July 2003

It is great to see everyone at the beach having a great time in the water. It truly is a great place to relax, mix with old and new friends, or just do nothing. However, don't get too relaxed out there on the beach. Pay particular attention to where the children are. It is easy to loose track of where the children in your group are. A child playing in the sand will go to see something interesting a ways down the beach, and lose track of where the rest of their group is located. Even for those of us that are familiar with the area, we sometimes lose track of exactly where we are on the beach. You can imagine how confusing it might be to a visiting child.

If you lose track of a child in your party, please call 911 immediately. The Beach Patrol, Police Department, and Fire Department, and EMS Squad are all anxious to help. If they arrive on the scene and you have already found your missing child, they will be very happy. If the assistance of the emergency personnel is still needed, the emergency personnel will immediately start a coordinated search. Bear in mind that the emergency personnel had rather be called and not needed, than not be called and needed.

In June, the Town installed emergency 911 phones at the Eastern and Western Beach Accesses. These phones connect direct directly to the Emerald Isle Police Department. There is no need to dial a number, just pick the phone up and in a few seconds a Police Dispatcher will help you. Be prepared to give the Police Dispatcher a description of where you are. If you know the exact address of your location or the name of a nearby cottage (address is much better because cottage names change), they will be able to find you. Also, there are signs at each of the beach accesses with a street number on them.

I hope everyone is pleased with the new sidewalks that have been installed from Bogue Inlet Drive to Live Oak Street. It took longer to complete than anticipated, but the comments so far have been very favorable. As grant funds and Town funds become available, additional sidewalks will be added in the business district.

There was a Change of Command Ceremony at the Coast Guard Station on June 20. Chief Boatswain's Mate Eric D. Floyd is the new Commanding Officer of Coast Guard Station Emerald Isle. Up until this point, the Coast Guard Station had been named Coast Guard Station Swansboro.

Emerald Isle residents and visitors appreciate all of the work that the Coast Guard does in the interest of boating safety. Several Coast Guard Officers commented during the ceremony, that the Coast Guard Auxiliary at this station is by far the most active they have ever seen. Special thanks to all of the Coast Guard Auxiliary that supports our local Coast Guard Station, and a hearty welcome to BMC Floyd.

As Thomas Jefferson once said, "I am a true believer in luck, and the harder I work the more I have of it". As always, please call anytime, and if you are in town, stop by to see me.  

Posted by VC3 Admin Tuesday, July 1, 2003 10:45:00 AM