June 2003

I am continually amazed at the artistic talent that resides in Emerald Isle. Many of these artists have displayed their work in Town Hall for all of us to enjoy, and I am sure others will in the future.

One of these talented artists, Marsha Mills, has been selected as the official watercolor artist for the 100th anniversary celebration of the Wright brother's historic first powered flight. As a result, Marsha has been asked to prepare four watercolor paintings depicting different events surrounding the original flight.

The first painting, "Wright Monument", was completed several years ago. This painting has received many awards including the National Parks Art Award recognizing the painting as one of the top 20 in a field of over 2,300 paintings submitted. It was also selected to represent the state of North Carolina in the nation's Capitol Building in Washington, DC. In the fall of 2002, this painting was chosen by the First Flight Centennial Foundation to be the official watercolor painting of the First Flight Centennial.

Her second painting for the centennial is titled "Airborne". This is a picture of the flight from the front of the airplane. There were many pictures of the historic event, but none were taken from the front of the aircraft. The request to Marsha was for her to pretend she was a frog on the ground watching the plane fly over. This presented quite a challenge. Marsha gathered all the pictures she could find from the other angles, and met with 5 historians from 4 different states. She also consulted with airmen from local military bases to verify that the painting was aeronautically correct. The research required more time than the actual painting. The end product is excellent, and the historians declared it to be the best representation of the moment when the Flyer first left the ground.

Marsha is still working on the 3rd and 4th pictures and will have them ready for the anniversary celebration in Kill Devil Hills on December 17, 2003. For additional information, check Marsha's web page at www.jwjent.com or call her at 910-326-2600.  

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