January 2012

I hope everyone had a great New Year. Weather in Emerald Isle was very warm and lots of people were here enjoying outdoor activities. Even some people in bathing suits and in the water, but that was a little too cool for me.

Pier This is usually the time of year when there is very little going on. Not so this year. Mike Stanley at Bogue Inlet Pier is busy adding back the 250 feet of pier that was lost in Hurricane Irene. He started in later November and as of January 1, was close to having 50% of the repairs completed. The weather has been great and he is adding about 14 feet or one section per day. The design for the end of the pier will be a little different and will allow for more types of fishing. There will be an upper deck at the end like it was before. Everything should be ready for the pier to open St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

More news at the pier is that Bushwackers’s will not be reopening. Mike decided to venture into the restaurant business himself and will spend the next year or so renovating the old Bushwacker’s space. Original plans were to have the new restaurant ready this year, but the need to rebuild the end of the pier has delayed those plans for a year. Mike is still in the thinking stage, but is thinking about a casual, open-air type restaurant. He plans to open the restaurant in spring 2013 and I am sure it will be a great addition.

Path signOn another note, Friends of the Path are busy with their campaign to raise $600,000 to extend the multiuse-path down Coast Guard Road to Ring Street. A Donor’s Board has been erected at the entrance to Emerald Isle Woods Park to recognize donors in different categories for their generous contributions. Check out www.eipath.com for complete information on the campaign. All contributions big and small are much appreciated. For those of us that have enjoyed Emerald Isle for many years, this is a great opportunity to make a meaningful monetary contribution for current and future generations.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I want to thank Boy Scout Troop 446 from Cape Carteret (the Rattlesnake Patrol) for picking up trash along Emerald Drive. Joe Smith from our Public Works Department has a son in that troop and was one of the organizers. Part of Joe’s daily duties are to keep the town looking nice. I certainly appreciate him getting the Boy Scouts involved. We have many groups and individual citizens that pick up trash on organized and/or daily walks. All of you should be proud of your efforts to keep the town looking nice. Our Public Works, and Parks and Recreation Departments spend a lot of time on trash collection, and the extra effort from our citizens is much appreciated. My belief is that “the less litter there is, the less likely people are to litter”.

Hang in there, summer is coming.

Posted by VC3 Admin Sunday, January 1, 2012 10:53:00 AM