the pier structure, along with the opening of the Surf's Up oceanfront restaurant.  Another Emerald Isle landmark, The Islander, completed a renovation of its older building and added 20 new units, resulting in an even nicer oceanfront complex.  The Emerald Isle Post Office completed a significant exterior renovation, and now includes an attractive coastal look.  Many other Emerald Isle businesses completed smaller renovation and interior improvement projects.

The Town appreciates these significant efforts by our local businesses, and was pleased to help support these improvements. 


New Publix Grocery Store Approved, Significant Road Improvements Included

After grocery stores considered 3 different locations on NC 58 in Emerald Isle in recent years (all within approximately ½ mile of each other), the developer moved forward with a location near the corner of Mallard Drive and NC 58.  The Town approved construction plans for a new Publix grocery store in November 2016, and construction has been underway for much of the past year.  The new grocery store plans to open in spring 2018.

As part of the project, the developer is making significant road improvements to Crew Drive and Mallard Drive, with slightly wider streets, new asphalt, new curb and gutter and storm water management features, new sidewalks, and landscaping.  These streets will remain public streets.  The developer is also financing the construction of a new roundabout at the NC 58 / Mallard Drive intersection.  The new roundabout was selected by the Town instead of a new traffic signal for this location, and will serve as a pilot project to enable the Town to gauge the effectiveness of roundabouts.  NCDOT has recommended new roundabouts at the Town's 4 signalized intersections in the future, and if the pilot project is successful, the Town will likely consent to the other recommended roundabouts.  If the pilot project is not successful, the Town will pursue other solutions to achieve incremental improvements in traffic flow in Emerald Isle.  The new roundabout will enable traffic to flow continuously in this area, and also includes safer pedestrian crossing features.

NCDOT Includes NC 58 / Bogue Inlet Drive Intersection Improvements in State Transportation Plan

The new State transportation plan released this year includes planned intersection improvements at the NC 58 / Bogue Inlet Drive intersection, and this project will include either a mini-roundabout, signal improvements, and/or turn lane improvements, pending additional review by the Town and NCDOT in the coming years.  The project will also include new curb and gutter in the "downtown" area of Emerald Isle, along with other aesthetic improvements.  The project has been included in the State plan, but is not likely to be constructed for at least a few years.

NCDOT previously recommended the installation of roundabouts at the Town's 4 signalized intersections (Coast Guard Road, Emerald Plantation Shopping Center, Mangrove Drive, and Bogue Inlet Drive), and the Town has expressed its willingness to consider roundabouts at these locations - along with other alternative intersection improvements (signal improvements and/or turn lane improvements).  Upon completion of the pilot project roundabout associated with the new Publix, the Town and NCDOT will evaluate its effectiveness and determine specific improvements for the other intersections in the coming years.

It is important to note that the Town, based on significant public input over the years, formally opposes the widening of NC 58 and the Emerald Isle bridge to 4 or 5 lanes.  Thus, any future traffic flow improvements will consist of smaller, incremental improvements designed to enable traffic to flow more efficiently and safely along NC 58 in Emerald Isle.  Roundabouts, traffic signal improvements, and/or turn lane improvements are essentially the only other options that can be implemented, and NCDOT has recommended the roundabouts due to the fact that they allow traffic to flow continuously and because of their safety record.  The Town and NCDOT will be carefully considering all of these options in the coming years.

New Text Message Alert System Implemented

As part of the Town's continuing efforts to keep our residents and property owners well-informed, the Town implemented a new text message alert system in summer 2017.  The text message alerts are particularly helpful for emergency and public safety issues, and you can sign up simply by texting keyword EMERALD to 797979 or by visiting the Town's website at www.emeraldisle-nc.org .

Emerald Isle EMS To Become Part of Town Government

The Town announced plans in April 2017 to transition Emerald Isle EMS, Inc. into a department of the Town government in early 2018, and Town officials continue work on this transition.  The separate, non-profit Emerald Isle EMS, Inc. has been contracted by the Town to provide emergency medical services since 2001, includes a fully-paid staff supplemented by volunteers, responds from a Town-owned EMS station, and operates with an annual budget of nearly $600,000.  EMS is funded primarily by Town tax revenues ($390,000) and service fees ($180,000).  The Town is fortunate to be served by a dedicated group of employees and volunteers, and looks forward to continued high quality service in the future!

