Emerald Isle Bridge Open for RE-ENTRY PERMIT Holders ONLY at 1 PM Sunday

The Emerald Isle bridge will open for RE-ENTRY PERMIT holders ONLY at 1 pm Sunday. Individuals without a previously-issued Town of Emerald Isle re-entry permit will not be allowed on to the island.  To gain entry, you must display your official re-entry permit, and no other forms of identification will be accepted to gain entry.  If you do not have a re-entry permit, you will not be permitted to enter Emerald Isle, and you will need to wait until the bridge is opened for the general public later this week. 

Curfew Hours Adjusted at 1 pm Sunday

The Town remains under a 24-hour, Town-wide curfew until 1 pm Sunday.  The curfew will be lifted at 1 pm on Sunday, and it will be legal to move about Emerald Isle at that time.  

A new night-hours curfew will be effective at 8 pm Sunday.  Until further notice, the entire Town will be under a curfew from 8 pm to 8 am each night, and it will not be legal to move around Emerald Isle during these hours.  

The practical result is that re-entry permit holders will be able to enter Emerald Isle beginning at 1 pm Sunday, and may continue to freely access Emerald Isle until 8 pm on Sunday night.  No one, including re-entry permit holders, will be permitted to enter Emerald Isle after 8 pm on Sunday night.  When the curfew ends at 8 am on Monday morning, re-entry permit holders will again be permitted to enter Emerald Isle and it will be legal to move about Emerald Isle during the day. The curfew will be in effect again at 8 pm Monday night and remain in effect until 8 am Tuesday, and so on. 

Initial Power Restoration Occurring, Hopefully More Later Today

As of 8 am, power has been restored along NC 58 in limited areas between Coast Guard Road and the "downtown" area.  Carteret-Craven Electric crews and their disaster assistance partners will be working hard throughout Emerald Isle today to restore power as quickly as possible to as many people as possible. 

Fortunately, power has been restored to a critical water plant facility near the intersection of Coast Guard Road and NC 58, which will help Bogue Banks Water maintain an adequate water supply in Emerald Isle.  

Although Carteret-Craven Electric is making progress, it is important for individuals returning to Emerald Isle to recognize that you may not have power at your home in Emerald Isle for several days.  Please plan accordingly. 

Vehicle Access Limited West of Dolphin Ridge on Coast Guard Road

Due to significant storm water flooding, it may not be possible for vehicles to access subdivisions located west of Dolphin Ridge along Coast Guard Road (Spinnakers Reach, Lands End, Point Emerald Villas, Wyndtree, and The Pointe).  Residents will be permitted to park vehicles and walk to these areas along the beach, provided there is a safe route and there is ample beach width to walk upon (unfortunately, high tide is at 1:45 pm today, and that may make walking on the beach more difficult).    

Water Levels Finally Dropping in Bogue Sound, Archers Creek

We are finally beginning to see some drop in water levels in Bogue Sound and Archers Creek, and this should result in receding water from low-lying areas on the soundside.  

Lee Avenue is passable at Archers Creek, and other flooded soundside streets have receded. Reed Drive is flooded by storm water in the general area between East Seaview Drive and Loon Drive (Pacific store), in part because the drainage system for this area could not drain to Archers Creek when the tides were high.  This area appears to be draining better now, and we are hopeful that remaining storm water will soon dissipate.  

Please exercise caution driving through any flooded streets. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION for Those Beginning Clean-Up Activities

As property owners return and begin cleaning up their property from Florence's damage, please help us complete the collection of debris in the most efficient and safe manner. 

  • please create SEPARATE piles at the street edge, 
  • please create one pile for vegetative debris (trees and limbs), one pile for construction and demolition debris (shingles, siding, plywood, studs, etc.), and one pile for discarded furnishings (carpet, furniture, large personal items), 
  • please avoid placing piles directly under power lines and other overhead utility lines, as this may present a safety hazard to collection crews and may result in a slower collection process. 

Town staff and our debris contractors will begin debris collection efforts early this week, and will continue these efforts for the next several weeks.  We will be working hard to have Emerald Isle back to normal as quickly as possible

Be Safe in Emerald Isle

The impacts from Hurricane Florence are significant, and the Town seeks to promote the safety of all individuals in Emerald Isle once the bridge is open and the curfew is lifted during daytime hours.  Please be especially mindful of the following:

  • There are numerous areas with standing water in Emerald Isle, and there may be hazards, both man-made and animals, in the water.  
  • Please be aware of low-hanging utility lines, and avoid contact. 
  • Please exercise caution if / when connecting a generator to your home.
  • Please note that many beach access walkways have been damaged, and include high drop-offs to the beach strand.  

