Friends Group Presents Author Webinar

Thursday, September 10, 2020
7:00 PM
8:00 PM

Friends Group Presents Author Webinar

By Helen Aitken

In the second of a four-part virtual author webinar series, the Friends of Western Carteret Public Library will host Judy Dearlove, on Thursday, September 10 at 7:00 PM. Her book, Play On! was selected as a 2019 INDIES Book of the Year finalist in general fiction.

Play On!  is Ms. Dearlove’s first novel with the sequel now being written.

The webinar is free to the public, but registration is required. Signed paperback copies will be given away to webinar visitors.

The book is uniquely set in an Arizona retirement community where the main characters are “seasoned” in age and experience but are young at heart and determined to live life to the fullest.

Play On! celebrates the resilience and creativity of friends who acknowledge their own mortality while following their dreams with grace, great good humor, and a skilled sense of gamesmanship. In pursuit of an improbable goal, Maxine gathers an eclectic band of bridge buddies from her retirement community and a few eccentric young people for an adventure that becomes part cat-and-mouse caper and part soul-searching quest,” said Judy Dearlove. One day “… I’d love to grow up to be like Maxine,” the main character.

This book represents a fast growing subgenre of "Seasoned Characters" over the age of 35, taking the fiction world by storm, particularly in Romance and Women's Literature. Many Play On! characters are in their eighties, yet this book is relatable to everyone.

The INDIES awards recognize the best books from small and indie publishers, self-published books, and university presses. Over 2,000 titles in 55 genres were submitted for the 2019 INDIES Book of the Year awards. The complete list may be found at

The finalist selections were made by the editorial team at Foreword Reviews and the winners were chosen by over 120 librarian and bookseller judges from across the U.S. The winners were announced in May 2020.

“One of the most difficult jobs our editors have at Foreword is determining which books will move to the Finalist round of the INDIES,” said Victoria Sutherland, publisher. “We saw such impressive work this year, and it was extremely difficult to cull this list.”

“To stand out among so many wonderful submissions, a book has to be exceptional,” says Managing Editor, Michelle Anne Schingler. “We’re proud to attach our names to each and every book selected as a finalist, and we’re eager to learn how the judges received these extraordinary picks.”

Although Play On!  did not win the coveted title, Ms. Dearlove felt that “…just being selected as a finalist is huge and profoundly humbling.”

Play On! paperbacks and e-book editions are available through the publisher, Resource for Women and Ministry in the South (RCWMS, and online sources.

To register, visit, email, or for more information, call the library, (252) 648-7728.