Hurricane Isaias: Update #2

Hurricane Isaias: Update #2

August 1, 2020

3:00 PM

Hurricane Isaias is expected to travel northward, impacting North Carolina early next week.   The current predictions indicate the most probable time of arrival/impact is Monday August 3 and Tuesday August 4, 2020.   

Regardless of the storm’s direct path, it is likely to cause high winds and heavy rain along the coast.  The Town of Emerald Isle is preparing now. All town staff and first responders are on storm ready alert. 

Hurricanes and Tropical Storms are very unpredictable.  Carteret County Emergency Services and the Town of Emerald Isle are actively monitoring the storm.  If conditions worsen, the Town of Emerald Isle will take swift action and communicate with the public.


Effective at 3:00 PM on Saturday August 1, 2020, the Town of Emerald Isle has issued a State of Emergency declaration.  The approaching storm is anticipated to impact our local area.  Residents, guests, and businesses should begin preparations now.       


As of 3:00 PM on Saturday August 1, 2020, current predictions have NOT triggered an evacuation order.


Until further notice, yard debris collection is suspended.  Residents are asked to STOP placing loose material at the roadway.  Following the storm, collection services will resume.


Dangerous ocean conditions are expected and will bring HIGH RISK for RIP currents. 

  • Red Flags are flying along the Bogue Banks
  • The public is asked to avoid the water


Residents and guests should anticipate high winds, heavy rains, and the potential loss of power due to the storm. Residents and guests should be prepared to shelter in place with sufficient food, water and medical supplies.


The Town of Emerald Isle’s stormwater system is operational and clear of debris.  Staff has inspected all storm drain inlets, pumps, ditches, and associated infrastructure.   In advance of the storm, emergency fuel, generators, and mobile pumps are staged on the island.  These items will be utilized (as needed) in flood prone areas.


Public messaging is expected to continue throughout the duration of the event.  For the most up-to-date information, please monitor, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and download the Emerald Isle app. 


We encourage you to stay off the roads during heavy rains.  If you intend to leave island, do not wait until the storm arrives.  Plan ahead and leave early.

Additionally, follow these tips to reduce property damage and stay safe:

• Bring in garbage cans, lawn furniture, bikes, toys, hanging plants and lawn decorations. If possible, remove the swings on your child's swing set to prevent unnecessary damage.

• Move furnishings and valuables to the highest point in your house.

• Keep a supply of flashlights and extra batteries handy in case of loss of power. Avoid open flames, such as candles and kerosene lamps, as a source of light.

• If you lose power, turn off all major appliances to avoid a power surge when the power is turned back on.

• Do not drive or walk through standing water. Water can be deeper than it appears, and two feet of water can sweep away most cars and six inches of moving water can sweep you away when walking.

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