March 2009

The Western Carteret Public Library located on Taylor Notion Road in Cape Carteret is a tremendous asset to our community. If you haven’t checked it out, please do so. You do not have to be a local resident to use the services, just show a driver’s license. Rest assured that infrequent visitors are just as welcome as frequent visitors.  You will be amazed at the breadth and quality of service that they offer. I have had several people from large metropolitan areas say they wished the same services were offered in their town.

The Western Carteret Library circulates about 8000-10,000 books a month and they can obtain books from any of the libraries in the Craven-Pamlico-Carteret Regional System. They have a great area in which to relax and browse through the many magazines and newspapers to which they subscribe. They have 10 computers for adult internet usage and 2 for children with games without internet connections. Wireless internet service is also available. Some of the many activities the Western Carteret Library provides are:

  • This summer every Wednesday in July there will be a Story Telling Festival in Morehead City at the History Place at 10 AM and a repeat performance at the Aquatic Center in Cape Carteret at 2 PM. The presenters will be nationally known storytellers.
  • Another summer activity will be a Reading Incentive program. Prizes will be awarded to those students that read for 20 minutes per day each week.
  • There will also be a summer program entitled “Being Creative”. This will involve guest presenters in the areas of art, music, theater, and other areas of creativity.
  • Every Tuesday at 10:30 AM there is Toddler and Preschool story time, and there is a Teen/Preteen group that meets Thursdays at 4 PM.

The Friends of the Western Carteret Library are one of the keys to the success of the library. They started a fund raising campaign in 1997 and provided a significant part of the funds necessary to build the Western Carteret Library. The Friends will soon start raising funds for additional space for children’s programming and community meeting space. For more information or to join the Friends, call Maripat Wright 252-354-3611 or pick up a form at the library. A Friends membership is only $20 per year and is well worth the investment. Some of the Friends programs are:

  • Provide funds in addition to County funds for special projects at the library.
  • Development of a Nature Trail from the White Oak Elementary School to the library.
  • Administer program to display art in the library hallway. There seems to be a never ending supply of quality art work in the area.
  • Have a very active adult book club that meets on a monthly basis and from time to time invites authors to speak to the club.
  • Staff a Book Cottage in the parking lot that sells used books on Monday’s and Wednesday’s and on 1st and 3rd Saturday’s of each month. You would be surprised how many current titles you can find and it is a great place to donate any extra books you have.
  • Annual Homes Tour. This is a major fundraiser and this year the tour will take place on April 18 from 10-4 and will include 4 homes, 2 gardens and Sea Oats Clubhouse and the art sale at the Land's End Clubhouse. Always a great time, so please call Diane Schools 252-354-2916 or the library 252-393-6500 for tickets.

For detail information about any library programs and to keep up with new programs call 252-393-6500.  

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