Fitness Center & Classes

Emerald Isle Parks & Recreation’s Community Center offers a variety of aerobics and yoga classes. Classes are taught by certified instructors.  Visitors and residents are welcome to attend. Membership is not mandatory; however it does have its benefits. If you are visiting Emerald Isle Parks & Recreation Community Center you can purchase a Day Membership Pass for $10 (per person) or a Weekly Membership Pass for $30 (per person). The Day/Weekly Membership Pass gets you access to the weight room, tennis courts, indoor gymnasium and discounted aerobics/yoga classes.

Member Rates for Classes:

Aerobics: (Tabata, Pound® & Zumba®) $1
S.A.F.E.: $2
Yoga: $2

Must bring your membership card to class

Non-Member Rates for Classes:

Aerobics: (Tabata, Pound® & Zumba®) $5
S.A.F.E.: $5
Yoga: $7

Individuals only interested in attending a class and not purchasing a membership to include the use of the weight room, tennis courts, indoor gymnasium can simply pay for each individual class.

*Please remember to pay all applicable fees at the start of each class.

See current Description of Classes

January Aerobics Calendar

Emerald Isle Parks & Recreation Community Center houses a weight room for use by residents and visitors.  Individuals or families who purchase a membership enjoy the use of the weight room, indoor gymnasium, tennis courts and discounted class rates.  The membership fee schedule is based upon an individual's or family's taxpayer status; that is, whether or not the Town of Emerald Isle is the recipient of any tax dollars from said individual or family.  Membership duration is based on the calendar year, beginning January 1st and expiring December 31st of each year; therefore, if you join in July, your membership will still expire on December 31st.  We are not able to prorate.  We do offer daily and weekly passes (see below).

Daily Pass (per person):  $10
Weekly Pass (per person):  $30
Monthly Membership (per person):  $50 
Individual Taxpayer Membership:  $150 
Family Taxpayer Membership:  $200 
Individual NON-Taxpayer Membership:  $350 
Family NON-Taxpayer Membership:  $500 
Annual Taxpayer Tennis Membership Only:  $25  
Annual Gymnasium Walker Membership:  $25