Significant Grant Funding Aids Emerald Isle Fire Department

The Emerald Isle Fire Department was awarded two significant Federal grants during the past year.  EIFD utilized more than $145,000 of Federal grant funds for the purchase of new self-contained breathing apparatus, and has also been awarded more than $300,000 to fund the salaries and benefits of 3 new firefighters for the next three years.  These additional grant funds will improve fire response efforts and enhance firefighter safety.  The Town is fortunate to be served by a professional and dedicated group of fire personnel!

New Police Department Leadership Appointed

Tony Reese, who previously served as the Town's Assistant Police Chief, was named as the Town's new Police Chief in January 2017 following the retirement of Chief Jeff Waters in October 2016.  Chief Reese continues to place a high priority on community relationships and public outreach, and Emerald Isle is fortunate to enjoy a relatively low crime rate.  Chief Reese promoted Bill Bailey, a long-serving veteran of the EIPD, to Assistant Police Chief, and together they manage a committed and quality group of law enforcement officers in the EIPD!

Police Department Programs Creating Positive Results

The EIPD continued its excellent programs during the past year, and these programs are paying off in the form of reduced crime, positive community relationships, and a greater sense of community.  The popular Police Educating the Public (PED), Coffee with a Cop, Neighborhood Watch, Golf With a Cop, Ice Cream Ticket, R U OK?, and the new Internet Exchange Lot all continue to make a positive difference in our community. 

Deck Safety Program Expanded

Town staff continued to support the Emerald Isle vacation rental agencies as needed for the deck inspection program implemented in 2015, and worked with Emerald Isle condominium complexes to implement a similar program for condominiums over the past year.  The Town continues to promote deck safety, and encourages all Emerald Isle property owners to regularly inspect deck supports, railings, deck boards, and fasteners to make sure they are withstanding the corrosive forces present in our area.

Coyote Trapping Program Established

The Emerald Isle Police Department worked with the NC Wildlife Resources Commission and licensed coyote trappers between December 2016 and February 2017 to remove 14 coyotes from Emerald Isle.  Coyotes were trapped on participating private properties and on select Town-owned properties.  The Town, along with many other communities in our area and all across North Carolina, continues to receive concerns about coyotes, and will conduct an additional coyote trapping program between December 2017 and February 2018.

Planning for the Next Beach Nourishment Project

Overall, the ocean beach remains in reasonably good condition, however, normal beach erosion and the migration of the dunes seaward (which is a good thing!) have narrowed the flat beach in some areas.  In an effort to be proactive, and also recognizing the long lead time, the Town has been working and continues to work toward a significant beach nourishment project in the next 1 - 2 years.   

Recognizing that the beach is the Town's most important asset, the Town remains committed to beach nourishment in the future and continues to invest significant resources in this program.  Carteret County is expected to receive a long-term permit for future beach nourishment activities in Emerald Isle in 2018, and both the Town and the County have been reserving funds for future beach nourishment activities for the past several years.  The Town will also be seeking State funding for future nourishment via the State's new Coastal Storm Damage Mitigation Fund created by the NC General Assembly in 2017.  Overall, the Town is positioned well for future beach nourishment, with an overall goal to complete these projects as infrequently as possible, but to always be ready to nourish the beach when needed, where needed, and as needed in the future.


The Point Remains Stable

The Town also continues to closely monitor the condition of The Point.  It has now been more than 12 years since the Town relocated the main ebb channel in Bogue Inlet away from homes on Bogue Court and Inlet Court.  Prior to 2005, the channel threatened the entire neighborhood at The Point, and the Town relocated the main channel approximately 3,300 feet west, while also using the dredged sand for oceanfront beach nourishment. 

The sand spit at The Point remains stable, and continues to be a prime spot for sunbathers, walkers, and fishermen.  The main ebb channel is now approximately 1,300 feet west of Emerald Isle, and the Town is in early planning stages for another relocation of the main channel.  The Town expects to move the main channel back to the center of the inlet complex sometime in the next 3 - 5 years, again in conjunction with oceanfront nourishment.

