February 25, 2002

Planning Board

Action Agenda
Town of Emerald Isle 
Regular Planning Board Meeting 
Monday, February 25, 2002
7:00 P.M. Town Hall

Call to Order 
Roll Call

  1. Approval of Minutes of Regular Meeting January 21, 2002
  2. Report from Town Manager - Frank A. Rush, Town Manager
  3. Report from Building Inspections – Carol Angus

    (Public Comment to be heard prior to each agenda item) 

  4. Osprey Bluff S/D, Final Plat, Block 43 North, 12-lot subdivision – Larry Spell 
    (Recommended approval of Osprey Bluff final plat 5-1 vote)
  5. Discussion regarding addition of “rental of moving trucks/vans to Permitted/Special Use Table - Dawnlynn O’Connor, Gov’t Surplus Property Sales 
    (Denied a request to allow the rental of moving vans in the B-3 district 6-0 vote)
    1. Rezoning Request from B-3 (Commercial)  to RMF (Residential Multi-Family) - Portion of block 42, parallel with Crew Drive, Bridgeview Campground to North Husband & Wife, LLC, Bridgeview RV Park 
      (Tabled to March meeting)
    2. Rezoning Request from B-3 (Commercial) to RMF (Residential Multi-Family - Portion of block 42, parallel with Crew Drive to South, adjacent to Hwy 58. George Spell Estate – Martha Louise Howe 
      (Tabled to March meeting)
  7. Discussion w/possible Recommendation Regarding Removal of Townhouse/Condos from Mobile Home 1 (MH1) Zoning 
    (Recommended an ordinance change to remove townhouses and condos from the list of permitted uses in the MH-1 zone 4-3 vote)
  8. Discussion Regarding Removal of Private Streets from Commercial projects and change in right-of-way  width for private streets. 
    (Recommended increasing public street ROW to 55' 6-0 vote) 
    (Recommended increasing private street ROW to 55' 6-0 vote) 
    (Recommended an ordinance change to prohibit private streets in commercial subdivisions 4-3 vote)
  9. Update on Dunes & Vegetation Revision Committee – Ed Dowling
  10. Rules of Procedure for Planning Board 
    (Deferred consideration of rules of procedure for the Planning Board until Wednesday's Map Review Committee meeting)
  11. Committee for Revision of Subdivision Ordinance 
    (Appointed a subcommittee, to be chaired by Art Daniel, to work on revisions to the subdivision ordinance)

Comments from Members 
*Comments from Public other than agenda items to be submitted, in writing, to Planning Board Chairman or Secretary


Posted by The Town of Emerald Isle 02/25/2002