July 2008

Dedicated to George D. Foster

Many of you were fortunate to know George and I wish all of you could have known him. He was a great role model for all of us. The following statement describing George’s outstanding service to all was read at the June monthly Board meeting by Mary Metzler, another long-term EMS volunteer. The Board voted to dedicate the building to George and I want to share these comments about George with you.

George Foster set an outstanding example with his service to our community through his leadership, hard work, and compassion. George joined the Emerald Isle Fire and Rescue Squad in the late 1970’s and served as Chief from 1981 until 1987, when the Fire Dept and Rescue Squad became separate organizations. While George was Chief he was instrumental in getting the East End Substation built and raising funds to purchase the first beach rescue vehicle. George then served as Chief of the Rescue Squad, which is now Emerald Isle EMS, until 1991. During his tenure EIEMS became one of the first Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Paramedic Squads in Carteret County. In addition, Emerald Isle Emergency Medical Services raised funds through donations to operate and then provide funding for over 80% of the cost of the new facility.

George continued to be an active member and instructor until his health declined in 2005. Even after this time he continued his service to our community as a member of the Emerald Isle Joint EMS Committee established by Mayor Schools and George. His participation on the Joint Committee was especially important to the credibility of the group because of the invaluable experience he acquired over the years, as well as the respect he had among both EMS members and elected officials. As a member of the Joint Committee he worked towards establishing the common vision shared by both town and EMS communities.  That vision is to ensure the continued quality paramedic services in Emerald Isle twenty-four hours a day, 365 days year. This standard of excellence would include the same level of compassion that has been set by George Foster and the members of EIEMS over the years.

As a result he also set a standard of excellence for the many volunteers that he led and ingrained a culture of caring with compassion for the people and community they served. It is our hope that by dedicating the building in George’s honor we will pass on these core values, so important to him, to those that follow, and that his public service will continue to set that example to those that will serve the community in the future. 

George Foster led by example. He was always  the first to volunteer and the first to help someone in need no matter where or when. He considered Emerald Isle his home and the community his family. Dedicating the building in honor of George is not only a fitting tribute to George but also will be a constant reminder to everyone of what EI is all about.  

Emerald Isle EMS plans to install a monument at the base of the Flag pole Dedicating the Building to George Foster with an inscription honoring him for his service to others throughout his lifetime and his contribution in making The Emerald Isle Emergency Medical Services Building a reality. 

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