Golf Cart Safety Classes, Registration Fee Changes, and Future Golf Cart Path Construction


In an effort to promote golf cart safety and to establish a reliable source of funding for future golf cart accessibility improvements, the Board of Commissioners recently endorsed several new golf cart program initiatives.  

The Emerald Isle Police Department will be offering several new golf cart safety classes later this year and in early 2018 to better educate golf cart operators about safe use and the Town's regulations.  The new golf cart safety classes are scheduled for a variety of days and times, and will be held in the Town Board Meeting Room:

  • Tuesday, September 19 @ 10 am, 
  • Monday, December 4 @ 6 pm,
  • Saturday, December 9 @10 am,
  • Saturday, January 13 @10 am,
  • Friday, January 19 @ 6 pm,
  • Friday, February 2 @ 6 pm, and
  • Saturday, February 3 @10 am. 

Attendance at one of these golf cart safety classes will entitle the attendee to a $25 discount on the annual golf cart registration fee for the following year.  This discount will essentially negate a recently approved $25 increase in the annual golf cart registration fee, from $75 annually to a new fee of $100 annually, effective for 2018 registrations.  Those who attend one of these golf cart safety classes will incur a $75 registration fee, while those who do not will be responsible for the new $100 fee. 

The Emerald Isle golf cart program continues to grow, with more than 800 golf carts now registered in the Town's program.  Due to the geography of Emerald Isle, certain areas of Emerald Isle are not accessible to golf carts, and the Town will be working to construct special golf cart paths to improve accessibility in the future.  All additional golf cart registration fee revenues generated from the recent fee increase will be reserved to fund a portion of future golf cart paths in areas where the benefiting neighborhood is willing to bear a portion of the cost of improvements. 

A "pilot project" for the construction of a new golf cart path to benefit the Olde Cove Road neighborhood was recently approved by the Board of Commissioners, and will be constructed later this fall or winter.  The new golf cart path will link the neighborhood with a nearby Town street on the ocean side of NC 58, thereby allowing the legal use of golf carts by residents in the Olde Cove Road area.  If this project is successful, the Town will consider other similar improvements in the future upon request. 

Posted by Rhonda Ferebee Friday, September 8, 2017 4:08:00 PM