Emerald Tidings

January 2019

  1. Eastern Emerald Isle Beach Nourishment Project
  2. 28th Annual Emerald Isle St. Patrick's Festival


It is my pleasure to offer this update on major activities of the Town of Emerald Isle as we close out calendar year 2018 and venture into the New Year.  Overall, I am pleased to report that Town government came through the holiday season without any shortcomings from my perspective.  Services have basically returned to more normal schedules than what was experienced in the period since Hurricane Florence came calling.  Although there remains much to do in terms of ongoing recovery efforts, the town staff has continued to perform admirably and citizen feedback also continues to be quite positive.

These things said, the New Year brings the opportunity for Town officials to identify potential options to enhance on the delivery of the highest caliber public services possible to Emerald Isle’s diverse constituent groups and I, as interim Town Manager, intend to make this my mission and resolve during my remaining tenure.  

I am very optimistic on Emerald Isle and its future.  I am likewise confidant that our entire municipal team, from our elected leadership to the exceptional staff and reliable group of dedicated volunteers, share this optimism.  This shared vision will translate to a high probability of success if we remain vigilant in our collective resolve to get the job done.  To this end, the Town leadership is preparing for its annual budget planning exercise to establish priorities for the coming fiscal year and beyond.  Town leaders desire and encourage citizens and other stakeholders to follow the budgetary process and get involved by sharing your input.  The first such opportunity will come with a public hearing before the Town Board of Commissioners on February 12, 2019 for early public comment on spending priorities for the next funding cycle.  Other opportunities and additional information on the budget process will follow in the weeks and months ahead until the process culminates with an adopted fiscal plan by June, 2019. 

It will be my responsibility, with input from the Town Board of Commissioners, to prepare the proposed operating and capital spending plan for the ensuing fiscal year which begins on July 1, 2019.  When the Board appoints a full-time Town Manager hopefully in April, I will as needed assist in the transition and pass the remainder of the budget completion responsibility to my successor.  Having gone through a similar transition previously, I do not anticipate any issues and am confident the process will go smoothly especially considering the experienced town staff that will be here to assist.

The following are updates on specific ongoing projects and activities Emerald Isle is currently pursuing:

Eastern Emerald Isle Beach Nourishment Project

As previously reported, Emerald Isle is fortunate that a beach sand replenishment project for the eastern portions of the Town’s beach front was already in process when the hurricane impacted the area.  Although the timetable had to be altered, the Town was able to work collaboratively with its partners in Indian Beach and Carteret County to modify the project scope to include the significant impacts resulting from the hurricane.  I am pleased to report that the approximate $20 million project is progressing and is scheduled for completion by April 30, 2019.  Final details are scheduled for completion in January with contractor mobilization and construction to follow. .  Please visit the following website published by the Carteret County Shore Protection Office to follow the progress of the project - http://www.carteretcountync.gov/788/Florence-Replenishment-Project-2019 .  


I DO WANT TO EMPHASIZE THAT EMERALD ISLE AND ITS BEAUTIFUL BEACHES WILL BE FULLY OPEN FOR BUSINESS IN SPRING, 2019!  Although properties in the immediate vicinity of the beach project activities may see some inconveniences, the beach replenishment project will not adversely impact the public’s ability to access and use the beach.  This is not the first such project undertaken by the Town and everyone involved will do everything possible to maintain public health, safety and welfare during the process.  In the vicinity of the project, the Town will be separately pursuing restoring access facilities in coordination with the sand replenishment activities with a goal to have these efforts complete in a similar timeframe.

 28th Annual Emerald Isle St. Patrick's Festival

The 28th Annual Emerald Isle St. Patrick’s Festival proudly presented by Transportation Impact takes place on Saturday, March 16 from 9am-6pm at the Emerald Plantation shopping center. Admission to the festival and parking is free. This year’s festival will feature over 75 arts and crafts vendors, food vendors, amusement rides, face painters, and many other fun, family-oriented activities. Questions regarding the festival should be directed to Emerald Isle Parks and Recreation at 252-354-6350.

Thank you in advance for your support and feedback.  It is appreciated!

Randy Martin, Interim Town Manager

Posted by Rhonda Ferebee Monday, January 7, 2019 11:16:00 AM