March 24, 2003

Planning Board

Action Agenda
Town of Emerald Isle 
Regular Planning Board Meeting 
Monday, March 24, 2003 
7:00 PM - Town Hall

Call to Order

Roll Call

  1. Minutes of Regular Meeting February 24, 2003
  2. Minutes of Committee of the Whole Meeting March 10, 2003
  3. Report from Planning Director – Carol Angus
    1. Town Board Meeting March 11, 2003
    2. Land Use Plan Update Steering Committee March 12, 2003
    3. Building Inspections Report for February 2003
    4. Update on necessary changes to Emerald Forest Miniature Golf project
  4. Citizens Comments 
  5. Rezoning Request for 4.03 acres from B-3 (Commercial) to RMF (Residential Multi-Family) by Randy Campbell, LB Page and Partners; and Larry Spell – John Odom, Prestige Engineering and Randy Campbell 
    (Recommended to Town Board for approval by a vote of 3 in favor and 2 opposed)
  6. Bluewater Associates, Commercial Review for additional office space at corner of Mangrove/Reed/Emerald Drives – Sherrell Futral and Woody Warren 
    (Return to staff for completion of the concept. Stormwater in place, % natural noted on plat (18% noted on the checklist); any other criteria determined to be addressed by staff)
  7. Large Structure Committee Status Report – Pam Minnick, Mike Harvey 
    (Return to committee for specific changes and return to April board)
  8. Recommendation of Auto lots (new and used) to be deleted from Permitted/Special Use Table – Carol Angus, Mike Harvey 
    (Unanimous vote to remove from the table
  9. Discussion and Consideration of the Protection of Dunes, Trees, and Vegetation. 
    (Consensus was to use the 10', 10',  5' and 5' perimeter setbacks; plus a 35% natural requirement; if setbacks do not meet 35% must be mitigated (vegetated); and to limit impervious coverage to 35%)
  10. Comments from Members


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