Town Continues to Lead Efforts to Maintain Safe and Reliable Navigation Channel in Bogue Inlet

The Town worked closely with the US Army Corps of Engineers and the US Coast Guard in April, May, and June to coordinate necessary navigation maintenance dredging and navigation aid adjustments to maintain a safe and reliable navigation channel in Bogue Inlet this past summer.  These efforts were funded by previous State-local funding partnerships, without which it would have been impossible to maintain the channel.

The Town again led a new effort during summer 2017 to secure additional State and local funding for navigation dredging in Bogue Inlet.  The new partnership between the State, Onslow local governments, and Carteret local governments yielded a total of $300,000 for future navigation dredging in Bogue Inlet.  These funds are expected to be sufficient to cover dredging activities during FY 17-18 only, and additional strategies will be explored for future dredging needs. 

Special Events Continue To Be Successful

The Town continues to improve our established special events, in a deliberate effort to create a greater sense of community and also to attract new and repeat visitors to Emerald Isle during the spring and fall seasons. 

The Town, in partnership with Bogue Inlet Pier, continued its July 4 fireworks tradition over the ocean with a beautiful celebration of our nation's independence.  The Emerald Isle Beach Music Festival returned in August 2016, and future beach music festivals are targeted for September in future years.  The 11th annual Day4Kids was held in September 2016, and continues to offer great family fun, at no cost to the families who attend this great annual event.  The 13th annual Emerald Isle Christmas Parade was held in November 2016, and continues to be a big hit for our residents, second homeowners, and the surrounding area.

The Town's signature annual event, the St. Patrick's Festival, celebrated its 26th anniversary in March 2017, and continues to be a great kickoff to the warm weather season in Emerald Isle.  The annual Emerald Isle Marathon, Half-Marathon, and 5k races continue to be very popular, and the March 2017 (4th annual) races raised more than $50,000 for future bike and pedestrian improvements and autism support.  The 3rd annual Bike the Banks / Crystal Coast Lighthouse Challenge rides were held in May 2017, and continue to attract a mix of serious and recreational bicyclists to Emerald Isle.

The Town extends its deepest appreciation to all of the community volunteers, especially the Emerald Isle Business Association, for their help and support on these events!

Other Notable Items:

