March 2008

Construction of the new Emerald Isle EMS building is well underway. It is being built next to the Fire Station on Emerald Drive. Several citizens have asked if there could be some type of program where they could show their support for the great work that the EMS Volunteers have done over the years. As a result, I have organized a Brick Fundraising campaign. Contributions of any amount are welcome and appreciated; but a contribution of $100 will purchase a brick inscribed with up to three lines with 20 characters per line, and a contribution of $250 will purchase a brick with up to six lines with 20 characters per line. The bricks will be used to build a walkway in front of the EMS station, and the funds generated will be used to purchase equipment and furnishings for the new facility. An order form is enclosed in this issue of the Island Review and can be found at

I frequently get compliments on the quick response times and the quality of service provided by Emerald Isle EMS. If you have ever needed their services, I am sure you feel the same way; and if you haven’t needed their services, you should feel a certain degree of comfort just because you know they are there. Many have said they cannot give their time, but they would like to support the effort in other ways. This is a chance to do just that.

Last fall, we completed renovation and expansion of the Police Department. Many people have toured the renovated Police Department and have been impressed with the improvements made in the interest of staff safety and the efficiency of police operations. We are fortunate that we have very little crime in Emerald Isle, with most infractions occurring because of overzealous partiers. If you would like to tour the facility, please give the department a call at 252.354.2021 to arrange a suitable time. If the workload allows, a member of the department will be glad to show you around.

Spring is beginning to show its face from time-to-time and we are beginning to see more of our seasonal residents/visitors. It is always great to see you. I often hear that visitors feel like Emerald Isle is home when they return for their annual weekly or seasonal visits. Those of us that live in Emerald Isle full-time are very happy to hear that as we welcome everyone and want all to feel like they are home.

Posted by VC3 Admin Saturday, March 1, 2008 3:10:00 PM