Islander Drive, Western Ocean Regional Access Improvements On Hold for Now


A-Team Enterprises, LLC, the new owner of land on Islander Drive that was previously occupied by an abandoned go-cart track and bumper boat facility, had been planning to begin construction a new mixed-use development in January 2019.  With the significant impacts from Hurricane Florence, it is now likely that this timetable will be adjusted as both the Town and A-Team Enterprises focus on higher storm-related priorities.  

The Town has been working hard in recent months to develop a scope of public improvements along Islander Drive and at the Western Ocean Regional Access that will be funded by land sale proceeds and grant funding, and constructed in conjunction with the planned private development by A-Team Enterprises.  These public improvements will likely also be somewhat delayed, and it will be important to consider the timing of construction relative to the busy 2019 tourism season. The Town will be working hard to complete all selected public improvements either before May 2019 or after September 2019 so as not to unnecessarily disrupt the Town, nearby businesses, and visitors to the Western Ocean Regional Access during the summer 2019 season.

Posted by Rhonda Ferebee Thursday, October 4, 2018 11:40:00 AM Categories: News