Emerald Tidings

September 2017

  1. Don't Miss the Emerald Isle Beach Music Festival! - Saturday, September 30
  2. Golf Cart Safety Classes, Registration Fee Changes, and Future Golf Cart Path Construction
  3. Town Continues Progress Toward Acquisition of 30-Acre Tract
  4. EI Fire Department Awarded Grant for Additional Personnel
  5. Join the Neighborhood Watch Program and EIPD for "Golf With a Cop" - Saturday, October 21
  6. Please Help Keep Emerald Isle's Beaches Clean!
  7. BB&T Announces Closing of Emerald Isle Branch
  8. New NC 58 Traffic Roundabout to Be Constructed This Winter
  9. Sign Up for New Emerald Isle Text Message Alerts - Text Keyword EMERALD to 797979 or Sign Up Online
  10. Emerald Isle Group Donates New Automatic External Defibrillators and Beach Wheelchairs
  11. Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day - Saturday, September 23 - 8 am - 1 pm
  12. Emerald Isle's Day4Kids - Saturday, September 16 - 10 am - 2 pm
  13. Did You Know?


Don't Miss the Emerald Isle Beach Music Festival! - Saturday, September 30

The Town of Emerald Isle, the Carteret County Tourism Development Authority, presenting sponsor Transportation Impact, and many other great EI sponsors hope to see you at the 2017 Emerald Isle Beach Music Festival on Saturday, September 30!  This year's free concert will again take place on the beach strand at the Western Ocean Regional Access from 11 am - 5:30 pm, and promises to be another great Emerald Isle event!

This year's lineup includes:

  • Sammy O'Banion (MC and performing),
  • The Fantastic Shakers,
  • Band of Oz,
  • Too Much Sylvia,
  • The Embers, and 
  • Ken Knox and Chairmen of the Board.

The 2016 event attracted an estimated crowd of 9,000 people, and we hope to duplicate and exceed that total on September 30!  For more information, please visit  https://www.emeraldisle-nc.org/beach-music-festival-2017-09-30 . 

Golf Cart Safety Classes, Registration Fee Changes, and Future Golf Cart Path Construction

In an effort to promote golf cart safety and to establish a reliable source of funding for future golf cart accessibility improvements, the Board of Commissioners recently endorsed several new golf cart program initiatives.  

The Emerald Isle Police Department will be offering several new golf cart safety classes later this year and in early 2018 to better educate golf cart operators about safe use and the Town's regulations.  The new golf cart safety classes are scheduled for a variety of days and times, and will be held in the Town Board Meeting Room:

  • Tuesday, September 19 @ 10 am, 
  • Monday, December 4 @ 6 pm,
  • Saturday, December 9 @10 am,
  • Saturday, January 13 @10 am,
  • Friday, January 19 @ 6 pm,
  • Friday, February 2 @ 6 pm, and
  • Saturday, February 3 @10 am. 

Attendance at one of these golf cart safety classes will entitle the attendee to a $25 discount on the annual golf cart registration fee for the following year.  This discount will essentially negate a recently approved $25 increase in the annual golf cart registration fee, from $75 annually to a new fee of $100 annually, effective for 2018 registrations.  Those who attend one of these golf cart safety classes will incur a $75 registration fee, while those who do not will be responsible for the new $100 fee. 

The Emerald Isle golf cart program continues to grow, with more than 800 golf carts now registered in the Town's program.  Due to the geography of Emerald Isle, certain areas of Emerald Isle are not accessible to golf carts, and the Town will be working to construct special golf cart paths to improve accessibility in the future.  All additional golf cart registration fee revenues generated from the recent fee increase will be reserved to fund a portion of future golf cart paths in areas where the benefiting neighborhood is willing to bear a portion of the cost of improvements. 

A "pilot project" for the construction of a new golf cart path to benefit the Olde Cove Road neighborhood was recently approved by the Board of Commissioners, and will be constructed later this fall or winter.  The new golf cart path will link the neighborhood with a nearby Town street on the ocean side of NC 58, thereby allowing the legal use of golf carts by residents in the Olde Cove Road area.  If this project is successful, the Town will consider other similar improvements in the future upon request. 

