June 2013

Terrell Horne III Way

Coast Guard naming Terrell Horne III Way
On May 4, the portion of Station Street on which the Coast Guard Station is located was renamed Terrell Horne III Way. Senior Chief Petty Officer Terrell Horne III was the Executive Petty Officer at Station Emerald Isle from 2009 to 2011. On December 2, 2012 he was killed in the line of duty while conducting law enforcement operations in California. Senior Chief Horne and his crew in a Coast Guard vessel were attempting to stop a suspected smuggling vessel. Rather than stopping, the suspected vessel accelerated at a high rate of speed and rammed the Coast Guard vessel. Senior Chief Horne took action to save members of his crew and was awarded the Coast Guard Medal. Unfortunately, Senior Chief Horne died as a result of the ramming.

Senior Chief Horne is survived by his wife Rachel and three young sons. Rachel and her sons now live in Charleston SC close to her parents and were in Emerald Isle May 3 along with her parents, in-laws, and other family for the renaming of the street.

May 3 was an overcast heavy sprinkle day in Emerald Isle. In spite of the weather, many people turned out for the ceremony. Local Coast Guard personnel, the local Auxiliary Coast Guard personnel, Coast Guard from other stations, Emerald Isle staff and elected officials, law enforcement from many other agencies, Rachel’s neighbors when they were stationed in Emerald Isle, and neighbors of the Coast Guard Station all turned out. The reason I mention all of these is to try to convey that there is tremendous respect for Senior Chief Horne and all of the Emerald Isle Coast Guard Station. For the most part, Emerald Isle Coast Guard personnel are only stationed in Emerald Isle for three years. However, new personnel hit the ground running and become a member of the community immediately. No one has been more community minded than Senior Chief Horne. His loss of life was not only a tremendous loss to his family, but was a tremendous loss to society; because he was making a difference. The street address for the Emerald Isle Coast Guard Station will forever be 11101 Terrell Horne III Way in memory of Senior Chief Petty Officer Terrell Horne III.

With heavy boating season now here, I would be remiss if I didn’t remind everyone to exercise safety in the operation of their boat. The Coast Guard is there to help you, but when you get in trouble Coast Guard personnel often get into dangerous situations in rescuing you. 

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