  • The Town produced a new promotional video to highlight everything that is special about Emerald Isle!  Check it out at www.emeraldisle-nc.org !
  • The Town replaced existing beach access walkways at Georgia Street, Hubert Street, and Sea Crest during FY 16-17.  The Town maintains more than 60 public beach access walkways, and our goal is to replace 3 aging beach access walkways each year.
  • A total of 1.4 miles of Town streets were resurfaced during FY 16-17.  The Town is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 46 miles of streets.
  • Town staff continued to assist our property owners in understanding FEMA's proposed new flood maps, which are generally very favorable for Emerald Isle and should result in reduced premiums for many property owners.  The new maps were originally expected to be effective sometime in 2017, however, appeals in other communities in Carteret County will likely delay the effective date of the new maps until 2019 or 2020. 
  • At the recommendation of the NC Wildlife Resources Commission, the Emerald Isle Police Department completed another controlled deer hunt in an effort to effectively manage the large deer population in Emerald Isle.  A total of 27 deer were eliminated, and more than 500 lbs. of deer meat was donated to the Hope Mission in Morehead City.  Due to the reduction in the deer population in recent years, the Town will not be conducting a controlled deer hunt in winter 2017-2018.
  • A new sidewalk was constructed along Mangrove Drive in front of the CVS store to promote pedestrian safety, and also to establish defined driveways into the CVS parking lot from Old Ferry Road.  The Town plans to extend the sidewalk further along Old Ferry Road this winter.  
  • The Town's golf cart program continues to be very popular, with more than 800 golf carts registered in the program, and allows the operation of traditional golf carts on all Town streets except NC 58 and Coast Guard Road.  Golf carts are also not permitted to operate on the NC 58 bicycle path, Coast Guard Road bicycle path, and Bogue Inlet Drive bicycle path.  The Town continues to explore ways to enhance golf cart accessibility in Emerald Isle, and will soon complete a pilot project in the Olde Cove subdivision to enable safe and legal golf cart access from that neighborhood to the beach.
  • Town staff constructed public kayak storage racks at Emerald Isle Woods Park and the Emerald Isle Public Boating Access Area.  The storage racks are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and there is no charge. 
  • A volunteer group secured donations and physically constructed a new disc golf course at Emerald Isle Woods Park.  The new course winds through the woods, and ends near the soundfront portion of the park.  Thank you for your efforts!
  • The Town continues to receive excellent service from Simmons & Simmons Management, the Town's solid waste contractor.  Simmons & Simmons collected more than 3,400 tons of residential trash and nearly 800 tons of recyclables in FY 16-17. 
  • The Parks and Recreation Department continues to offer high quality children's programs, including pre-school, afterschool, and summer day camps.
  • There were nearly 44,000 visits to the Emerald Isle Community Center during the fiscal year for various special events, gym activities, aerobics classes, weight room use, arts and crafts, and meetings.
  • The Parks and Recreation Department continues to work hard to maintain the NC 58 right-of-way all through Emerald Isle, as part of our efforts to maintain a park-like appearance between the bicycle path and the NC 58 travel lanes.
  • The Public Works Department installed several small-area storm water infiltration systems in areas experiencing nuisance flooding, and is also experimenting with new small-scale pump systems designed to remove standing water in chronic areas.  New small-scale pump systems were installed in Sea Crest and along Bogue Court, and more are planned in the future.  
  • The Public Works Department collected yard debris continuously all throughout the year, and serviced nearly 37,000 collection points that generated more than 1,000 loads of yard debris.  The Town's goal is to collect all yard debris within 1 week of placement at the street edge, if not sooner.
  • The Town permitted a total of 44 new residential units in Emerald Isle during FY 16-17, the most in more than a decade.  The Town continued its contract relationship with Carteret County for building inspections, and conducted more than 3,200 inspections during the fiscal year.  A total of 99% of all inspection requests are completed within 24 hours of the request or on the date requested. 
  • The Police Department was involved in nearly 13,700 calls for service during the entire fiscal year, with a significant increase in call volumes during the summer months.  Thanks to improved technology, the EIPD maintains an average response time of approximately 2 minutes. 
  • The Fire Department extinguished 24 structure fires in Emerald Isle during the entire fiscal year, with all but one resulting in only minor damage.
  • The Fire Department continues to manage the Town's free beach wheelchair program that enables handicapped individuals to borrow special wheelchairs to access the beach.  The Town was fortunate to have several new wheelchairs donated for public use during the past fiscal year by Emerald Isle residents, and the Town greatly appreciates their generosity!
  • The Town's lifeguards, managed by the Fire Department, continue to work hard to keep people safe on the beach strand.  The program was expanded in summer 2017, and now includes up to 2 fixed lifeguards and 4 roving lifeguards during the busiest times. 
  • Emerald Isle EMS, Inc., under contract to the Town, responded to nearly 950 emergency medical service calls during the fiscal year. 

Stay Informed!

The Town continually strives to make sure our residents, property owners, visitors, and businesses are well-informed about the Town's services, projects, and issues.  There are several ways to stay informed:  the Town maintains a comprehensive website ( www.emeraldisle-nc.org ), email distribution list (sign up in the top right corner of the website), text message alert system (sign up in the top corner of the website), publishes the monthly Emerald Tidings newsletter via the email distribution list and in the Island Review magazine, maintains the "Emerald Isle App" (download at Google Play and the App Store), and also publishes Facebook and Twitter updates.  We want you to know what's going on in Emerald Isle!

Town Employees Strive to Provide Highest Quality Services

The entire Town staff is committed to serving you in the best way possible, and our employees work hard to maintain and improve our beautiful town.  Although there is always room for improvement, the Town is fortunate to employ a quality staff of committed people.  The various Town departments continued to provide the high quality, responsive, and courteous daily services that our residents, businesses, and visitors deserve over the past year, and will continue to do so in the future.

Thank you for the privilege of serving you!  We sincerely hope we meet your expectations, and that our efforts enhance your enjoyment of Emerald Isle and your property value!

Posted by Rhonda Ferebee Thursday, November 2, 2017 1:44:00 PM