February 2009

I was recently reading through some old Emerald Tidings Newsletters and ran across the following interesting tidbits that I wanted to share with you.

Tammy Watson, born on August 28, 1965 was the FIRST BABY born in Emerald Isle. Now Tammy Watson Collins, she has 3 children. Taylor Watts, Kaitlyn Watts, and Polly Watts. They reside in Emerald Isle and Tammy is the Manager of the Holiday Travel Park. She is the daughter of Ronnie Watson, the longest serving mayor of Emerald isle (8 years), and the co-owner of Watson-Mathews Realty and the owner of the Holiday Travel Park.

Bob Deal, a long time Emerald Isle resident and a man of many talents including dancing, story telling, and fishing was the town’s FIRST FIREMAN. The town’s first fire truck was a 1937 Ford Pumper that Bill McLean brought to the island from Red Springs. Bob kept the pumper next to his store, the old Trading Post, now Mike’s Restaurant. When a fire call came in, Bob would close the store and take his employees on the call with him. This was about 1967 and Bob paid all the expenses himself. Bob passed away several years ago but will always be remembered for his willingness to help everyone. He served as a Emerald Isle Commissioner 1967 to 1971.

John McLean, was the town’s FIRST GARBAGE MAN. His father W. B. McLean, one of the island’s original developers, paid his son $125 for the entire summer to collect the Town’s trash. Word has it that it was an extremely hot summer and John spent most of  his wages on liquid refreshments (to keep cool). Word also has it that John ran into the pier doing $300 in damages causing him to go in the hole $175 for the season. John, now an engineer, lives in Cape Carteret and refuses to even learn how to spell GABAGE, GRABGE, GURBEGE.

Two of the top 1992 stories were:

“Pete, Allen, former mayor of Emerald Isle, was hired to be administrator in Emerald Isle. He was selected for the post out of 172 applicants. Emerald Isle officials were upbeat about the fact that Allen was returning to the Town.

“I believe I’m the best PR man for Emerald Isle that could be found on the face of the earth”, he said. (Pete who is a resident of Emerald Isle, a County Commissioner, and Atlantic Beach’s Town Manager, is still one of Emerald Isle’s best PR people)

“Emerald Isle’s first St. Patrick’s Day Festival attracted about 7,000 people to the town for a day of fun and festivities.

Festival goers praised the Town for doing a wonderful job in putting the event together,” (The event has grown in attendance to 15,000+ and 2009 will be its 18th year) 

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