Emerald Tidings

August 2019

  1. Emerald Isle Property Tax Bills To Be Mailed in Mid-August
  2. Transportation Feedback Needed- NC FIRST Commission Survey
  3. It is time to… “Tip and Toss”
  4. Garbage and Recycling Container Roll-Out Reminder
  5. Beach Nourishment Update
  6. Emerald Isle Golf Cart 101
  7. Emerald Isle’s Day4Kids
  8. The inaugural Emerald Isle Fishing Tournament- Saturday, September 21, 2019!
  9. The Emerald Isle Beach Music Festival- Saturday, September 28, 2019!


Emerald Isle Property Tax Bills To Be Mailed in Mid-August 


Town staff are currently preparing 2019 property tax bills, and they will be mailed out by mid-August.  Under NC law, tax bills are due September 1, however, penalties and interest will not accrue until January 6, 2020.  For more information, please visit https://www.emeraldisle-nc.org/tax-information  and/or contact Gail Knapp, Tax Collector, at 252-354-3424 or gknapp@emeraldisle-nc.org


Transportation Feedback Needed- NC FIRST Commission Survey


The NC FIRST Commission was formed in April 2019 to offer recommendations to the 2021 General Assembly to modernize transportation revenues. Commissioners would like your feedback on which options it should consider or not consider.  Please take a few moments to follow this link and complete the state survey:  https://publicinput.com/ncfirst

It is time to… “Tip and Toss”


It’s “Tip and Toss” time again! If you are experiencing mosquitoes this time of year, it is a good possibility that they are being reproducing on your property (or very close by). Whenever possible, take preventative steps and use a mosquito repellant with DEET. If you are allergic to DEET, alternative products are available. Please follow label instructions for whatever product you use.

It only takes a bottle cap full of water to hatch mosquito eggs. So inspect your property often for litter, buckets, barrels, or flower pot trays that may hold water.  Turn your wheel barrow upside down and dump bird baths every 2-days. 

The life expectancy for a mosquito is two weeks. If you notice an increase in mosquitoes, walk your property and “Tip and Toss”.  You should see a difference in the population within a few days.

Retailers like ACE Hardware, Lowes Home Improvement and Home Depot sell a variety of products that you can apply on your property to help control mosquitoes.  Always read and follow the label instructions of any pesticide you use.

Garbage and Recycling Container Roll-Out Reminder


Just as a friendly reminder in an effort to keep our streets as clean as possible please see the following important guidelines regarding roll-out and placement of garbage and/or recyclable containers:

- Garbage and/or recyclable containers may be placed adjacent to the street no earlier than 12:00 pm (Noon) the day before collection is scheduled and must be returned to an acceptable location by 9:00 am on the day after collection.

- At all other times other than scheduled collection times, garbage and/or recyclable containers must be stored on the premises at a location thirty (30) feet from the public right-of-way or behind the front or side wall of the structure. 

Below is a helpful schedule of our garbage and recyclable collection schedule as well:

  • Mondays:  first ocean-side trash collection
  • Tuesdays:  first sound-side trash collection
  • Wednesdays:  entire Town recycling collection
  • Thursdays:  second sound-side trash collection
  • Fridays:  second ocean-side trash collection.

Ocean-side includes all locations on the south side of NC 58 and Coast Guard Road, and The Point area.  Sound-side includes all locations on the north side of NC 58 and Coast Guard Road.

Beach Nourishment Update


The Town of Emerald Isle is pleased to report dredging and pumping activities associated with Phase I of the Post-Florence Beach Nourishment Project was completed in late April 2019.  Dune plantings stage should be finished by the end of August 2019.  Phase I included 5.2 linear miles of beach, including Indian Beach/Salter Path and Eastern Emerald Isle.  Locally, the first 3.1 miles of oceanfront extending from the Emerald Isle town boundary with Indian beach through the numbered streets, ending just west of the “dog-leg’ 4-wheel drive access ramp.

In cooperation with the Carteret County Shore Protection Office and fellow Bogue Banks municipalities, permitting and funding were in place to execute a large-scale project that placed 975,647 cubic yards (cy) of sand along the beach in time for the 2019 summer and hurricane seasons.  The nourishment project primarily replaced dunes that Florence removed. It also provided additional recreational (flat) beach. 

Dunes are an important feature in the oceanfront landscape for protective, ecosystem, and aesthetic reasons. In order to enhance these functions, a dune planting effort was included in the $21 million dredging/nourishment contract. A total of 100,000 plants were established, including sea oats and bitter panicum (both native plants to this area).  Dune plantings are fragile, especially during their early growth stage.  Please help protect the dunes by keeping foot traffic off the new plantings.    

