June 2006

Fishing piers in all North Carolina coastal communities are an important asset. It is important that people have a place to fish, but the fishing piers go much deeper than that. Many of you are probably aware of the web site www.saveourpier.com which is gathering support to make sure a fishing pier remains in Emerald Isle. The support has been overwhelming from residents, non-resident property owners, and visitors alike.

Because of escalating property values in all coastal communities, our piers are being replaced with other uses. In my opinion, piers will only exist in the long run if they are owned by a public entity, much like a State or Federal park. From the comments made on www.saveourpier.com web site, it is evident that the pier is special to many people living far from Emerald Isle. It carries with it many childhood and family memories, a desire to see future generations have those same memories, includes diverse social and economic groups, and provides a convenient way for handicapped or elderly individuals to enjoy the ocean.

We are a long ways from making this a reality, and it will take the coordinated efforts of all to make it happen. The Town of Emerald Isle will be looking for funding from several State and Federal sources. Our chances of receiving State and Federal funding are significantly increased if we can show significant local monetary support. Therefore, the North Carolina Aquarium Society is accepting donations for the “Emerald Isle Pier Project” and will keep them in a “restricted account”. If you are interested in making a contribution, please send it to NC Aquarium Society, 417 N. Blount St., Raleigh, NC  27601 and note that it is for the Emerald Isle Pier Project. Contributions to the NC Aquarium Society, a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization are tax deductible, and you will receive a letter acknowledging the contribution.

The following comments are representative of the comments that have been made on the www.saveourpier.com web site.

“We need to preserve this pier! It is a valuable recreational outlet to many handicapped and elderly that otherwise would not have access to fishing on the coast. Not only is the pier important to the elderly, but Pier fishing on the coast of North Carolina is a valuable heritage that needs to be available to our children.”

“Access to the pier benefits a whole range of people, from fishermen to sightseers to surfers”

“As a teenager I worked at the Emerald Isle Fishing Pier and met all kinds of interesting people from all over. I have fond memories of days and nights spent in the shadow of our piers. The coast of North Carolina needs to maintain its fishing piers so that people from all economic backgrounds can enjoy our beaches.”

“Piers are the last resort for the average American to get away and fish for food and enjoyment,”

“My whole family has enjoyed the pier and some have fished from the pier on several occasions. I always take first time visitors to the pier.”

“Not only is the pier a part of EI's history, it's a part of my history as well. I have wonderful memories of my childhood revolving around the pier & I can only wish that for others.”

“Our family has vacationed in Emerald Isle for over 12 years. We all have fond memories of a yearly stop at the pier. The kids loved it and enjoyed seeing the fisherman and their catch. We even did some fishing from the pier from time to time.”

“Please help save a public pier in Emerald Isle, so that our children and their children can know the simple pleasure of walking, watching the sunset and fishing on a pier. Some of my best childhood beach memories involve families on a pier.”

“My husband and I enjoy our nightly walks to the pier. This has become a tradition with us over the years as we visit EI. It's a pleasure to walk to the pier and have the opportunity to visit with those that come to fish. It's amazing how many nice folks you can meet at the pier.”

“So many hours spent on that pier with family and teaching children how to fish. The world is so busy it helps us to stop and focus on the important things!!!”

“The pier is a favorite spot for an evening walk or a day of fishing every year when we come to Emerald Isle.”

“The pier is one of the many outstanding things that make EI our favorite destination.”

“This pier and the people on it are my second family. There is NOTHING more important than family! My wife, son and two daughters all fish there as well.”

“Visiting the Bogue Inlet Pier is one of my greatest memories as a kid. I have two young children now and I would like to create the same memories with them. In my opinion, Emerald Isle is the best Family beach on the entire eastern seaboard.”

“We have been camping at Emerald Isle for 15 years. Our son is currently 13 years old and is confined to a wheelchair. He loves going to the pier.”

“We have owned property on the island since 1969 and have had many great times on the pier. There is no other experience like it. I dream of the day I can take my grandchildren. I hope that dream will still be able to come true.”

“What a great treasure Bogue Inlet Pier is. It was piers just like this one that I was introduced to the excitement and joys of saltwater fishing with my Grandfather over 40 years ago. May the next generations have the same opportunity.”

Posted by VC3 Admin Thursday, June 1, 2006 3:47:00 PM