Town Has Identified Only One Accessible Route, Most Eastern NC Access Routes Remain Inaccessible - BE SAFE

Individuals returning to Emerald Isle are advised that there is currently, as of 8 am, only one route to Emerald Isle that is believed to be accessible from central North Carolina.  From the Raleigh area, the following route should be passable:   

  • US 264 east to Greenville, then
  • NC 43 to Vanceboro, then
  • US 17 to New Bern (avoid downtown New Bern business route, take new western bypass), then
  • US 70 to NC 24, then
  • NC 24 to NC 58 at the Emerald Isle bridge. 

Please be advised that road conditions may change quickly, and this route is only believed to be accessible as of 8 am Sunday.  For the the latest information about eastern NC road conditions please consult your local authorities and/or NCDOT's Travel Information Management System at .

Please travel safe, and heed warnings along all roadways.  DO NOT ENTER flooded roadways, as the depth and speed of flowing water are often deceiving.  TURN AROUND, DON'T DROWN! Do not become a drowning victim simply because of your impatience!    

Emerald Isle Bridge Open to Emerald Isle and Indian Beach Re-Entry Permit Holders ONLY

Indian Beach re-entry permit holders will also be able to enter Emerald Isle, via the Emerald Isle bridge ONLY, at the same time as Emerald Isle permit holders, and will be under identical restrictions as Emerald Isle.  Atlantic Beach permit holders will also be able to enter Atlantic Beach, via the Atlantic Beach bridge ONLY, at the same time, and will be under identical restrictions as Emerald Isle.    

Pine Knoll Shores will open to re-entry permit holders at 1 pm on Monday and then be under identical restrictions.  

Emerald Isle and Indian Beach re-entry permit holders must use the Emerald Isle bridge ONLY. Atlantic Beach re-entry permit holders must use the Atlantic Beach bridge ONLY.

Emerald Isle Bridge Remains Closed to General Public, Decision to Reopen to Everyone Will Be Day-To-Day

Individuals who do not have an Emerald Isle re-entry permit will not be allowed to enter Emerald Isle until further notice. The Town will continue working hard in the coming days to address the remaining issues, and a decision on allowing the general public to re-enter Emerald Isle will be made on a day-to-day basis.  

The Town is pleased to reopen the bridge to re-entry permit holders, and is taking this step to allow our residents and property owners to assess the condition of your property and take appropriate steps to secure your property if necessary.  Please note that only individuals with a previously-issued Town of Emerald Isle re-entry permit will be permitted to enter Emerald Isle, and contractors who do not already have a re-entry permit will be required to wait until Emerald Isle is open to the general public later this week. 

Residents and property owners are also advised that there are also significant impacts from Florence in Cape Carteret, Cedar Point, and Swansboro, and there may be limited businesses open with needed supplies. 

Pictures of Florence Damage

Many have requested that the Town post pictures of Florence's damage, and the Town has tried to provide representative pictures for public consumption.  Please understand that the Town's first priority is to protect public safety, provide adequate Police protection, and focus on the significant task of getting Emerald Isle back to normal, and it's simply not possible for the Town to provide pictures of specifically requested areas.  

The Town has been attempting to send a drone up to take pictures for posting on the internet, however, Florence has continued to impact Emerald Isle (and it is STILL raining and windy) ever since Thursday morning.  We will continue to attempt to send a drone up when conditions permit, and post pictures soon thereafter.

Update #12 Not Provided to Email Subscribers

Due to a glitch, the Town's Update #12 (on Saturday, September 15 at 3 pm) was not delivered to subscribers of the Town's email newsletter.  This update was, however, posted on the Town's website, Facebook, Twitter, EI APP, and text message alert system.  We apologize for this issue.

Stay Informed!

The Town works hard to keep our residents, property owners, and visitors well-informed, and offers several platforms.

To receive the most current information from the Town of Emerald Isle, please:

- visit the Town's website at , 

- check the Town's Facebook page at Town of Emerald Isle, NC

- follow the Town's Twitter feed: @townemeraldisle

- sign up for the Town's email newsletter at , 

- sign up for text message alerts at , and/or

- download the Emerald Isle APP at Google Play and The APP Store (search for "emerald isle nc") and enable "push" notifications.

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