Update #33 - Monday, October 29 - 4 pm

Additional Hurricane Florence Updates as Warranted

This update is a periodic update on the Town's recovery efforts associated with Hurricane Florence.  Additional updates will be distributed periodically as new information becomes available that may be helpful to our residents, property owners, businesses, and visitors.  

Please note that the official information from the Town of Emerald Isle is always posted at  (click on "Latest News" in the bottom left hand corner of the main page), and the most recent post regarding Florence contains accurate information.  As additional information becomes available that is new, different, or updated, it will be distributed through all of the Town's digital platforms and posted on the Town's website.

Final Pass for Collection of Construction & Demolition Debris Underway; Please Do Not Place Additional Construction & Demolition Debris at Street Edge

As noted in previous Town updates, the deadline for the placement of Florence debris at the street edge was October 28.  The Town's debris contractor has now begun the "final pass", and the Town is attempting to complete all debris collection in Emerald Isle in the coming days.  A total of 11 debris collection crews are currently operating in Emerald Isle.  

The Town will be certifying completion and releasing the debris contractor from collection responsibilities on various streets on a daily basis.  Once these streets are certified as complete, the Town will no longer collect construction & demolition debris from the street edge, and debris collection and disposal will become the practical and financial responsibility of the property owner.  Please do not place additional construction & demolition debris at the street edge.

If you still have construction & demolition debris that was not placed at the street edge by the October 28 deadline, there are two options available:  1) Emerald Isle property owners may transport their own debris to a temporary disposal site at Western Park off Old NC 58 in Cedar Point, and there is no fee for disposal, or  2) your personal contractor may transport your debris to Western Park (only until October 31, with no fee for disposal - use the form located at ) or to the County transfer station off Hibbs Road in Newport (after November 1, disposal fees apply).  

The Town is aware of all remaining construction & demolition debris that needs collection.  If you placed your debris at the street edge prior to the October 28 deadline, the Town's contractor will definitely collect your debris in the coming days.  Thank you for your patience as we wrap up this effort!

Final Pass for Collection of Vegetative Debris Also Underway; Normal Town Collections Will Resume When Debris Contractor is Released

The Town's debris contractor has also begun the "final pass" for collection of vegetative debris, and the Town expects this "final pass" to also be complete in the coming days.  After the Town's debris contractor has completed the "final pass", the Town's Public Works Department will resume normal vegetative debris collection efforts.  The Public Works Department operates two 24-cubic yard capacity trucks year-round, with a goal of collecting all vegetative debris in the Town each week. 

Hurricane Florence Debris is Most Ever in Town's History

The Hurricane Florence debris collection effort is by far the largest in the Town's history.  To date, nearly 145,000 cubic yards of vegetative debris and nearly 30,000 cubic yards of construction & demolition debris have been collected, with more to be collected in the coming days.  The Town's total debris collection expenses are now approaching $1.5 million.  The Town expects to receive reimbursement from FEMA for nearly all debris collection expenses.    

Beach Debris Collection Now Underway

After several mechanical issues, the Town's debris contractor is now hard at work removing consolidated piles of debris from the beach strand at the base of the dunes.  We are hopeful that all beach strand debris will be removed within the next week. 

FEMA Individual Assistance Available to Qualifying Residents and Businesses

Permanent residents of Emerald Isle may qualify for direct assistance with temporary housing needs, repairs, and debris removal expenses, and may also qualify for low-interest loans to assist with Florence impacts.  Second home owners and businesses in Emerald Isle may qualify for low-interest loans to assist with Florence impacts.  To learn more and to see if you qualify for assistance, please contact FEMA at 1-800-621-3362 or visit . 

Beach Nourishment Bids Due November 20

The Town's engineers, in conjunction with Carteret County and the Town of Indian Beach, have released the bid solicitation for the nourishment of approximately 3 miles of ocean beach in eastern Emerald Isle.  Construction bids are due on Tuesday, November 20, and the Town is hopeful that 3 bids will be received.  If fewer than 3 bids are received, NC law will require the Town to re-advertise for an additional period of time, after which any bids may be opened and considered.  Assuming a reasonable bid, the Board may award a construction contract in December, with work beginning sometime in early 2019.  

This project covers the same area previously planned for nourishment this winter (between the Indian Beach town limits and the 3000 block; before Florence impacted Emerald Isle), but the scope now includes the replacement of the approximately 617,000 cubic yards of sand lost during Hurricane Florence.  A new ~ 25 ft. wide dune will be constructed in this area, and the flat beach berm will be widened by an additional 40 - 60 feet.  Dune vegetation will also be planted as part of this project.    

If the Town does not receive reasonable bids in November, it is likely that this project will be delayed until winter 2019-2020 and combined with a larger project that would also include central and western Emerald Isle.  

In total, the Town is seeking approximately $40 million from FEMA and the NC Division of Emergency Management to replace approximately 2.2 million cubic yards of sand lost from the Town's 12 miles of ocean beach during Hurricane Florence. 

Stay Informed!

The Town works hard to keep our residents, property owners, and visitors well-informed, and offers several platforms.

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