July 2010

Summer time in Emerald Isle is always fun for me because I get to meet new people and see others that I haven’t seen since last summer. The other day I had the pleasure of meeting an author of Russian books who was born in Moscow and now lives in Frederic Maryland. This is her description of her first visit to Emerald Isle.

Usually we spent our vacation in the Outer Banks, in the end of July or August. This year, we got the chance to go on vacation in June. We decided that the water wasn’t warm enough in the OBX yet and thought about going more to the south. My daughter who went on vacation a week earlier discovered what a wonderful place Emerald Isle is. Of course we knew that we had to drive an hour longer then usual, but we soon realized that the roads to emerald Isle had little to no traffic, and we arrived sooner than we expected.

When we received the key to our rental home, which wasn’t too far away from the beach, we were really surprised that for the price at which we bought a rental home in Outer Banks which seemed unstable and didn’t offer many attractions, this home was larger, and more had a newer look to it. We also enjoyed the privacy from neighbors with the foliage that surrounded our house. We also enjoyed the sight of the environment and the green grass of the houses.

But the best surprise was still to come. When we went to the beach, it was about 3:00 in the afternoon, we expected to see large crowds of people who had taken all the best spots to set down in, but as soon as we stepped onto the beach, we saw a large spread of sand that had barely any people and good places near the shore. The coast was so quiet, that I actually felt like I was at the beach, with warm waters, and a cool breeze, while on our trips to the outer banks it felt more mundane. We sat till the late hours of the day near the water and didn’t want to leave, because we couldn’t believe that there could be more days like this with hardly any wind and soft waves. This has been the best vacation in years!

I get many comments like this and I was pleased that she took the time to write hers down. I think she and her family will come back for many years to come.

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