February 19, 2001

Planning Board

Town of Emerald Isle
Regular Planning Board Minutes
Monday, February 19, 2001

The February meeting of the Town of Emerald Isle Planning Board was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by Co-chairman, Ceil Saunders. Members in attendance were: Ceil Saunders, George McLaughlin, Frank Vance, Phil Almeida, David Schock, Ed Dowling and Art Daniel.

Also in attendance, Secretary, Carol Angus; and Building Inspector, Jim Taylor.

Minutes of Regular Minutes of Meeting January 15, 2001 were approved. Motion to approve was made by Frank Vance, second by Ed Dowling with unanimous approval in favor of the motion.

The Report from Town Manager was not available in absence of Mr. Pete Allen who was in attendance at another meeting.

The Report from Building Inspector, Jim Taylor advised the board that there were 8 single family dwellings, 1 6-unit condo at Sunset Harbor. Total value of all permitting for the month of January is $2,146,120.

Election of 2001-2002- Mr. Frank Vance nominated Ceil Saunders as Chairperson, second by Mr. Dowling. Nomination was unanimously approved. Mr. Almeida nominated Frank Vance as co-chairman, second by Ms. Saunders with unanimous approval in favor of the nomination. Ms. Angus was again appointed as Secretary for a 16th  year.


  1. CVS Drugstore Relocation, Commercial Review Recommendation, at present location of the BeachMart/Coconut Grove at Emerald Dr and Mangrove Dr. Mr. John Odom and Mr. Larry T. Watson, represented this agenda item.

    Ms. Saunders advised that the items that had been discussed at Review Committee had been included. The sidewalk and lighting plan are shown.

    The offset for the elevation on the south wall was determined that the drive-thru window and canopy for prescription pick-up, also walls along the rear to shield the compactor area and the dumpster location. Mr. Odom said he had spoken with Mr. Cary Harrison prior to his leaving, and he had agreed that these changes should meet the requirements of the new ordinance that requires an offset every 8’. The old portion of the building would not have to follow the new ruling, and the new portion of the building offset should be sufficient with what is proposed. There is a color elevation sheet on file with Ms. Angus. The only change that will not be reflected on the actual building is the size of the signage on the building. It must conform with the sign regulations. The owners have been advised of this regulation and intend to conform.

    Mr. Odom went on to say that the calculated window allowance is well below the 35% that is permitted.

    Mr. Vance is concerned about some of the lights being situated to shine toward the highway. Mr. Odom said they will work with the owners to see that these lights are adjusted, if it is necessary.

    Mr. McLaughlin asked about the change in the widening of the rear driveway area. Mr. Odom said that was because of the size of the compactor, a few parking spaces were deleted; however, there were more spaces available than the ordinance requires. There will be signage to encourage one-way traffic because of the drive-thru. The only access will be Mangrove Dr. and Old Ferry Rd. There will be no Hwy 58 access.

    Mr. Almeida asked Mr. Odom about the landscaping along the highway. Mr. Odom said he does not have anything specific, but it will be landscaped. Mr. Watson said CVS is not opposed to landscaping, but they were planning on grass. Mr. Odom said there had been previous discussion about possible sidewalks, and that would be the location for a sidewalk, so not to do anything extravagant until that is decided.

    Mr. Dowling asked if the stormwater control plan has been seen? Are all the calculations done for stormwater runoff? There is a lot of impervious area on this site. Mr. Odom said all that area is impervious already. Mr. Dowling said there is another building going in. Mr. Odom said there is actually another building going out, the old arcade building at Coconut Grove. Mr. Almeida said he had seen the stormwater plan and was satisfied with it.

    Mr. McLaughlin asked Ms. Angus to hold up the colored version of the green or vegetated plan to show the audience.

    Motion was made by David Schock to recommend approval of CVS Drugstore relocation Commercial Review to the Town Board for their approval; second by Mr. Almeida and unanimous approval in favor of the motion.


  2. The Emerald Hotel, Commercial Review recommendation, at Reed Dr., Islander Dr. and Emerald Dr. Mr. Ken Burnette and Mr. Ronnie O. Watson were in attendance to represent this project.

    Ms. Saunders advised that this project had been reviewed in May 2000, with a number of items to be addressed. Those items being, sign, lighting, stormwater plan, owner name and address. She found these items to be included on the plat.

    Mr. Art Daniel said he saw a note on the plat to direct the stormwater collection system but no place for where it will be directed. Mr. Burnette replied that it will tie into the collections system by downspouts. Mr. Ron Cullipher, an engineer, was present.

    Mr. Daniel went on to inquire, of Mr. Cullipher, that in the calculations there were two systems with drop systems on one side and catch basins on the other and a certain length pipe. Where does it go, north or south? Mr. Cullipher replied that it will tie in hydraulically together into the infiltration system, until it ultimately discharges to the south.

    Mr. Daniel said he interprets that to mean that there is adequate design capacity no matter where it goes. Mr. Cullipher said that is correct. He went on to say that the roof design is a pitched roof, but the actual storm drain design is for half of the building going north and half going south.