Town Continues Progress Toward Acquisition of 30-Acre Tract

Town officials continue to work diligently with Federal and State officials to finalize more than $2.5 million of grant funding (to be matched with nearly $500,000 of Town funds) for the purchase of the vacant Surfside Realty Tract located directly behind the Town Government Complex.  The Town expects to close on this 30-acre purchase in October, and hopes to make new nature trails available for public use later this year or by early 2018.  The property will be developed as "McLean-Spell Park", with additional active recreational features, over the next several years. The Town's pursuit of this project represents a long-term investment in environmental conservation, overall community development, and the youth of Emerald Isle.    

EI Fire Department Awarded Grant for Additional Personnel

The Emerald Isle Fire Department was recently awarded approximately $300,000 in Federal grant funding for 3 additional firefighter positions. The additional grant funding will enable the EIFD to increase staffing on each shift from 4 to 5 personnel, and will promote a more effective response, promote greater firefighter safety, and enable the Town to maintain its excellent "4" ISO rating in the future.  

Join the Neighborhood Watch Program and EIPD for "Golf With a Cop" - Saturday, October 21

The Town is fortunate to have a dedicated group of volunteers in our Neighborhood Watch program, and this group and the excellent officers in the Emerald Isle Police Department invite all golfers to participate in the second annual "Golf With a Cop" event to be held at Star Hill Golf Club on Saturday, October 21. Come on out and enjoy a great day of fellowship!  For more information, please visit  https://www.emeraldisle-nc.org/golf-with-a-cop-2017-10-21 . 

Please Help Keep Emerald Isle's Beaches Clean!

Thanks to the hard work of Town staff, volunteers with the Emerald Isle Sea Turtle Program, and other concerned citizens, the Town's 12+ miles of ocean beach are among the cleanest beaches you'll find anywhere!  Despite these great efforts, there are still instances when trash makes its way on to the beach, and the Town seeks everyone's help to prevent litter on the beach from ever happening in the first place.  

If you are enjoying the beach, please don't litter, and please make a special effort to dispose of cigarette butts appropriately, pick up your dog's feces, and dispose of other trash appropriately. There are public trash receptacles approximately every 1,000 ft. (or less!) along the beach, and also on the street side of each public beach access walkway. Thank you for your cooperation!

BB&T Announces Closing of Emerald Isle Branch

BB&T, which has operated a bank location in Emerald Isle on the corner of NC 58 and Fairview Drive for the past several years, recently informed the Town that the branch will be closing later this year.  BB&T will consolidate its Emerald Isle branch with the Cedar Point branch, located just west of the NC 24 / NC 58 intersection on the mainland.  The Town is hopeful that another bank or commercial venture will soon occupy the existing building at NC 58 and Fairview Drive.

New NC 58 Traffic Roundabout to Be Constructed This Winter

The NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT) has approved plans for a new NC 58 roundabout to be constructed at the intersection of Mallard Drive / Emerald Landing Drive, and the new roundabout will be constructed this winter.  The new roundabout is being financed and constructed by the new Publix grocery store that is expected to open in spring 2018.

The new roundabout is specifically designed to promote the efficient movement of traffic instead of a new traffic signal, and includes design features approved by NCDOT to enhance safety, allow pedestrian crossings in a safe manner, and create "breaks" in traffic flow to allow for side-street traffic to enter the roundabout.  The roundabout construction will be supplemented with additional street and sidewalk improvements along Emerald Landing Drive and Crew Drive. 

NCDOT has recommended the installation of roundabouts at 4 other NC 58 intersections in Emerald Isle.  The new Publix roundabout was endorsed by the Board of Commissioners as a "pilot project" to enable the community and the Board to further evaluate the effectiveness of roundabouts for the other proposed locations in Emerald Isle in the future.  Town officials expect to continue to work with NCDOT in the coming years to implement traffic improvements along NC 58 in Emerald Isle, potentially including the additional roundabouts recommended by NCDOT -- if the new Publix roundabout is effective.  Essentially, the Town's experience with the new Publix roundabout will likely guide future decisions regarding roundabouts in Emerald Isle. 

