March 2007

2007 being the 50th Anniversary of the Incorporation of Emerald Isle, I have been reading articles about the town from past years. The following is a poem written by Charles E. Simpson of Waters Edge Mobile Home Park on July 9, 1976. I thought this would be of interest to you. It appeared in Emerald Tidings in the Fall of 1996.

Emerald Isle Paradise

There are many places that one may go that will set his soul at ease, I have been to many myself and Emerald Isle is the best of these.

As one looks around as far as his eyes may see, he can see the great handy  work of God, no closer to him could one be.

To one side as you look out, there is the beautiful Bogue Sound, one might see a lofty sail boat with mild wind turning it around.

Also, there are lots of lovely people, young, old, and in between, they’ve come here, all, to rest themselves, time flys so fast it seems.

We turn around from Bogue Sound and look the other way, we can see the beautiful old Atlantic sea shore with her tides as they sway.

As we take a walk along her sunny beach and hear her roaring sound, it’s like sweet music to one’s ear, his inward soul turns round and round.

I’m sure that God must have known that man sometime would need a feeling like this, that’s why he made Emerald Isle for everyone to find their bliss.

Now even I would not be fair if I said every day was sunny here, and really I am glad they are not, it takes a few clouds and rain now and then to cool off when its been real hot.

To look out over the beautiful sound and see colorful clouds hanging low, and see the people hustle to get inside before the rain begins to flow.

Then to hear the mighty thunder roar and God’s lightning crack, again that good feeling comes, I love this place, I don’t want to go back.

But it has been said with truth, behind each cloud is a silver lining, surely enough after thunder, lightning, and rain we find the lovely sun shining.

You can almost tell when this happens without even going outside, lovely sounds like birds and children back at play, their hearts so full of pride.

Everything around looks so green and smells so fresh, its like everything is new, the storms were God’s way of cleaning up things and to remind us of Him, too.

Sometimes we seem to forget that he made for us such a lovely place, and we forget to even say thanks in our everyday hustle and fast pace.

God knows we are human and as such we are prone to forget, that’s why he allows us gloomy days, it’s to make us to regret.

All the evil things we’ve done and some unkind things we’ve said, so even on Emerald Isle we need to say please forgive and give thanks to God each night before we go to bed.

Some will say, I don’t have to do that, and you don’t that’s very clear, but you’ve just got to admit, there is something lacking, foregiveness clears out fear.

When that human fear is cleared away and you fall away in peaceful sleep, you can awake in the morning real refreshed and just dying to take a peak.

As you take a breath taking a look outside, how beautiful can any place be, the lovely sunshine, the white sand and a blue sky to meet the sea.

Now I want to go to heaven when this good life right here is o’re, but as long as I am here on earth dear Lord, let me come to the Emerald Isle shore.

I wouldn’t try to compare this parcel of land to God’s celestial place, cause I can only read about it, somewhere out there is space.

The Good Book says it’s pretty there and its streets are paved with gold, but please Dear Lord let me come to Emerald Isle while I’m young and go to your Heaven when I’ve grown old.

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