February 2012

Great new program to tell you about for youths in Emerald Isle. Emerald Isle EMS started the “Emerald Isle Explorer Post 2010” program in June 2010. The program is open to youths aged 14 to 21. The original group of 5 is still active in the program and the program now has 10 participants with two more in the application process.

The program is spearheaded by Joe Quigley, long time EMS volunteer, and other volunteers and is a great program for the youth and the community. The goal of the program is to provide first hand experience in the field of pre-hospital care of the sick and injured. They learn important life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and positive social interaction. Medical skills such as CPR, First Aid, Blood Born Pathogens, Trauma treatment and real life scenarios are taught. Explorers will gain knowledge as to the importance of the relationship between all Emergency Services providers; EMS, Police, and Fire, the responsibilities each have, and the roles they play in the community.

The Explorers meet twice a month and go through a lot of classroom training. They are taught how to use many pieces of medical equipment. They do not use the equipment on actual medical calls but they can assist paramedics while the paramedics are using the equipment on a call. Once well trained, the Explorers are able to "ride-a-long" with the paramedics to 911 calls and pre-hospital care and then take a trip to the hospital with the patient.

This is a great program that allows the youths to develop skills that they can use for the rest of their life, learn about a possible career, and to be a service to the community. If you or someone you know is interested, please call Joe Quigley at 252.354.2249.

Many of you are familiar with the reflective sign program. This has now become a fund raising project for the Explorer Post. I hope you won’t need an emergency service (EMS, Fire or Police) but if you do, these signs are a tremendous help in being able to find your house quickly. The numbers on your house may be obvious to you, but since the numbers are not in a standard location and are often hard to see because of vegetation (especially at night), they are not that obvious to others. Having the reflective green signs on the street enable the emergency crews to get to your house quicker. For a $15 donation, the Explorer Post will make and install your sign. Please call 252.354.2249 to order your sign.

We are fortunate in Emerald Isle that we have a combination paid/volunteer EMS service with significant funding from the Town. Most localities have found it impossible to keep a combination “town and volunteer EMS” service functioning, but we are fortunate in Emerald Isle EMS Explorer Post Explorersthat the EMS Volunteers, Town Staff, and Commissioners work well together to provide a quality service.

Explorers in picture from left to right are:
Ashton Dean
Emerald May
Chandler Waters
Sergio Vasquez
Blake Young
Matt Low

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