In terms of the cost, the Carteret County occupancy tax reserve contributed $12 million, $5 million in state funding, and $4 million was provided by the local beach municipalities. Emerald Isle’s investment equated to $2.6 million.  We are awaiting a decision from FEMA, related to reimbursement of the project.

Phase II of the post-Florence nourishment effort is intended to replace 1.8 million cubic yards of sand along Atlantic Beach (west), Pine Knoll Shores, and a small area of Salter Path.  Locally, the western end of Emerald Isle will see sand placement, extending east of the Western Regional Access to the Point.  Bids for this segment of word are scheduled for release prior to September 1, 2019. The construction window is November 15, 2019 to April 30, 2020.







Emerald Isle Golf Cart 101

As part of an ongoing effort to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment on Emerald Isle, the police department would like to remind everyone of the importance of following the rules and regulations when operating a golf cart.  Following are important reminders:

  1. Parking regulations and restrictions apply to golf carts just like a motor vehicle.  You can park your golf cart anywhere you can legally park a motor vehicle; however, if there are designated golf cart parking spaces and they are full, then you will be in violation if you park outside that designated area and there are “NO PARKING” signs posted.
  2. Seat belt use is mandatory in a golf cart, just like an automobile.  Additionally, children that are required to be in a car seat in a car, are required to be in a car seat on a golf cart.  This is a STATE violation that can result in you having to go to court and pay significant fines and court costs.
  3. Golf carts are not permitted on Coast Guard Road.  Coast Guard Road includes all portions of the roadway that begins at Crew Drive and extends to Inlet Drive.
  4. Golf carts are not permitted on the bicycle/pedestrian path or sidewalks.  There are no exceptions; these paths are designed for non-motorized traffic only.
  5. Golf cart registration runs from January 1 - December 31 and must be renewed annually in January.
  6. Open containers of alcohol are not permitted on a golf cart, including the driver and/or any passengers.  You can be charged with DWI on a golf cart, just like an automobile.

IMPORTANT NOTE- Please explain the rules and regulations to anyone you allow to use your golf cart.  Violations received on a golf cart apply to the permit holder, and can impact your privilege to register the cart.  Three violations in a three year period can result in your privilege being revoked for a year. 

Our goal is for the public to know, understand and follow the rules and regulations regarding the operation of golf carts in Emerald Isle.  Voluntary compliance is always the best way to achieve public safety and avoid accidents.  We hope that this information will aid you in following the “rules of the road” when it comes to operating a golf cart in Emerald Isle.  If you have any questions about a rule or regulation, please don’t hesitate to contact the police department at 252-354-2021.

Emerald Isle’s Day4Kids


Celebrate our children by spending meaningful time with them.  Day4Kids is a free event held Saturday, September 14, 2019 from 10am to 2pm at Emerald Isle Parks and Recreation Center, 203 Leisure Lane.  Adults and children of all ages will assemble for a fun-filled day of vendors, activities, games, face painting and more! The event is rain or shine.  Call 252.354.6350 or email Whitney Smith at wsmith@emeraldisle-nc.org for further details. 

The inaugural Emerald Isle Fishing Tournament- Saturday, September 21, 2019!


Plan to attend the inaugural Emerald Isle Fall Fishing Tournament, scheduled for Saturday, September 21, 2019.  The Emerald Isle Fall Fishing Tournament will be held at the NC Wildlife Public Boat Ramp in Emerald Isle and includes three separate divisions: King and Spanish Mackerel, Surf and Kayak. There will also be contests for the kids, a silent auction, and other activities. The event will be fun for the whole family! 

Watch the intro video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukfDkdNi4_w

Please visit the official tournament website for all additional details. https://emeraldislefishingtournament.com/

Follow the Tournament on Facebook for opportunities to win prizes leading up to the big day! https://www.facebook.com/EIFishing/

The Emerald Isle Beach Music Festival- Saturday, September 28, 2019!

The Town is excited for the return of the 4th annual Emerald Isle Beach Music Festival on September 28.  We have booked another great lineup for this year's event on the beach strand at the Western Ocean Regional Access.  Performers include the Band of Oz, Too Much Sylvia, Chairmen of the Board, the Embers, and the Tams.  Come on out and enjoy a beautiful weekend in Emerald Isle! 

Parking will be permitted along the grassy NC 58 right of way. Only handicapped parking will be available at the Western Ocean Regional Access.

Don’t miss out as sponsorship opportunities are available for the 2019 Emerald Isle Beach Music Festival.  Please contact Alesia Sanderson, Parks and Recreation Director, at asanderson@emeraldisle-nc.org or 252-354-6350 if you are interested in sponsoring the event or have additional questions.  

Posted by Rhonda Ferebee Wednesday, August 7, 2019 2:22:00 PM