Emerald Tidings

March 2018

  1. NC 58 Roundabout Set To Open For Traffic - It's Safe and Easy to Use!
  2. Town Street Resurfacing Under Way
  3. Jones Selected as Town's First EMS Chief
  4. Islander Drive Land Proposals To Be Considered
  5. Beach Access Walkways Under Construction
  6. Board of Commissioners Re-Affirms Opposition to Offshore Oil and Gas
  7. Don't Be a Victim! EIPD Reminds Everyone to Lock Your Car Doors, Remove Keys and Valuables
  8. Beach Parking Permits Available Now
  9. Beach Equipment Exception Stickers Available Now
  10. Eagle Scouts Begin Work on Trails at McLean-Spell Park
  11. Original 1920s Era Master Plan for Emerald Isle On Display
  12. Carteret Craven Electric Cooperative Improving Electric Service Reliability on Coast Guard Road
  13. Additional Golf Cart Safety Classes Scheduled
  14. Did You Know?


NC 58 Roundabout Set To Open For Traffic - It's Safe and Easy to Use!

The new NC 58 roundabout at the Mallard Drive intersection is scheduled to open for traffic on the evening of March 1.  The new roundabout was constructed by the developer of the new Publix grocery store in lieu of a proposed new traffic signal, and also serves as a "pilot project" for Emerald Isle to evaluate the potential for future roundabouts recommended by NCDOT.  

Roundabouts are increasingly more common all over the United States, and there are now nearly 300 roundabouts in use in North Carolina.  Despite understandable initial fears, roundabouts are safe and easy to use!  The key things to keep in mind are:  1) just like any other street intersection, drivers need to be aware and exercise good judgment when moving through the roundabout,  2) always YIELD to the vehicle already in the roundabout, and  3) as you approach the roundabout, simply move into the correct lane for your desired turn (just like you do at the four signalized intersections in Emerald Isle).  

The new roundabout includes safer pedestrian crossings across NC 58 and Mallard Drive, with a "safe" island halfway through the crossings.  The new roundabout is also designed to accommodate tractor-trailers, boat trailers, and emergency vehicles, so these vehicles shouldn't have any trouble traveling through the roundabout. 

Drive safe!  

Town Street Resurfacing Under Way

With the opening of the new NC 58 roundabout, the Reed Drive and Crew Drive detour routes will be discontinued.  The Town has already resurfaced Crew Drive between Coast Guard Road and Mallard Drive, and will also be resurfacing portions of Reed Drive, Islander Drive, and the remainder of Mallard Drive in early March (after the roundabout opens).  This street resurfacing, combined with the construction of the new roundabout and Crew Drive improvements near Publix and Emerald Plantation, will result in a completely brand new street network in this heavily traveled area of Emerald Isle.  This street resurfacing is funded entirely by State "Powell Bill" funds, along with a contribution by the developer of the new Publix.  

Jones Selected as Town's First EMS Chief

The Town of Emerald Isle is pleased to welcome David Jones as the Town's first EMS Chief for the new Town EMS Department that will begin providing services on March 1.  David Jones was selected from a pool of 28 applicants for the position after a thorough and lengthy review process that included thoughtful input from the Carteret County EMS Medical Director, Town department heads, State EMS officials, other local EMS leaders, Emerald Isle EMS staff, and the Town Manager.

Chief Jones began work on February 26, and previously served as a Captain with the Town of Pine Knoll Shores Fire & EMS Department, where he oversaw emergency medical services for that department.  He has worked in fire & EMS in Carteret County since 2001, and his career also includes service in the Town of Morehead City Fire & EMS Department.  

"I am pleased to welcome David to the Town's management team, and believe he has the right combination of knowledge, experience, leadership, teamwork, and commitment to excellent customer service to lead the new Town EMS Department.  David understands emergency medical services and Town government, and his outlook and approach match the Town's commitment to continuous improvement and our goal to always go 'above and beyond' for our residents and visitors.  I am confident that he will embody the Town's 'Nice Matters' culture and be an effective leader of the new Town EMS Department", noted Town Manager Frank Rush.

Islander Drive Land Proposals To Be Considered

The Town recently solicited proposals for the purchase and redevelopment of the abandoned go-kart track property (1.8-acre Town-owned tract) on Islander Drive, and has received a total of 6 proposals from 3 interested parties.  Town staff and the Board of Commissioners are currently reviewing the proposals, and the Board will formally consider the proposals at a public meeting in the coming weeks.  

The Town will ultimately convey the 1.8-acre property to the private developer offering the best overall proposal, and will ensure that any new development is consistent with the Town's small-town atmosphere, family beach image, and the Town's current zoning regulations.  The Town looks forward to continued positive improvements in the Islander Drive area in the future. 

Beach Access Walkways Under Construction

The Town's contractor has completed the construction of a new beach access walkway at West Landing Drive, and is currently working on the Fairfax Road walkway.  Following completion of Fairfax Road, the walkways at Whitewater Drive and Beachview Drive will be reconstructed.  The Town hopes to have all walkway work completed no later than May 1.  