The Town's Comprehensive Land Use Plan, adopted by the Board of Commissioners after more than a year-long process to gather public input, notes that the Town does not support traffic improvements that will hinder safe and convenient access between the ocean side and sound side, and the widening of NC 58 and the Emerald Isle bridge from the current 2 and 3 lanes to 4 or 5 lanes is contrary to this policy.  This has been the Town's official position since at least 2004, and is also based on significant public input that the character of Emerald Isle would be harmed if a 4 or 5 lane road divided the ocean and sound sides of the Town.  In the absence of additional lanes, there are limited options available to promote the more efficient movement of traffic along NC 58, and NCDOT believes that the proposed roundabouts can lead to incremental improvement in traffic flow in Emerald Isle.  

Of course, no solution, including additional lanes, will ever fully eliminate traffic congestion in Emerald Isle, as it continues to be a highly desirable residential and tourism destination. However, the Town, in partnership with NCDOT, continues to work hard to identify any incremental improvements that can be helpful in the future.  The new Publix roundabout is a part of this ongoing effort.    


Sign Up for New Emerald Isle Text Message Alerts - Text Keyword  EMERALD  to 797979 or Sign Up Online


The Town of Emerald Isle works hard to keep our residents, property owners, visitors, and businesses well-informed about Town issues and initiatives, and provides information via numerous platforms.  

In an effort to reach more people and make it easier to stay informed, the Town has implemented a new text message alert system.  Subscribers to the new alerts can sign up by simply texting the keyword  EMERALD  to 797979 or by visiting  https://www.emeraldisle-nc.org/email-text-notifications .  With the heart of hurricane season soon approaching, these platforms are the easiest and most accurate way to stay informed about conditions in Emerald Isle, and will also keep you well-informed about all of the other Town issues and initiatives.  

Emerald Isle Group Donates New Automatic External Defibrillators and Beach Wheelchairs 

The Emerald Isle community is comprised of many kind and generous people, and a local group of residents that refers to their group as the "Emerald Isle Beach Patrol" (not the EI Fire Department staff) has been especially generous to those in need in recent months.  The group, represented by Barry Kreager, has raised thousands of dollars used to purchase and donate new automatic external defibrillators and beach wheelchairs for use by Emerald Isle staff and residents.  The Town greatly appreciates the kindness of everyone involved with the "Emerald Isle Beach Patrol"! Thank you!

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day - Saturday, September 23 - 8 am - 1 pm   

The Coastal Environmental Partnership, the regional solid waste management authority serving Emerald Isle, has scheduled its annual household hazardous waste collection day for Saturday, September 23 from 8 am - 1 pm at the Carteret County Health Department (located at 3820 Bridges Street in Morehead City).

Accepted items include latex and oil paints, used motor oil, farm pesticides, gasoline, drain openers, paint thinners, cooking oil, antifreeze, batteries, lawn and garden fertilizer and pesticides. Items not accepted include commercial waste (except farm pesticides), gas cylinders, explosives, ammunition, or infectious, biological, or radioactive wastes, or commercial or institutional electronics.  State law forbids accepting materials from commercial sources.  

Please contact the Coastal Environmental Partnership at 252-633-1564 or visit http://coastalenvironmentalpartnership.com/ for more information.  

Emerald Isle's Day4Kids - Saturday, September 16 - 10 am - 2 pm


The Emerald Isle Parks and Recreation Department, Emerald Isle Business Association, and other great local sponsors are pleased to present the 12th annual Day4Kids at the Emerald Isle Community Center on Saturday, September 16!  This great annual event is FREE, and includes many great activities, including games, rides, food, face-painting, vendors, music, and more!  For more information, please visit https://www.emeraldisle-nc.org/emerald-isles-12th-annual-day4kids-2017-09-16 . 

Did You Know?

The Town is fortunate to receive excellent emergency medical services from Emerald Isle EMS, Inc.  Emerald Isle EMS, Inc. is a separate non-profit organization that operates with a fully-paid staff supplemented by volunteers, and provides paramedic-level services for our residents and visitors. Emerald Isle EMS, Inc. operates with a total budget of $575,000, with $390,000 provided by Town tax revenues and the balance derived primarily from service fees.  The Town is currently planning to assimilate EMS into the Town organization on or before March 1, 2018.       

Posted by Rhonda Ferebee Friday, September 1, 2017 4:55:00 PM