    Mr. Almeida asked if there is going to be a gutter on the eaves? Mr. Burnette said it will be guttered or picked up in some fashion, possibly at ground level. Mr. Cullipher said it would not matter how it was picked up because the terraces are impervious, so as long as there are terraces they can be picked up as drop areas. Mr. Burnette said guttering would probably be the simplest way to gather 1 ½” of stormwater.

    Mr. Almeida said the plan (1) does not show the inward elevations in the catch basins. Also (2) it doesn’t show the inward elevation of the pipes where it enters the underground infiltration area; (3) to see a section of the infiltration area to see how deep you are going and water is the elevation of the water table, high and low, to the bottom of the pipe.

    Mr. Cullipher replied the bottom water table is 2’ below the 36” piping, during the wet season. Mr. Almeida asked that that be confirmed; and Mr. Cullipher said he could provide that. Mr. Almeida asked how long the aluminum pipe would stay without corroding in the salty atmosphere? Mr. Cullipher said the life cycle expectancy is 50 years. Mr. Almeida asked about the gauge and Mr. Cullipher replied he believed it to be 20 gauge. Mr. Almeida asked for manufacturers data on that? Mr. Cullipher replied he has it and will submit it. Mr. Almeida asked about the gross capacity of the pipe itself. Mr. Cullipher said _________ load and it could be furnished.

    Mr. Almeida went on to ask the purpose of the southeast swale on Reed Dr.? Mr. Cullipher said this project is required to have a 50’ vegetated swale prior to the stormwater leaving the property. The water in excess of 1 ½” rainfall will collect there.

    Mr. Dowling asked what definition of “swale” is being used in this instance. Is it a ditch, grass, and pan, etc. what definition is used here. Mr. Cullipher said it is vegetated swale and it is grass and the bottom is level with a longitudinal slope toward Reed Drive, the side slopes will be at a maximum of 3:1. There is no sediment or pollution trap in this location. Mr. Dowling asked if there is any trap for sediment or pollution, he didn’t see any.

    Mr. Cullipher said the Erosion & Control Plan that is required by the state is not part of what was submitted. During construction there most definitely will be sediment control devices.

    Mr. Daniel asked about some numbering on catch basins and junction boxes. Some do not show a number. Mr. Cullipher said he will add that numbering and labeling.

    Mr. Almeida asked how the water is going to get to the swale from inside the wall if it is more than 1 ½” rain. Mr. Cullipher said the control box will have a gear in it, and it will overflow the wier to that one.

    Mr. Daniel asked if the brick wall is continuous on the highway side? Mr. Cullipher said it is his understanding that it is continuous. This should contain the water and not allow it to go toward the highway right-of-way.

    Mr. Dowling asked if a french drain should be incorporated to aid in drainage? Mr. Burnette said they have already provided for more than the required capacity and a french drain should not be necessary.

    Mr. Daniel asked that correct typo error of flood zone be noted for a 100 year. Flood zone not 10 year and show as an X zone to agree with 1998 revised mapping.

    Mr. Almeida asked that another swale be included at Reed and Islander Drives next to the septic tank area at the southeast corner. That would help get rid of some of the water from the pavement.

    Mr. Dowling asked if there had been a perk test done to see if the reciprocal pump tank and fields will accommodate that much flow? Mr. Burnette said they had soils engineer do that work. Mr. Cullipher advised that the site has been approved by the State.

    Mr. Schock asked if the brick wall was going to be the same brick color of the building? It will be and toward the highway will be grassed. He commended the developers on the aesthetic design of the project and said it should be a great asset to the Town.

    Mr. Vance asked the type of material to be used on the balcony handrails. Mr. Burnette said they will non-corrosive; however, the material has not be determined. They have not gone into those fine details until they know that the project is approved.

    Chairman Saunders asked Mr. Almeida to read, again, the items that he wanted addressed prior to this project going to the Town Board. Mr. Burnette said Mr. Cullipher had gotten the notes and they would be taken care of. (The list was not specifically reiterated).

    Chairman Saunders then asked the items be submitted as soon as possible so that they could be reviewed prior to the Town Board meeting. Mr. Cullipher said he could have it all by the end of the week. Mr. Almeida agreed to review the items for compliance.

    Mr. David Schock made the motion to recommend approval to the Town Board for the Commercial Review of Emerald Hotel, contingent on the submission of the items requested by Mr. Almeida; second by Ed Dowling, with unanimous approval in favor of the motion.


    Mr. Schock commended the board for the past work, especially for the hours submitted. He commented that the town is going forward not backward, and to always keep the best interest of the town in mind.

    Chairman Saunders thanked Mr. Schock for his service.

    Mr. Daniel brought up an issue on the submitted plans that he wondered whether it should be addressed. The parking shown allows maneuvering in the right of way and not entirely within the property. Perhaps that should be something to be considered, to keep parking and maneuvering within the property.

    Motion to adjourn was made by David Schock, second by Frank Vance with unanimous approval.

    7:40 P.M.

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