Board of Commissioners Re-Affirms Opposition to Offshore Oil and Gas

The Trump Administration recently unveiled a draft 2019-2024 offshore lease plan that includes the potential for future exploration, development, and production of oil and natural gas off the NC coast.  Noting that the risks outweigh the benefits, the Board of Commissioners recently re-affirmed its opposition to the inclusion of North Carolina in any future lease plans.  

The Board's February 2018 action follows similar Board actions in April 2015 and October 2015 in response to the draft 2017-2022 offshore lease plan.  Ultimately, North Carolina was removed from the final 2017-2022 offshore lease plan, and the Town remains hopeful that North Carolina will ultimately be removed from the final 2019-2024 offshore lease plan.

Don't Be a Victim!  EIPD Reminds Everyone to Lock Your Car Doors, Remove Keys and Valuables

Emerald Isle is a very safe community and is fortunate to enjoy a relatively low crime rate. Emerald Isle is also blessed with a very dedicated Neighborhood Watch program that provides invaluable assistance to the Town's team of quality Police Officers.  Unfortunately, however, Emerald Isle is not immune to criminal activity, and the most common crime in Emerald Isle is the larceny of small items from unlocked motor vehicles.  These crimes are easily prevented by simply locking your car doors, removing the keys from the vehicle, and removing valuable objects from the vehicle.  Please take these simple steps, and don't let yourself become a victim!  If you see or hear suspicious activity in your neighborhood, please call 911 immediately.  Timely reporting by neighbors often makes a huge difference in preventing and solving these crimes!

Beach Parking Permits Available Now 

The Town will begin charging for parking at the Eastern Ocean Regional Access and Western Ocean Regional Access on Saturday, April 14, and will continue charging on weekends and holidays through mid-September.  Emerald Isle taxpayers are eligible for two free parking permits, and these can be obtained at the Emerald Isle Community Center during normal business hours. Please make sure you secure your permit before you visit the regional access facilities. To learn more, and to apply online, please visit  https://www.emeraldisle-nc.org/application-for-regional-access-parking-permit . 

Beach Equipment Exception Stickers Available Now

The Town ordinances require all unattended beach equipment to be removed from the beach each night. Any unattended equipment left out between 8 pm and 8 am will be confiscated by Town staff.  Special exception permits are available for oceanfront property owners ONLY.  To secure your exception permit, please visit the Town Administration Building during normal business hours.  To learn more, please visit  https://www.emeraldisle-nc.org/unattended-beach-equipment-faqs .

Eagle Scouts Begin Work on Trails at McLean-Spell Park

Local Eagle Scouts will be improving existing nature trails and clearing new nature trails at McLean-Spell Park (the 30-acre tract behind the Town Government Complex) in March and April, and the Town hopes to open the new park for public use sometime in April or May.  Initially, the new park will be accessible via entrances on Maritime Forest Drive (between the Fire Station and EMS Station; parking is available at the Community Center) and at two locations along Sound Drive (pedestrian access only; no parking available).  The Town hopes to install a new pedestrian bridge over Archers Creek near the Community Center later this year, which would create a convenient access point from the Community Center and Blue Heron Park. 

Original 1920s Era Master Plan for Emerald Isle On Display

Thanks to the William B. McLean Trust and Paxon McLean Holz, the Town is currently displaying the original "master plan" for the development of Emerald Isle in the Town Board Meeting Room (adjacent to the Police Station).  The original "master plan" was prepared in the 1920s, long before Emerald Isle was purchased by a group of 7 investors in 1954.  Some features of the plan will look familiar, while others may not!  The public is invited to visit the Town Board Meeting Room at any time to view the plan. 

Carteret Craven Electric Cooperative Improving Electric Service Reliability on Coast Guard Road 

In an effort to improve the reliability of electric service during peak demand periods, Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative is replacing electric poles and adding new lines on Coast Guard Road between Ocean Oaks Drive and Lands End.  This work will also involve tree trimming and removal in this area, and all work will occur during March, April, and May.  Minor traffic delays may occur during this work.  For more information, please contact Will Pittman, Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative, at 252-247-3107 or willp@ccemc.com .  

Additional Golf Cart Safety Classes Scheduled

In an effort to make the new Golf Cart Safety class as accessible as possible to our absentee property owners, the Emerald Isle Police Department has scheduled several more golf cart safety classes this spring.  Additional dates are as follows (all classes held in the Town Board Meeting Room, adjacent to the Police Station):

  • Saturday, March 3, 2018 @ 10 am
  • Friday, March 16, 2018 @ 6 pm
  • Saturday, March 24, 2018 @ 10 am
  • Saturday, April 7, 2018 @ 10 am
  • Monday, April 16, 2018 @ 6 pm
  • Saturday, April 21, 2018 @ 10 am
  • Saturday, May 5, 2018 @ 10 am
  • Saturday, May 19, 2018 @ 10 am
  • Friday, May 25, 2018 @ 6 pm.

Golf cart owners who attend the class are eligible for a $25 discount on the annual golf cart registration fee (reducing the fee from $100 to $75).     

Did You Know?

The original group of 7 investors purchased all of Emerald Isle for $350,000 in 1954!  Not a bad investment, as the total value of the Town is now more than $2.7 billion!

Posted by Rhonda Ferebee Tuesday, February 27, 2018 5:18:00 PM