March 13, 2002

Board of Adjustment

Regular Meeting of Board of Adjustment 
Wednesday, March 13, 2002 
9:00 AM - Town Hall

Call to Order 
Roll Call 
Approval of Minutes of Regular Meeting of February 13, 2002


  • # 02-09, variance requested by Chadwick Bible, to rear 15’ setback at 109 Lobster Lane, Lands End, Block 49, Lot 134 to allow enclosure of an existing open deck for a screen porch.
    (Variance Granted - Unanimously)

    #02-10, Variance requested by William DeSoto, to the west side 15’ setback at 7327 Archers Creek Drive, Block 32, Lot 2G, to allow installation of an elevator.
    (Variance Granted - Unanimously)

    Interpretation and possible action on a request by Carol Angus, Zoning Official, to allow rear setback requirement be set to 15’ for lots 26 &  27 in Shorewood Subdivision and set aside the required 30’ rear setback.
    (Request Withdrawn)


Posted by The Town of Emerald Isle 03/13/2002