March 2011

I hope all of you are planning on spending a lot of time in Emerald Isle this spring, summer, and fall. It has been a colder than normal winter but everyone seems to be sprucing up for the summer season. Several businesses have changed locations, and several others have completely renovated since last summer. I don’t want to name them because I don’t want to support one business over another, but you will see who they are.

The Town of Emerald Isle is busy getting things looking good. Trees have been trimmed along the entrance corridor, multiuse path and sidewalk; as well as a lot of painting and gardening to freshen things up.

There are several things in the works that will make Emerald Isle even more enjoyable this year. The biggest thing is the construction of the new boat launching facility next to Chapel By The Sea. As of March 1, the actual ramp has been constructed and gravel is being hauled in for the base of the parking lot. Construction should be completed by the first of April and the facility opened shortly after that.

Also, Emerald Drive is being repaved and restriped from the Indian Beach town line to the Emerald Isle Bridge. The road has developed numerous pot holes over the years and especially this past winter. This project should also be completed by April 1.

Two additional sections of multiuse path are being added. Three tenths of a mile on Coast Guard Road and two tenths of a mile near the Eastern Ocean Access. Most of the funding for these sections was provided by grant funds and money raised by the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee. The multiuse path continues to be well used even in the winter months.

We are pleased that the July 4th fireworks will return to the Bogue Inlet Pier this year and will be jointly funded by the Town and Bogue Inlet Pier. Because of additional State regulations regarding fireworks safety, Mike Stanley (the pier owner) had to make some operational changes for the event and we very much appreciate him doing that.

Also, we are pleased that we will be adding a lifeguard during the busy summer season at both the Western and Eastern Beach Accesses. These individuals will be in addition to the Beach Patrol that patrols the beach. To cover the lifeguard expenses and the other expenses associated with the two accesses, we will be charging $10/day to park at the Western and Eastern Accesses from April 1, September 30, on Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays. Emerald Isle taxpayers can obtain passes during normal work hours at the Emerald Isle Town Administration building.

The Crystal Coast Tourism Development Authority started a great promotion on March 1. Check it out at where you can sign up to win one of 100 Flip video cameras. If you are one of the 100 Flip video camera winners, you will then need to make a one minute video of your visit to the Crystal Coast. Three of the video submissions will be selected to win a stay on the Crystal Coast. 1st place is seven nights at the Grand Villas, 2nd place is 5 nights at a beach cottage, and 3rd place is 3 nights at a B & B in Beaufort.

Looking forward to spring weather and seeing all of y’all out and about town.

Posted by VC3 Admin Tuesday, March 1, 2011 11:57:00 AM