July 2011


We are very fortunate that we have a Coast Guard Station in Emerald Isle. They are a tremendous asset in keeping our waterways safe. They were recently selected as the Fifth District Recreational Boating Safety Unit Award winner for calendar year 2010. The award was based on their professional excellence within this vital mission area. It was great that they were recognized for their initiative and dedication put forth to keeping boaters safe throughout their area of responsibility

Rear Admiral William D. Lee, U. S. Coast Guard made the following comments. “Station Emerald Isle’s community outreach and partnership with local area agencies has established the station as a model Coast Guard unit. Your performance has exceeded established mission goals, and has made a positive impact on keeping area waters safe and enjoyable for recreational boaters. I recognize that your high level of performance is a result of excellent training, preparation and many hours of dedicated work whether performed  behind the scenes or out on patrol.”

The Emerald Isle Coast Guard Station has an excellent relationship with the Town of Emerald Isle, Wildlife Resources Commission, and NC Marine Fisheries. When there is a boater in trouble, all of these agencies are called on to help. They also work closely with the Army Corps of Engineers on conditions in Bogue Inlet. All inlets require special attention when navigating through them and Bogue Inlet is no exception. Federal money for the dredging of inlets is scarce and the channel can shift rather swiftly.  Please take extra care when going in and out of Bogue Inlet.

At the award ceremony, it was mentioned that there have been 11 drownings in North Carolina this year. All could have been prevented if they had been wearing life vests. Life vest are for everyone, not just kids. Please wear them.

Chief Boatswain’s mate Terrell Horne III also received “The Coast Guard Commendation Medal”. Chief Petty Officer Horne served as the Executive Petty Officer at Station Emerald Isle from June 2009 to June 2011. We were sorry to see him leave for San Diego, but it was a great promotion for him.

He received the Commendation Medal for his excellent leadership including 63 search and rescue cases resulting in 38 saved lives. His most notable rescue involved a capsized boat in Bogue Inlet in July 2010. In response to the distress call he launched the unit’s 27 foot utility boat. When the utility boat got to the bar, sea conditions had deteriorated to six-foot breaking seas across the bar. He had to balance the safety of the crew and the lives of the people in the water. Under these very serious conditions, he coached a junior coxswain through the treacherous sea conditions to the capsized boat. All five people from the capsized boat were rescued and safely returned to shore. Job well done.

When you see the Coast Guard out, thank them for helping to keep our waters safe.

Posted by VC3 Admin Friday, July 1, 2011 11:20:00 AM